Officially Opened!

July 25, 2009 by Danny M

Other Officially Opened

Wassup Young Moneyians,

We have officially opened our new website which is dedicated towards all of Young Money Entertainment and the artists signed to the label including Mack Maine, Drake, Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz, Lil Twist, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Shanell, T-Streets and Lil Chuckee.

We have been working on this project for a long time making it perfect, so we will own the best Young Money website on the net! We will be posting all of the latest news, music, pictures, videos and other stuff on the label and the artists!

So don’t forget to bookmark us and keep coming back as we will update the website daily with new stuff!

I would like to give a big shout out to YoungMulahBaby too who created most of the graphics on this website for us! Thanks again bro.

Lastly, but not least, don’t forget to keep it locked to LilWayneHQ for all the latest news and music etc for Young Money Ent’s founder – Lil Wayne!

Thanks and enjoy 8)

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161 Responses to “ Officially Opened!”

  1. tamera Says:

    me personally i really love young money and one day i wish too be a part of their crew so LUV YOU GUyS …… ALWAYS 🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. Latifa Says:

    Ay diis yo qirl Latifa Renee I diqq yo shyt waynee <33 if yu eva need anothaa bad bitch yo shudd hit me up =) i kno how to spit && from west seattle . Im 18 && aint bout no qames . qeht at me =)


  3. jon coleman Says:

    a real shit i spit and i jus hav fun with it so i aint bout to bragg on here about how good i am but im a VERY big weezy fan!!! my name iz jon coleman so all im asking for is the oppertunity to show whoever i have to that i do have what it takes to become apart of the young money squad!!! 561-215-4199 please give me a call and let me no something as soon as possible! i have a bunch of material waiting to be recorded and that has already been recorded!!! Im hoping to expect a call because im ready to begin the real work!!!


  4. Devaj Says:

    amazingest rappers!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. kalea Says:

    youll some good rappers and i love tyga so much;)


  6. kalea Says:

    will youll ever come to houston tx?


  7. DIGITAL STOCK 100 Says:



  8. Mark Says:

    Hey Young Money! Can you please come here to the Philippines and have a Concert here. Please I really Love your songs especially Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Waynes songs.


  9. Edwin Says:

    im from NZ gooshh use guys are the shieet haha Drake dawg you the maynn


  10. ERICK Says:

    I love young money……yall are like the hottest rap crew ever……yall all need to come to sumter ,south carolina to perform at the sumter mall…..for everbody…..i would love that and lil wayne and nicki minaj and drake yall beastn on them….4real all jokes im a real big fan of nicki minaj 4real…..and lil wayne yall be killn them haters……but come to sumter please and perform …..(during the summer and i would love to hang out with yall for 1 day….at least cause i know yall all are cool…….


  11. ERICK Says:

    i want young money to look me up on facebook my name is (ej cool swagg) i would like to get a msg 4rm you PLEASE


  12. Teeroy Flawless Says:

    CHeck Out The Music
    What Do You think?


  13. Quentin Says:

    Young money u da best i dont care what nobody say…. i love your music especially bed rock lol…..well honestly im a lil twist fan but drake and nicki your good too


  14. Tierra Marie Says:

    i dont give a fuck what yall got going on all i know is.. i ready to throw this pU$$y on JAE MILLZ chocolate dickckin wit his sexy muthafuckin harlem bound ass gimme the fuckin dick millzy baaaaby


  15. Tauriq Says:

    pt me ova wateva,Tauriq da nxt made rapper,with lyrics so tyt, u wud nva b able2bite, wat y’all bn yappin,im bn spitting b4 y’all bn stepping,i went on both knees wt thrts ths big, b.i.g rest in peace, pac stl mkn hits,kinda wack dat weezy ontop,bt got no skills,hw u mke a milli, n later get sued fa a bili, reali u kinda silly, i pt technique ova all ya’ll, vaseline is wat u gna ask 4, n c4 is wat i’l nva pay for…..


  16. tauriq Says:

    Weezy i stl like your music, u good, u better then good.. bt you not the best rapper alive, there is rappers that achieve mre then u dd,jayz still the original mr carter, and did mre then you everdid so far, no disrespect, im lukn 4wrd2 c4 nigga, hola at me, sen me a free copy evens lol


  17. Jesus Says:

    You Guys Need To Come To Tucson,Az


  18. super bass danny Says:

    you the best,like the saying we the best YOUNG MONEY,CASH MONEY, NEW MONEY.


  19. Ana Says:

    YMCMB is the best 4ever lovvee ya guys soooo much <$


  20. Giovanny Says:

    YM best label out there keep doin it big Don’t let no one take that away from you.Young mula $$$


  21. RJ"aka"ZEUS Says:

    yo yo young money i wonna be in young money me an my girl kidd twiick feel we have what it takes to be in young money email me back plz.. young mula 4 ever


  22. SwaggBoy Aye! Says:

    i fuck wit young money like it’s aint no tomarrow ! yall give a new meaning to keepn shit real. Yall cool as hell ! yall have great taste in music nd i can honestly say dat u guys deserve the spot you’re in. Bt Weezy u { Dat Nigga } nd wat i mean by dat iz.. U give a new meaning to the genius wen it comes down to making music .i mean every song u make be da hottest shit on every ones media device nd dats why i fuck’s wit chu nd the whole young money bt dnt b stranger Holla @ ya boi !


  23. Nesrine Says:

    i love young money soo much,, i dont even know why i love them so much,, i think i just love their style, their swag, their rap talent, their so fly!!! I love nicki because she is just so fearless and lil wayne has always been my big idol,, Shout out to new boyzzzzzzzz love them too their fly too hahaha,, holla at ya girl


  24. kayz cartta Says:

    ya guyz ar the best bt u dnt wnt to cum to nigerian


  25. hakeem Says:

    wassup YMCMB dis ya boi hakeem i aint got da rap name yet but im up der. Im repping Conroe Texas so wayne and young money swang thru here and check me out hit me up at and tell me wassup or tell me where i can audition or something holla yung mula Baby


  26. bluweezy Says:

    you the best in the world i like you


  27. kleon Says:

    Watz up blood.I’m a young balla (Guyanese) i am 17 years old I’ve been writing songs(rap) since i was 12 years old currently, I’ve got about 12 songs that I’ve written lately i would love for u guys to get a taste of my stuff.I’m realllllllllllllly good.I’ve never rap in public before but i could pull it off,my lyrics are insane and my voice is perfect for the job. do contact me(5926268203)/ ,u would not regret this.By the way you’re all awesome



  28. kleon Says:

    i’m gonna put my lyrics up for u reply/contact me if u want to see some rap lyrics 5926268203/


  29. kleon Says:

    you gotta have junior with you this shits selected.rap in the blood stream damn i’m infected,contagious being tested,weezy the one they requested.young money the shit bitch respect it. muscles got the holster,ice cold playa nigga chilling with some coldslaw. i’m up and on it bitch making the most of thiiiiiiiiiiis.(holdup) my homies ain’t the only thing fams(family) i need you.dick so sweet bitches call it igloo.hoes and hebrews i’ve recycled and reused.fuck em all i’m see you when i see you.young money…………………..

    brief freestyle.


  30. chips Says:

    young money is d best groupalive,wayne is so cool nd i love tha gangstaship thing….i just ish i could get signed.I LOVE YOUNG MONEY


  31. Elisha Says:

    you guys need to come to the UK!!!
    Its boring without performances like yours!!!!


  32. jeronimo Says:

    this is the young money thanks for what you are doing keepdoing us happy thanks for all


  33. Pat-Sellers Says:

    Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive and Lil Chuckee is going 2 be the next Wayne..


  34. darkside Says:

    drake is like the brother of wanye


  35. TowneeO Says:

    I’m such a crazed fan !


  36. Lav Ela Says:

    U play with words/u make em go around/whuuuu aint touching yol/dnt wana be gtn burnt yol/you only live once mthr f**kers yol young moola(aint a rapper)


  37. Lav Ela Says:

    Young money tuk an editing th game
    Thts not th only thing they tuk coz tuk tunechi’s oders he th ceo in this bitch
    I call him wizard fucken magic fairy/
    Hid be throwing lines out of no wre tht shit gota be scarry/
    Hid be blowing cash like nobody bzns tht shit crazy
    I’d nvr make it without weezy thn agn I cn like driezy
    Weezy my future mentor yeah we gon go on tour
    A wana make it like nobody did
    My life should b like a marvel I th sper hero tht shit dip/
    One day is day one of my success story
    Glory to king “lav ela”
    Were ma queen at Pam Ela
    Ever thot of it I yo romeo u my juliet is too much to ask 4
    Dnt gt strssd yet
    Chnged a few lines it a haply ever aftr
    Thy shalt not kill ow shit I jst killed
    This verse just died
    Yaeh (drizzy I tryd/ yeah I tryd/ I wana do it like u did it/ weezy I wana do it like u dd it ceo in this bitch ymcmb be yolo in this life….ow yaeh ow yeah ow yaeh take care…


  38. vincent Says:

    guys keep it up.


  39. Lovesouldger Says:

    I look forward to working with you all youngmoney someday cos i believe you gonna push up your business branch down to nigeria some day nd ama get the chance to mingle with ya. I love you all more than words could say. You keep it going up nd never come down, where? high way to heaven sure God can see your head light. Peace bro @lovesoul23


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