America’s Most Wanted Tour Starting Tomorrow!

July 26, 2009 by Danny M


Young Money America's Most Wanted Tour

Young Money‘s “America’s Most Wanted” tour is starting tomorrow and it is going to be one of the hottest tours this year, so if you managed to get some tickets, then well done! If you didn’t, then it’s fine, because we will keep you updated on by posting pictures and videos of the performances! There are a lot of big artists on the tour including Soulja Boy, Jeremih, Young Jeezy and of course, all of Young Mula.

The tour is starting in Scranton, Pennsylvania tomorrow and will end in Charlotte, North California on September 4th. Some of the YM artists like Lil Twist, Lil Chuckee, Shanell and more will be debuting new songs on the tour too which is something to look out for and this tour will be a great way to promote their upcoming Young Money Collaboration album.

So, are you all ready for it!!! And to anyone who is going, feel free to send us over some pictures and videos you managed to capture as you never know… they might make the front page of or 🙂

PS: If you want a list of the dates, then click here.

Enjoy 8)

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16 Responses to “America’s Most Wanted Tour Starting Tomorrow!”

  1. TygaMan Says:

    I got a question to all the ppl……. do you all think this will be bigger than the i am music tour?


  2. Bradley Says:

    Hell yeah it will be bigger. Weezy.. Soulja & Drizzy. Shit son..
    This shit is gonna be off the fuckin chain.. God Daaaayum.


  3. LOL Says:

    i am going to the first show WOOT WOOT!!!
    ps its a celebration bitches


  4. Lilweezyfan1 Says:

    this is gonna be tight


  5. chantalveillette Says:

    its gonna be THA SHOW ya must see the best event this year,well lil wayne so great we cant expect less!!!and im gonna be there in montreal to see the show i just cant wait to be there!!!


  6. mweeez22 Says:

    this show gonna be sikkk !!!


  7. YoUnG_Carter96 Says:

    fuckkk…dis shit gonna the best hip-hop shows EVER!!..believeeeee DADDDD


  8. Tim Says:

    September 2
    milwaukee baby


  9. young black Says:

    is gonna be better cause the frist was more r&b now is evrey hip hop you kwon what i mean is gonna be inmtl next wee cant wait


  10. mweeez22 Says:

    yoo guys does anyone know the songs that will be played(playlist)???!!!!


  11. laudacity Says:

    imma try to go to the last one..NC stand up


  12. candy Says:



  13. iRamon Says:

    fuck, i am ukranian, and i have not money to go to America(( Do you know, will Weezy and others go to Ukraine on the future?


  14. FEP Says:

    Can’t wait for them to go to atl!!


  15. camilli Says:

    yo I got 2 Atlanta tickets 16th rows from the stage get both tickets for $200 that’s cheaper then face value anyone interested


  16. Jolene Says:

    The show was amazing in Scranton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    deff topped my concert lists. everyone was sick, and put on crazy performances=]

    love you alllllllllllllllllllllllllll


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