Drake Takes A Nasty Fall On Stage

August 1, 2009 by Danny M

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Drake Takes A Nasty Fall On Stage

During the America’s Most Wanted concert last night in Camden, New Jersey, Drake took a bad fall and had to be carried off stage by some of the Young Money fam. Drizzy and Weezy where performing “Best I Ever Had” when he seemed to have took a bad fall.

You can watch the video and Lil Wayne‘s reaction here, but the good news is that Drake seems to be doing okay now as he tweeted this:

All is well…on the bus laying down…getting surgery this week but I’m walking. Thank my whole YM family for the help! Lion Hearts!

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16 Responses to “Drake Takes A Nasty Fall On Stage”

  1. ABC Says:

    Its a good job Wayne has a sense of humor and they didn’t cancel the show!


  2. marshall Says:

    shit this looks really painful 😥


  3. Ooohhh Says:

    Shocking and not funny at all


  4. ALFIE sWAGGA Says:

    dudes just tryin to get off stage wit out it bein embarrassing he a rookie- if wayne fall that niggas gettin rite back up!


  5. mickersss Says:

    Maybe if he pulled his pants up, he wouldn’t have tripped over them. Seriously. Look when they drag him off stage, his pants are literally falling off of him. PULL YOUR FUCKING PANTS UP.


  6. jrayl2121 Says:

    drake said in a backstage interview after the BET awards with jamie foxx that he had a torn ACL or somehtin i believe.. but he had crutches then


  7. KrOck Says:

    denng lil wayne is a funny dude but i wudve told the fans that “maybe drizzy needs to perform in a wheelchair from now on hahahaha” those electric wheelchairs hahah dat wud be pretty hilarious! but i hope drake is alright! RoOkie of the year!


  8. Lakrista Says:

    wow drake is my baby lol im happy he is okay tho


  9. Marc Tomasini Says:

    Worst feeling last night after that happened, but Wayne was still the Best Rapper Alive even after Drake’s Fall


  10. Sam Says:

    I was actually at the concert. From what I heard, Drake tore his ACL around the time of the BET awards. From what I know about those, it’s not good to be doing a lot of activity even after it is repaired. Drake, collapsed, he didn’t fall. I’m sure he was in extreme amounts of pain, and I hope he’s alright.


  11. Tom Says:

    I was at the concert. Drizzy Drake we love you boy. At least Wayne helped errbody laugh about it all. You gotta keep killin shit nigga. You the next big rapper in the game, especially since you workin with Wayne. No tellin how high you’ll go.


  12. IReallyLovesWeezy Says:

    I feel bad, he was just like… such an innocent man and then this has to happen? Like… look at him lyig there on stage so cute but he like fell. Hes just like so innocent like lil cute nigga. Like… shiitt man im crying right now. I just feel so bad for him. 🙁


  13. Mz Carter Says:

    LOL Weezy iiz The best
    Cant Believe He Fell Like dat Tho.



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