Will Drake Guest On Jay Sean’s Next Single?

August 7, 2009 by Danny M

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Will Drake Guest On Jay Seans Next Single
‘Down’ singer won’t confirm or deny rumors.

In the past two weeks, British Pop-R&B singer Jay Sean’s debut single “Down” (featuring Lil Wayne), has rocketed from #63 to #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. On the Itunes Top 10 songs chart, “Down” is now nestled in between the Black Eyed Peas and Kings of Leon at #2. Yes, to say life is moving exceptionally fast for the newcomer (to most Americans, anyway) would be an understatement.

“It’s absolutely crazy,” Sean told MTV News on the phone from England Thursday. “I’ve been out there in the States for a good six or seven months, and with my song coming in at #2 on iTunes, all my best friends came up to London to be with me for a little holiday. And we were all sitting in my car and I opened up my e-mail and it said ‘Jay Sean in at #6 on Billboard.’ I just literally screamed and all my boys rolled down the windows and screamed, ‘My boy is in at #6!’ ”

In the wake of that success, rumors are now swirling that Wayne protégé/ labelmate Drake will be making a guest appearance on the second single from Sean’s forthcoming album, which is due in October.

When asked, Sean said, “I’m keeping my mouth shut. I love Drake. I think Drake‘s an unbelievably gifted lyricist and young and fresh. I think it’s pretty safe to say that since he’s part of the family now, you’re gonna see all of us working together: Me, Drake, Wayne, Baby and Kevin Rudolf.”

Jay Sean’s album, My Own Way, is scheduled for an October Stateside release.


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9 Responses to “Will Drake Guest On Jay Sean’s Next Single?”

  1. waynelil Says:

    Thats soulja gay boy in the picture…


  2. Danny M Says:

    Lol, I know, but there is no pic of Jay and Drake together.


  3. lilweezy24 Says:

    u spelt kevin rudolf wrong lol


  4. lilweezy24 Says:

    and it went from 32 to 6 lol


  5. Danny M Says:

    @lilweezy24 – Blame MTV 😛 8)


  6. lilweezy24 Says:

    lol dw i will, do u think it will top the charts? best i ever had has been at number 2 for the last couple of weeks thats so unlucky lol, danny if u have msn can u please add me its khaledinho5@hotmail.com


  7. Danny M Says:

    When I login which will probably be later, I will add you and your address is similar to mine 😛


  8. hibDiorbign Says:

    yeh right.. great post, Thank You


  9. Pulteneacinue Says:

    Thank you representing details. It helped me in my mission


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