Nicki Minaj Says Drake Is ‘Wack’ (Jokes) + Info On Songs From YM Album

August 10, 2009 by Danny M

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Nicki Minaj and Drake roll like brothers and sisters. So it was no surprise when Nicki told us about a playful spat they had on tour at the Young Money Presents: America’s Most Wanted Music Festival.

“Actually I think Drake is wack and I don’t think he deserves [his accolades],” she joked. “I’m sorry. We just had a fight in the back. I was about to punch him dead in his face. [One of his mangers] Cortez intervened.”

Minaj got a little more serious, clarifying that she and Drake do not have any gripes with one another. They are thick as thieves.

“We’re super-close,” she explained. “Before all of this started, I would tell him, ‘You’re a star.’ And he’d be like, ‘You’re a star.’ And we’d kinda been each other’s biggest fans. To see his dreams come into fruition, it makes me very happy. And my mentor is the great Lil Wayne. I have great influences around me right now. I’m looking to raise the bar and not let them down.”

Nicki’s one of the featured acts on Lil Wayne’s Young Money family album, dropping the same day as his solo LP The Rebirth on November 24. Minaj already has a few favorite tracks.

“There’s a song called ‘Girl You Know,’ ” she revealed. “I’m just gonna say the Barbie dolls are gonna love it. I think Omarion is on that one. Of course, Tyga, [Jae] Millz and Drake, Gudda Gudda, Wayne. It was so well put together. I think that’s gonna be a big one. We have another one called ‘Young Money’ salute. Not sure if that one’s gonna become a single, but it’s real spittin’. It brings us back to times when he had teams that where invincible, like the Bad Boy movement, the Cash Money movement.”

Via: MTV

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10 Responses to “Nicki Minaj Says Drake Is ‘Wack’ (Jokes) + Info On Songs From YM Album”

  1. Jai Says:

    I love these two! I can’t wait to hear that song. =]


  2. Swagger-Dave Says:

    Lol at them fighting =] and the songs sound good, can’t wait to hear them =]


  3. Riialicious Says:

    There both my fave . hah. So Lets dooo it.


  4. micool Says:

    haha tyga and lil twist crackin jokes at each other is also hella funny


  5. IReallyLovesWeezy Says:

    :O She was gonna punch him dead in the face? :O My poor Drakey poo 🙁


  6. nappy mulla Says:

    lol..this is wierd nicki minaj keeps going on how she and drake are really close when drake goes on an interview saying that nicki minaj is tempting….funny aint it


  7. aralita Says:

    drake is not wack hunni lolx thats my husband! but i love nicki minaj still!


  8. sisanda Says:

    shame drakey u would hv been dead by nw if nicki had punched u. . .lol u guys make a great couple. . .lmao mmmmmmmmm lil twist lv u baypeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!



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