Rumor: Aubrey O’Day Joining Young Money Entertainment?

August 12, 2009 by Danny M


Aubrey O'Day Joining Young Money Entertainment

Aubrey O’Day tweeted this link on her Twitter page which goes to an article on Heyman Hustle and check out this line:

The song is catching on fast, and there are reports that Aubrey is in talks with Lil Wayne’s label Young Money.

So what do you all think of this and do y’all think it is true ❓

Shout outs to MsStar87 from the forums 🙂

lol that’d be fuckin hot! I love Aubs. YM needs a white girl lol..and Aubrey is a cool chick. But if you’re wondering what the connection is, Aubrey+D Woods(Shanell’s sister) were in a group together, which broke up….I thought D Woods would join YM, but guess not…wish they both would, there’s still time though!!! *wishful thinking*. Oh Aubrey is also part of The Girls Club. (MsStar87)

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21 Responses to “Rumor: Aubrey O’Day Joining Young Money Entertainment?”

  1. ms_youngmon3y Says:

    Eeew!ym doesn’t need her she a drama queen always in the next ***** faces whoever got paper!she’s a rappierwhore who will do anything/anybdy to get ahead……wasn’t she recently in sugeknights face?


  2. 5C4R Says:

    This would b great!!!! Hope its truuu


  3. 5c4r Says:

    Aubrey is a talented chick with a great voice


  4. Jerami Sparks Says:

    Aubrey can suck a Dick! Just ass big as the ones go in her ASS!~


  5. nunu Says:

    ah!leave the chick alone…she must have something businezz worthwhile about her……..PEACE


  6. dizzy Says:

    Everybody In Young Money & Cash Money Iz gonna be Tappin Dat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. vlo Says:

    Right im with “first”
    Dont need no aubrey and u damn sho dont need bow wow wtf.
    O straight tho? But bow wow? NEXT!


  8. mweeez Says:

    hahhaha [ dizzy ] so tru lol, weezy is prob gonna sign her just to fuk her !!!!
    i never heard her sing but shes fkn hot so wtv lol


  9. Slags Says:

    idk about all this shit u talkin, but damn that is one sexy ass pic


  10. Jhunt Says:

    That’d be hot!!! Aubrey is sexy as hell. There’s already Shanell & Nicki Minaj, and if they had Aubrey that’d be cool.


  11. weezyfreak Says:

    man wayne will b fucking that girl every night lol lol


  12. Young Money! Says:

    dayummm she fuckin hot..but p didy smart as shiit.he didnt kick her out for no reason.shes trouble.young money dont need that…she gonna fuck their chemistry up.


  13. wow.. just wow Says:

    wow.. after seeing all the girls in the biz today it’s been, let’s say.. A VERY FUCKING LONG time since my jaw dropped like it did when i just seen that picture, she is jsut fine as hell.. Suwhoo to the bitchezzzzz

    Damn she signing to YM she better be RYDA if she gon be chilling with wayne!


  14. yme for free Says:

    she gotta take like 10 d***s before she meet the president


  15. dfff Says:

    yo’ll know weezy hell probably knock her ass off as soon as he can….who woodnt anyway shes HOTTT


  16. Paige Says:

    dang this would expand YME big time…alot of hot songs..


  17. don dana Says:

    oi u fukn cunts leev da gyal alone yh ya bumbaclarted retards why yhu hating 4 u prickz


  18. kathy Says:

    HELL NO! Shes ganna ruin eveything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. QUEEN Says:



  20. Cheritine Says:

    Aubrey O’Day is fake as hell.. she looks nothing like she did when Diddy signed her poor pathetic white trash self.. she’s desperate to be that “IT” girl and thinks being slutty with fake boobs and exposing urself in overly edited/photoshopped pics will get her there.. she acts black too..I remember her on the show.. she’s lame and she’s full of herself and doesn’t allow anyone else to shine.. she can’t sing either..last thing we need is another crappy singer.. I HATE HER and YM has enough extras.. it shoulda stopped with Tyga and Lil realz..better to have a few artists that u can dedicate urself to than thousands nobody knows or cares for.. ewww Aubrey O’Day.. I hope ur career don’t take off..u’re soo ungrateful..what a full circle from the “Im soo happy to have a chance” girl boobless radio chic or whatever.. #HOESITDOWN!! I will change the radio or channel when ever u come on..everybody already seen her goodies in Playboy ..Put some clothes on.. I don’t know why D Woods stay fuckin with this slutty clown.. she went down with her #Next!!



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