Drake Says He Forgot He Was Injured

August 15, 2009 by Danny M

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“What the footage doesn’t show is that I actually came out of the sky that night,” he told MTV News. “I was 20 feet in the air on a little platform. Philadelphia was the only sold-out show on the tour — 25,000 people. And before they see me, I see them for about five seconds. I was staring out into the crowd and I literally … when I landed on that platform, I blacked out and really forgot I was injured. I was just so full of adrenaline, so happy to be there, it kind of set in for me. I remember on the I Am Music tour, the reaction was great. But these were my songs. These are songs people know and love and we really made this happen in a short time. I was just enjoying myself. I had the mic and I was really going. And when ‘Best I Ever Had’ came on, I felt like dancing. It was a great moment. I wanted to run across stage, I wanted to jump into the crowd.”

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17 Responses to “Drake Says He Forgot He Was Injured”

  1. humairrr Says:

    ‘i wanted to jump in the crowd’

    fucking morron hahahahahhahah.

    it’s very sad though he had a black out..


  2. aSHLEY Says:



  3. prince Says:

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  4. humairrr Says:

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    just leave me and mind your own bussiness (:


  5. jai Says:

    Poor thing. I was there and the energy was crazy. I can understand if for a moment he got over hyped. I’m just glad he’s okay.


  6. dopeshit Says:

    humairrr and prince! for god’s sake shut up and stop!


  7. prince Says:

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  9. prince Says:

    i’m so gaay right now,, i want to suck drake’s cock =D


  10. humairrr Says:

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  12. humairrr Says:

    are you talking to me of prince?


  13. big c Says:

    yo….drakes crazy…to much syrup


  14. prince Says:

    ya humairr so i better not see trying to comment or i am coming after faggot ass. i hope thunder strikes you when you’re sleeping.


  15. prince Says:

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  16. humairrr Says:

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  17. prince Says:

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