Name Lil Twist’s Upcoming Mixtape Contest!

August 27, 2009 by Danny M


Name Lil Twist's Upcoming Mixtape Contest!

We have a little contest for y’all ❗ YoungMoneyHQ, DJ Ill Will, DJ Rockstar and Lil Twist are all working together to get you to come up with a name for Twist‘s upcoming mixtape!

We want you to help Lil Twist name his new upcoming project with DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar by leaving a comment below submitting a name you think would be good for the tape! You can also tweet your suggestions to DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar‘s twitter.

The winner will be announced via DJ Ill Will‘s twitter, DJ Rockstar‘s twitter, Lil Twist‘s twitter and LilWayneHQ‘s twitter. Altogether that’s over 65,000 followers!

Thanks and good luck!

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141 Responses to “Name Lil Twist’s Upcoming Mixtape Contest!”

  1. Bodyc Says:

    Can i take a one small pic from your blog?

  2. Sean Says:

    Take A Twist Of This!

  3. Sean Says:

    1. Some Twisted Shit
    2. My Twist
    3. A Lil Twist In Tha Game
    4. Twist Tha Game Up
    5. Take A Slap Of This Twist

  4. Kayla Says:

    Twist it up

  5. Killa Says:

    Twisty F. Baby

  6. HAssan Juma Says:

    youngest in charge

  7. ess.bee08 Says:

    1. Twistication
    2. Jus A Lil Twist
    3. Twist It To Tha Max
    4. Twisted Metal
    5. Dont Get It Twisted
    6. Young Money’s Twister
    7. Slit Wrist Twist
    8. Twist It Out Tha Socket

    Twist Keep Doin Ya Thang Lil Bra YME bae bee!!

  8. brett Says:

    the 2nd step to success

  9. mark Says:

    young me

  10. mark Says:

    money to blow

  11. mark Says:

    twister money

  12. mark Says:

    twister bank

  13. mark Says:

    microphone killa

  14. mark Says:


  15. mark Says:

    what it takes

  16. mark Says:

    1 day

  17. mark Says:

    game controla

  18. michaes Says:

    Dope School

  19. BreadlongENT Says:

    Hurricane twi$t, twistin up a milli,

  20. Bridget Says:

    class president

  21. MZ~TWIST Says:

    CLASS PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!