Video: Nicki Minaj Performing At GA Southern

September 19, 2009 by Danny M

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I know y’all seen that pink thong 8)

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13 Responses to “Video: Nicki Minaj Performing At GA Southern”

  1. ShawtieBadd09 Says:

    Pink thonq.. Sexyy —> i fuhkinqq love Nicki Minajj she hella sexyy &N+__ she dha baddest bitch in dha fuhkinqq qame.


  2. Exquisite Says:

    thats a cool video…. I loved her outfit…. I thaught it was really cool for her to be signing them autgraphs 🙂

    love u nicki 🙂


  3. jay money Says:

    her ass is fat real talk and she can spit crack real talk lol ya dig!!


  4. Diesel Says:

    She is good, but she gotta move on the stage. She just walks around a bit.


  5. #1stunna Says:

    i will not lie, i wud lick this girl whereva she wanted jus 4 her 2 be my shawty !
    Damn those thighs and butt in dem jeans nicki minaj is that chick


  6. Guest Says:

    theres like 10 people there wtf..


  7. sk8 or di3 Says:

    dayum she look soo dayum goood…
    pink thong and shit dayum thats sexy..

    she like the perfect pakcage…


  8. deshaun1 Says:

    ma wifey iz too khold


  9. luiseezy Says:

    i would ripped dat bitch apart


  10. Ronnie Says:

    hey that thong wuz peekin at ya how can u not luk at it its nikki m. she’s fine i’ll eat her pussy any day! and fuck her 2


  11. carlos salazas Says:

    thats cool/ like seeing that shes doing well. .

    chek out this new line 2. . .

    hip hop


  12. lil35th Says:

    i would eat da shit out ha puzzy


  13. mitch Says:

    so you would beat fake cakes


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