Video: Omarion Talks Not Signing With Young Money Entertainment

October 7, 2009 by Danny M

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PS: We will be taking Omarion down from this website’s logo soon.

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6 Responses to “Video: Omarion Talks Not Signing With Young Money Entertainment”

  1. 2Love-lee Says:

    He must be crazy cuZ iF i waZ hiM i woulD b sigininG wit deM iF theY wanteD miI tO


  2. Newhamgeneral Says:

    Im sure i remember it being that he got dropped.
    I think its a mistake to try and bring out another album on his own new label.
    If you try and find out any details or even a website, you won’t see anything cause its that new. That means that it will take him years before he can get the propmotion to release an album and get success. If he was smart and stayed with young money, he would have done well purely on the basis that all of young money are getting pushed and highly propmoted. Good luck to him though, i did like his version of bedrock.


  3. Diezel Says:

    Booooooooo!!!!!!… I mean, how can u not wanna sign wit young money. there is no other crew like them.

    O’ was saying he wanted to start his own label…psssh he needs a bigger fanbase.

    Think about it, the last popular song other than get it in was Icebox and we all kno how old that song is in music wise.

    he should made a bigger comeback and started branching off using young money.


  4. JG star Says:

    nah its not crazy iam not suprised becouse young money lost there chance of having omarion , but now hes going to do it on his own , thats what its all about somtimes its better to be INDAPENENT by your self , I know that from all his albums hes just amazing , hes going to rip them all apart when hes new album comes up next week!


  5. mrz.aquarius Says:

    naw omarion punk ahsz got dropped lolzx….datz funni3


  6. Prince odibo Says:

    I can sing write songs and i want to be rich and famous and want my brother to be well so i need dis to be able to help him


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