Lloyd On Joining Forces With Young Money: “That’s The Question On Everyone’s Mind”

October 23, 2009 by Danny M


Lloyd On Joining Forces With Young Money

Former Murder Inc. singer Lloyd has addressed the rumors of him being next in line to sign with Lil Wayne‘s record label in light of R&B singer Omarion’s recent departure from Young Money.

Speaking with radio personality Jenny Boom Boom, Lloyd said the popular company could possibly be his next home.

“I think that’s the question on everyone’s mind,” Lloyd said about the possibility of signing to Young Money. “No, I wasn’t offered a deal, uhm, if anything I think about it because I’m big fans of their work and we all good friends. We’ve worked [together on songs] a lot in the past, you know, we broke bread together and I think a lot of fans would probably want to see that happen. I just wanna win, I just wanna be successful. I think wherever I go, I’m gonna be successful.”


What do you think ❓ Would you like to see Lloyd sign with Young Mula ❓ You can also see him performing Every Girl and Bed Rock here.

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10 Responses to “Lloyd On Joining Forces With Young Money: “That’s The Question On Everyone’s Mind””

  1. humairrr Says:

    It’d be good if he signed YME, he can do the chorus of every song xD
    no seriously, I wasn’t for it when Omarion joined, but Lloyd? Good idea 😀


  2. Prince Says:

    i agree with you humairr. and sorry for all that disrespect last time. really sorry.


  3. Graphiics Says:

    So in short hes waiting for that offer.


  4. Seb Says:

    Give Lloyd an offer.
    Bedrock and Pusha are amazing tracks.
    Give the world more of them!!!


  5. tessssx Says:

    i think he really have to join Young Money, he’s already a lil’ part of it


  6. PaulKush Says:

    93.7 Fm….hahah Ya 413


  7. dnice Says:

    yes do it


  8. Zach kellogg Says:

    lloyd better sign that contract if offered to him…since omarion fucked up on his chance and past the oppurtunity lloyd needs to sing with them and be the r and b of young money with male vocals…no homo but you put lloyd on young money then shit boutto be poppin


  9. Tinashe Moyo Says:

    Young Lloyd should sign to Young Money because some of the fame he’s got now came from Young Money and he’s now popular than ever before.This time he will be in good hands and won’t be forced to record with his own money because Weezy is a good friend of Lloyd and they have made three successful tracks together from Lloyd’s three albums so thats the deal.He better join the group coz i’m waiting.


  10. Lala Says:

    Soo agree with Tinashe Moyo> LIke nobody really knew lloyd till he joined YM and when him and lil wayne do a song together it go MAYHEM 🙂 LUV BOTH WEEZY N YOUNG GOLDIE …Buy the way FREE WEEZY


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