Omarion Reacts To Being Replaced By Lloyd On Young Money Single

November 7, 2009 by Danny M

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Omarion Reacts To Being Replaced By Lloyd On Young Money Single

The former B2K member originally sang the hook on “Girl You Know,” later retitled “Bed Rock,” for December 15th’s Young Money compilation We Are Young Money. When asked what he thought of his replacement, “You” singer Lloyd, Omarion said, “That’s interesting. I heard it. It didn’t bother me.”

O was first contacted about remaining on the song or having someone else sing his hook. “I was contacted and they told me they wanted to potentially use my version of the song or have someone else sing it because I wrote the hook.”

In the end, his vocals and lyrics were swapped for Lloyd’s. “Lloyd did another hook. That’s what’s so interesting to me too,” he shared. “Technically people didn’t have to know that [I wrote the hook if Lloyd would’ve sang my version]. I didn’t go and tell nobody before the song came out.”

But Omarion still thinks he outshined his R&B counterpart. “Truthfully, I thought mine was better.”

Via Rap-Up, and which version did you all think was better ❓

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21 Responses to “Omarion Reacts To Being Replaced By Lloyd On Young Money Single”

  1. imjustsayin Says:

    I like Omarion’s hook more than Lloyds because Omarion’s harmony is on point! Musically and lyrically Omarion’s is better. But i like lloyds too, jsut prefer omarion’s more because O is more creative. I’ve heard “call me mr flinestone i can make your bed rock” too many times


  2. antonioe' ja'mal height Says:

    Thats because O did go harder than Lloyd on the song, and i wonder y lil wayne was taken off i get it in and gucci was replaced???
    sounds like something more deeper went down.



    Lloyd version was way better den omarions his was good but not great like lloyds……


  4. jaekae Says:

    naw i’ve listnd to both of em n tha lloyd version is obviosly cleaner.. wayne knos what he’s doin.. i like o as much as tha next person, but bedrock came out right


  5. zemier18 Says:

    omarion by far is better than lloyd


  6. 7mile Beazy Says:

    Lloyd version kill Omarion’s, you couldn’t even understand what the hell Omarion was saying. They made the right move, i’m not a hater i’m just honest


  7. Star Says:

    No Lloyd is BETTER than omarion.No disrespect but the man go hard!!


  8. lolo Says:

    lolo feels like watever lil wayne likes she loves…………..


  9. AquanDaKing Says:

    lol i like both versions me personally i think they both shouldve stayed on the song like for example lloyd having the beginning when hes like “i..i..i can make yo bedrock” and the chorus b4 nicki’s verse and i think omarion’s girl you know chorus should be played after drakes verse is done


  10. zackery Says:

    i like lil waynes verse in bed rock more than the other one but omarions hook was right


  11. koolAid Says:

    i agree with you AquanDaKing


  12. bossladykae Says:

    Lloyd Version Was Deff Better Omarion Is Jus Bitchinq Like A Lil Kid . Likee Lloyd Killed It So go sit down omarion


  13. Lyla Says:

    lloyd verse kill omarion’s! its funny like a hook can change everythingg!!! lloyd go hard


  14. Michael Says:

    O’s verse was definitely better


  15. ydouask Says:

    LLoyd’s version killed it!!! He is the best!!!!!


  16. wei Says:

    where can i get that gucci tee


  17. mr. right Says:

    omarions version was better. dont know whats going through your head if u think lloyds was better… if anyone can find me the song w omarion can they let me know. im dying to find it.


  18. WhizKid Says:

    I think both hooks are hot but I thought O’s was harder frm day 1…


  19. moha tyga Says:

    omarion verse could suck it’s dope that lloyd took the lead…….


  20. builderbob Says:

    Omarions version is LYRICALLY better
    Lloyds version just Flows better and fits in Better
    You know IM RIGHT



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