Nicki Minaj – Saxon

November 14, 2009 by Danny M

New Music

Nicki Minaj - Saxon

Here is some new Nicki Minaj music! The track is called “Saxon“, and you can stream/download it below:

Download: Nicki Minaj – Saxon

Enjoy 8)

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26 Responses to “Nicki Minaj – Saxon”

  1. niggafromthehood Says:

    she sound like rihanna….


  2. EViiE F. BARBiiE Says:

    this is differnt nicki… i like it dooeee


  3. Musicalifornication Says:

    This is Rihanna… not Nicki Minaj.. she says, “Guess who, you bitches, it’s Rhi-Rhi”,


  4. Chad Says:

    I can’t tell if its her or not now lol. The way it starts does sound like she saying it’s Rhi-Rhi, but it still sounds like Nicki’s voice and way she says words


  5. Jaided Says:

    rlly ppl? its a cover that Nicki did for Rihanna’s new album


  6. lil tokeo Says:

    right nicki did this as a sample just incase rihanna liked it she would do it……ITS NOT RIHANNA!!!!


  7. DeL Says:

    Dumb ass does that sound like Rihanna????? And is’t not spelt rhi rhi its spelt re re thats how ists spelt in this song……She said re re but does this sound like rihanna?? Thats soooo stupid.. Fuck!!!!!!!


  8. Harajuku Barbie Says:

    This is Nicki Minaj’s voice not Rihanna’s. Nicki does not sound like Rihanna……at all.

    Did you copy that!!


  9. cecee Says:

    its nicki…

    ” yes hoe…u bitches is ri-ri ”

    open up ur EARS!


  10. khg Says:

    its a demo for rihanna


  11. Prom King Says:

    it was a demo for rihanna but management didnt let her have it because it was too dirrty !

    thiis how the britiish do tiings..
    noone makes beats like us 🙂


  12. jay Says:



  13. destiny Says:

    dumb fuck what are you talking about ya are getting me confuse that not her it Nicki manja


  14. NataBoo Says:

    For all those who said its RIhanna, are complete retards. Its not Rhi-Rhi, its Ri-Ri,and it means Lime Lime.

    Since when does Rihanna make tracks like this?


  15. justicecooper Says:

    nicki minaj text me back im obssed with you


  16. Carsaycee Carter Says:

    get it nicki nick i effin love you . . . fuck these haters . YME BITCHHHH .


  17. keke Says:

    lovee it saxon best song ever all nerds talkin bout her all yall negers love u nikki


  18. DaKinGVEVO Says:

    You rock ma world for real


  19. Devania Says:

    best song


  20. dwayne aman carter Says:

    happy b day nicki


  21. CarolAnn Says:

    Blaaaah! iLoveThaa SOnq! (:
    it is like so awesome! .

    haha! you sound like rihanna! :L . not to dumb but yeah !


  22. zayyanu Says:

    im too cool with dis. deem…



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