Video: Behind The Scenes For DJ Khaled’s “Fed Up”

November 25, 2009 by Danny M

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“Denzel, watch out,” DJ Khaled laughed. “I’m coming!”

Khaled not only got a chance to say lines, but he also was involved in action scenes during the recent filming of his video for “Fed Up.” Usher, Drake, Young Jeezy and Rick Ross all came to Miami for another of the DJ’s now-signature mammoth posse cuts.

The chaos starts when Khaled brings a briefcase — with special contents — to a meeting with some underworld bosses.

“I can tell they trying to set me up,” Khaled described of himself in the Gil Green-directed video. “The boss that I am, I’m on my P’s and Q’s. When they said the deal is off, I let them know the streets is fed up.”

Khaled then has to jump through a window to escape. Luckily, Young Jeezy is pushing the getaway whip.

“Jeezy was there waiting on me in the exotic car,” Khaled said. “One of the fastest cars in the world. I jump in that, me and Jeezy are out! Jeezy goes in [rapping], speaking his mind. I’m with him. Then he sees the Maybach. He pulls over, I jump out the car into the Maybach with Rick Ross. Ross is getting interviewed, but he says, ‘Come on.’ DJ Envy, he’s in the Maybach too. He’s helping me get away.”

The chase doesn’t stop there. Khaled goes from the Maybach to the docks, where Drake is on a boat. From the boat, Usher hovers above in a helicopter where he lends a helping hand to the DJ.

Khaled said he was especially impressed with Usher’s performance on a rooftop and in a tunnel, where they had to stop traffic.

“We’re getting it off, letting the people know we’re here,” Khaled said. “Usher does the most amazing performance ever. Usher is singing, kicking the camera. His energy is wild. When I say Usher is going in, I thought I was seeing Michael Jackson. The whole time, his energy, he repped. He just was going in. He gave us a helluva performance. I thanked him 100 times. He don’t do too many features. It was fun. He’s a great person.”

The video ends with Khaled revealing what is worth risking life and limb for inside the briefcase.

“That’s the setup for the next single, ‘Put Your Hands Up,’ ” Khaled said. “I let them know it’s coming. It’s some movie sh–. It was a three-day shoot. It’s gonna be the best video in the game.”

For those asking where Lil Wayne is in the video, he’s not there. Although he appears in a new version of “Fed Up,” Wayne never intended to be in the video.

“Wayne jumped on the song later,” Khaled explained. “I’ll call that the ‘just added version.’ He just showed love and jumped on.”

“Fed Up” is the first single from Khaled’s upcoming LP Victory, which drops next year.


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9 Responses to “Video: Behind The Scenes For DJ Khaled’s “Fed Up””

  1. kimi Says:

    this video gon be soo hot 🙂
    lovee drizzy
    young mulah babyy


  2. luiseezy Says:

    fuck dis vid weezy aint in it dis shit lame dj khaled fuck u u should of told him 2 be in it u fat bitch go suck sum dick head u bastard piece of shit


  3. asdfa Says:

    im in a pisssed of mood , and that just made me laugh so hard @luiseezy hahahahah. ohgod some people are mean , but it comes to others joy? smh still lmaoooo


  4. E Says:

    The Game just tweeted that Drakes album might be droppin on february 16th!


  5. latvianboy Says:

    drake suck my dick


  6. E Scho Says:

    i was part of the traffic that had to be stopped that night on US 1. Unfortunately i had no idea until seeing this that it was for a video shoot.


  7. Blackalina Says:

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    Still your Girl from North north baby, from Real city (MTL) 514

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  8. S Says:

    What kinda car is jeezy driving? ITS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Jon A. Wilson Says:

    Does anyone know what kind of car that Jeezy was driving in the Fed Up video?? Looking for a promo car and that silver car was hot!!


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