Short Dawg – Southern Flame Spitta Vol 3 [Mixtape Download]

November 30, 2009 by Danny M


Short Dawg Southern Flame Spitta Vol 3 - Mixtape Download

Here is Short Dawg‘s latest mixtape titled “Southern Flame Spitta Vol 3” which is hosted by DJ Ill Will, DJ Rockstar, and DJ Holiday. You can view the front cover above, and the back cover after the jump below. The tape features Lil Wayne, Tyga, Drake, Mack Maine, Lil Twist, and Blu-Mega.

Download: Short Dawg – Southern Flame Spitta Vol 3 [Mixtape]

Short Dawg Southern Flame Spitta Vol 3 - Mixtape Download

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38 Responses to “Short Dawg – Southern Flame Spitta Vol 3 [Mixtape Download]”

  1. haters will hate Says:

    His sorry ass needs to go away.

    Another pointless member from YM.

    Drizzy, Tyga, Millz are clearly the best on YM!!!

    OVO/ATF All day long.


  2. chris Says:

    Man short dawg d shit u lam ass nigga
    u aint shit u hoe ass wanna b cool ass nigga
    u a hatn ass nigga bro


  3. haters will hate Says:


    Nice writing…

    Another “nigga” trying to act hard on the internet.



  4. l230carter Says:

    ayyy dj holiday needs to shut the fuckkk up for real.. that niggas ruining all his shit you cant even hear the nigga

    hot shit tho bruh


  5. haterswillhatesucks Says:

    @haters will hate. you stupid as fuck if u think millz is someone u wanna fuck wit on YM. im sorry, that nigga booty as fuck.
    1. Wayne
    2. Drizzy/Short
    3. Gudda
    and Tyga gettin there. Millz is not someone i fux with. so get outta here wit that shit


  6. ^^^All Wak Says:

    Short dawg with drizzy you buggin…gudda gudda third hah!


  7. Djd91091 Says:

    This is hard, Short Tore It Up, Just wish the Dj’s would realize that they only ruin songs, I dont need to hear Holiday Season every Verse, Cmon, Get THat Shit Out of there,

    Put this shit back up with out the Dj’s

    Ym-Cm go hard

    Tyga still at the top


  8. haters will hate Says:


    I just made this thread more popular.

    Short Dawg will be forever WACK.



  9. koolkid Says:

    yo yall sleepin on dis nigga short dawg he can spit he is definately young money matirial and this the real list of the best in young money lil wayne dont count cause hes da president and founder

    1 Drizzy
    2 Nicki minaj
    3 gudda gudda
    4 tyga


  10. FREE willy light skinned JERK Says:

    dude wayne num 1 tyga num 2 gudda num 3 yo haters will hate in your name are you referring to yourself because dude you are a strait hater why man i dont need to come on here and have your hate filing it up man look yes you have a right to voice your opinion but come on man just be a little more ummmmm restraint dude i mean shit you obviously dont like short dog or wayne or most of ym so just post positive shit dude feel me cause hattin aint gettin nowhere really so peace and all ym fams and yes ym haters peace not hate dig it


  11. FREE willy light skinned JERK Says:



  12. haters will hate Says:

    LOL @ people thinking Gudda Gudda can rap.

    That’s saying Baby is one of the best rapper alive. FUCK OUTTA HEAR WITH THESE LAME ASS COMMENTS!

    PS. Short Dawg is wack

    (Off to listen to Lupe Fiasco and Wiz Khalifa new album)


  13. sam Says:

    tape is pretty good, but that dj holiday needs to calm down


  14. dibbz Says:

    yall dumb fucks don’t know shit bout young money


  15. skid69dawggg Says:

    yall need to stop talkin shit over the damn computer. internet gangsters are wackkk. dont hate on somebody who’s out there making moves while you’re still sitting at home in your mom’s basement. just respect talent, and if you don’t wanna listen to short dawg, just don’t listen to him. point blank period


  16. r.ichii Says:

    #1. Lil’ wayne(but he doest count right now xD its obvious)
    2. Mack maine/Jae millz
    3. Mack maine/Jae millz
    4. Gudda Gudda
    5. Short Dawg
    6. Lil’ Twist
    7. Drake =(
    8. Nicki Minaj
    9. Tyga
    10. Lil Chuckee
    11. Shanell
    12. T-street (never heard anything from t-streets thats why)


  17. BEAnz_BytcH Says:

    U niggas really dont know bout yme 1 wayne 2 drizzy 3 nicki 4 millz 5 tyga 6 short dawg 7 gudda 8 twist he need to b lower but look at what group he in but he still spit fire he make better shit than these grown ass rappers 9 streets listen to sqad 1-7 10 mack he can be lower but he b bullshittin 11 shannel 12 chuckie


  18. Djd91091 Says:

    1. Wayne
    2. Drizzy
    3. Tyga
    4. Mack Maine
    5. Gudda
    6. Lil Twist
    7. Millz
    8. Short
    9. Nikki
    10. Chuckie
    11. Snl
    12. Streets….haha


  19. Musa Says:

    This is crazy wat list are you guys making dis the real list.
    6.Lil Twist
    7.Mack Maine
    5 down i dnt care for, tyga good, but i feel he’s not on the same level as the top 3…yet.


  20. haters will hate Says:

    Drizzy is FOREVER > Wayne

    SMH @ the person who put Drake 7 on their list.

    P.S. Lil Wayne is not a “gangster” rapper.


  21. Looney TUne Says:

    man dis mixtape cool but da dj’s mess everythang up..
    TOP 5

    1.Wayne(of course)
    5.Tyga Tyga


  22. chris Says:

    Man Fuck EVRBDY dat think short dawg wack
    man i dont give a fuck
    i am hard bitch
    i run shit mutha fucka i bump my mutha fuckn short dawg in my whip bro. Dis nigga go hard man fuck yall hatn ass mutha fucka real talk bro
    ant nigga tryna pop off nigga meet me at my mutha fuckn house real tlk bro dont fuck wit me
    Clack Clack Nigga
    Young Moolah Babyy
    [[haters will hate]]
    [[nigga u d hater]]


  23. dibbz Says:

    1- Wayne
    3-Short Dawg/Gudda Gudda dont matter


  24. skid69dawggg Says:

    short dawg is a pretty dope rapper. the only thing wrong with his mixtape is the damn dj’s screaming their name every 5 seconds for no damn reason


  25. Quis Says:

    my YM list goes;;
    1.Lil Wayne/Drake (both are equal IN MY OPINION)
    2.Jae Millz
    now as for this Short Dawg dude, this is gonna be the first thing i hear from him since that “Me&My Drank” verse (which was pretty good)…not sure if i wanna download the mixtape tho….not because of Short Dawg himself (yall sayin he’s dope)…but because of the fuckin DJ that did this shit lmao…nigga needs to stop yellin that “HOLIDAY SEASON!!” shit every 2 seconds…smfh


  26. killio Says:

    1-lil wayne
    3-gudda gudda
    4-jae millz
    5-nicki minaj
    6-lil twist
    7-short dawg
    8-mack maine
    12-t-streets the only ni66a from ym that hasent released a mixtape or even a song


  27. juggernaut Says:

    i been fuckin short for a minute he used to come to the D (detroit) all the time. happy to see he wit ym i think its a good look, oh and by the way yall sleepin on that nigga tyga real talk dude is i’ll and that black thoughts mixtape is nice just like the rest of em


  28. sPiR1TuaL xxx Says:

    1-Lil Wayne
    3-Nicki Minaj
    4-Gudda Gudda
    5-Short Dawg
    6-Jae Millz
    7-Short Dawg
    8-Tyga(Would rank higher if he upgraded his flow)
    9-Mack Maine
    9-Lil Chuckee
    10-Lil Twist


  29. Yung Spark Says:

    @ haters will hate jump off a bridge and eat a dick. y tha fuck do yall listen 2 it if its wack. dont listen dont comment its easy . talkin like we wanna know what haters gotta say. btw sayin Gudda Gudda cant rap is like sayin Nicki Minaj aint thick so fuck all haters. especially haters will hate



    GuddaGudda is the best YM artist go listen to GuddaVille


  31. ScroogeSr Says:

    all of yall really need help…wayne doesnt count he is the boss and style lender to most of young money!
    1. Millz (who wants to battle him)
    2. Tyga (original style)
    3. Drake (borrower but still hot)
    4.Lil Twist (wayne jr)/ Short Dawg (ghost writer)

    That bitch nicki is trash and so is gudda…lets not mention mack mane! him and t-streets are da worst ever!!!


  32. Rampage Says:

    1-Lil Wayne(of couse) ”Best rapper alive”
    3-Short Dawg
    4-Tyga mann
    5-Gudda Gudda
    6-Mack Maine
    7-Nicki Minaj
    8-Jae millz
    9-Lil Twist
    12-Lil Chuckee

    i don’t no y niggaz b hatin on short dawg dat nigga raw iz hell man word up….. dat mi got damn favorite rapper beside lil wayne straight up…….. piru gang da fuck up


  33. L f'en G Says:

    c’mon dj’s your name is already on the cover of the damn cd, you dont need to tell us your name every 5 words in the songs. its hellla annoying. seriously…. but anyways haters get out of here, short got talent. not the best mixtape obviously, but it was preety good



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