Miss Paris Interviews Lil Chuckee, GEDTrell & KY

December 18, 2009 by Danny M

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Miss Paris Interviews Lil Chuckee GEDTrell & KY

Check out Miss Paris’ interview with Young Money’s Lil Chuckee (artist), KY (engineer), and G.E.D’s GEDTrell after the jump below:

Lil Chuckee:

Let me start off by saying, this was one of the best interviews, due to fact that this young man has done so much in his life, more than most grown men! HE is not done yet! A very bright future is ahead for YOUNG MONEY recording artist LIL CHUCKEE….so lets hear what he has to say!

Justmissparis: how long have you been an artist & performing on stage?

LILCHUCKEE: for about 5 years

Justmissparis: how did you get discovered? I’ve seen you in a lot of music videos…how did you come about rapping?

LILCHUCKEE: yeh i been like in 22 videos i been paid to be in videos, that’s how i got a chance to be on ELLEN, being in MONICA “every time the beat drop” video, I was 10 years old!

Justmissparis: how was that experience for you? being that you were so young?

LILCHUCKEE: it was a blessing and most of all the videos i been in was my big bros n it was really fun!

Justmissparis: so tell me about growing up in new orleans…..

LILCHUCKEE: well i grew up in the calliope project 3 ward backatown erato street, but yeh growing up there….im not going to say it was all good n I’m not going to say it was all bad you know? i experience hearing gun shots n things like that but I’m not going to brag on it either….but moms n pops kept me fresh n clean never was dirty!….but it was cool cause i never was into that i was always focus into my raps!

Justmissparis: would you say that growing up where you did make you grow up faster than most young teens your age!?

LILCHUCKEE: naw i always was a mature kid that’s why they call me CHUCKEE cause i was like a grown man stuck in a kid body!

Justmissparis: how old were you when you were discovered by WAYNE? or what was the story on you linking up with YOUNG MONEY in the first place…?

LILCHUCKEE: well i seen him at my first major video back in new orleans at CHOPPER CITY from making the band n i was rapping to his homie n he overheard i rap, he said rap it again n he said, he want to do some things with me but do to katrina we lost contact n i seen COTEZ POE his manager n MACK MAINE at an awards n they said “WAYNE been seing u n he want do some things” so yea that’s what happened!

Justmissparis: were you nervous to rap in front of him?

LILCHUCKEE: naw always had confidence!

Justmissparis: how old were you when you got signed?

LILCHUCKEE: I was 11 years old!

Justmissparis: what other artists have you gotten the chance to work with besides YOUNG MONEY?

LILCHUCKEE: BUSHWICK BILL, T-PAIN and alot more but for my upcoming mixtape its goin have alot of features on it!

justmissparis: ok lets talk about your new mixtape? what is it entitled and what can we expect to hear from you?

LILCHUCKEE: uhh its called “CHARLES LEE RAY” and you will be able 2 hear confidence outspoken growing up in my lyrics and some big named artists!

justmissparis: cool, will it be a big difference from the mixtape you just dropped “RAPPERS MARKET”?

LILCHUCKEE: yeh well really will be most of original song well u know RAPPER’S MARKET was not original songs but yea a lot of growing up!

justmissparis: what’s the craziest thing that happened to you on tour?

LILCHUCKEE: uhh i got bum rushed after a show, going into my hotel room!

justmissparis: do you ever feel like its too much?

LILCHUCKEE: naw i luv every bit of it!

justmissparis: how do you feel about WAYNE as a leader and a friend?

LILCHUCKEE: that’s my big bro he is a very hard worker n he likes to have fun 2 n he give good advice!

justmissparis: i wanna talk to you about your organization…..S.O.C.K, “SAVING OUR COMMUNITY KIDS”


justmissparis: what is it all about? how did you start it…?

LILCHUCKEE: well it spells save our community kids n its in NEW ORLEANS n i just wanted to tried to help others n give back n try to stop the violent down there and try to make other young kids out there have a better future than to just think that u will have to do the wrong things to make it but yea it started like 1 or 2 years ago, but it’s good to give back!

justmissparis: can i talk with you alittle bit about hurricane katrina?


justmissparis: where you in NEW ORLEANS when all of that chaos happened….?

LILCHUCKEE: naw really my mom had a vision that we was not going to make it n they were going to have death so we just follow her vision and left but we had closed the deal on out house that we had bought that Friday before the hurricane!

Justmissparis: Well LIL CHUCKEE I must say you’re an amazing young man! I appreciate the time you’ve given you did a great job, is there anything else you want to say….???

There you have it! This should be a message to all young people! That there are ways to be possitive even when so much chaos is going on in the world!


Most of you may know the infamous KY, but if you didn’t know why they call him K-Y it symbolizes that he’s from KENTUCKY! He I s a very well known engineer, he’s been making magic since the age of 16, and working with YOUNG MONEY for 2 years! He picked up and moved to Atlanta in 2002 the further expand his abilities, and started working at HOT BEATS in ATLANTA, which is a recording studio! The road wasn’t all peaches and cream….

”I lived in my car for 5 months to get to this point” – KY

Lets find out a little more about him, shall we?

Justmissparis: in your two years working with YOUNG MONEy, how many tours have you gone on?

KYFINIS859: I’ve been on 4 tours with wayne!

Justmissparis: what are some ARTISTS you’ve had the chance to work with besides YM?


Justmissparis: have you done any work on WAYNE’s upcoming album “REBIRTH” ?

KYFINIS859: yeah I recorded 85% of it & the same on the YM ALBUM!

Justmissparis: can you give a general statement about whats to come of the New Year & YOUNG MONEY’s Takeover?

KYFINIS859: the new year we gonna hold it down for WAYNE since he’s gonna be in jail, DRAKE, NICKI, LIL TWIST & TYGA are dropping albums! Everybody bout time WAYNE gets out he’s gonna be Rich, he might not even have to rap again, even though we know he ain‘t STOPPIN!

Justmissparis: what are your thoughts on WAYNE’s jail sentencing?

KYFINIS859: its not a good thing, but he’s a strong person so he’ll be okay…plus like I said we’re going to be holding him down and working hard to keep everything moving while he’s gone!

Justmissparis: have you ever looked back on your life and pictured yourself doing anything else? Besides being a Super Engineer?

KYFINIS859: NO, not really I’ve gotten fired from every job I’ve ever had in my life! Plus I’ve been doin music since I was 16 it’s all I know & I LOVE what I do!

Justmissparis: what’s the craziest thing that ever happened to you on tour?

KYFINIS859: getting to go on stage with WAYNE it’s crazy to look out in the crowd and see 60,000 people I don’t know, he does it every night and after that HE GOES TO THE STUDIO!

Justmissparis: do you ever think that it’s too much, the life you lead?

KYFINIS859: sometimes, but I’d rather do this than anything else…I like to travel so its something that comes along with the life! But I love to CREATE & see people happy with what I created!

Justmissparis: Are there any projects that you have done that are MOST MEMORABLE & SUCCESSFUL?

KYFINIS859: Most Memorable would be KIA SHINE,”SO KRISPY” I think that was the first time I did work with someone that was signed to a major label…I remember being happy that I could see my work on T.V. and people dancing to it in the club! The most Successful tho is “EVERY GIRL” by YM! I knew that was a hit when we made it!

“we were all in LA, and DRAKE came up with the hook, and we took it from there”

Justmissparis: Do you ever go back home to KENTUCKY & do things for you community?

KYFINIS859: yeah I help my people from Kentucky out by listening to their music, giving them my opinion….I tell them what the game is looking for & to work hard…Also I let them know that there are others things you can do besides rapping, you can be a producer, an engineer and so on!

Justmissparis: is there any advice you could offer to a young person who wants to talk a walk in KY’s Shoes?

KYFINIS859: hard work and put your pride to the side, master the craft you need to know what you’re doing when your in the studio with the best!

Justmissparis: okay KY that about wraps it up, is there anything else you want the people to know?


Haha, well I couldn’t have said it better myself, there you have it people, the inside scoop on the man with the cornrows, a.k.a the man behind the switchboard!


So I bet you all are wondering well who is GEDtrell? This is exactly why I decided to do this lil’ interview with him….everyone always gets the info on RAPPERS, ACTORS, MODELS and so on….but what about the ones that remain on scene behind the scenes…? although he is not a rapper he is the definition of loyalty, and true friendship which is hard to come by in this cutthroat industry…so stay tuned, I’m here to fill you in…

justmissparis: ok…now before i start interviewing you….how would you like to be introduced?


justmissparis: how long have u been down wit G.E.D?

GEDTRELL:: 5 years

justmissparis: you are considered as being behind the scenes so to speak and u don’t rap correct?

GEDTRELL: correct

justmissparis: ok, you are one of YOUNG MONEY/G.E.D. ARTIST TYGA’s loyal homies

GEDTRELL: yes sir, bein loyal iz all i kno

justmissparis: can you tell me a little bit about how you all met?

GEDTRELL: met thru a child hood friend “Schoolboy Q who’s also from GED and from my hood, he introduced us at a show and the friendship was set in stone from there…

justmissparis: what is the craziest thing that has happened to you while on tour with YM/G.E.D. family?

GEDTRELL: aww man chillin wit some females in the room after a long ass show all of a sudden we got a knock at the door i looked thru the peep hole and it was SHANELL so i answered soon ass i opened the door WAYNE bust thru shootin us wit his bee bee gun along wit the females that were there too no mercy!

justmissparis: lol, that’s pretty crazy, but funny! GOOD MEMORIES! Do you ever see yourself in the future signing and rapping?

GEDTRELL: sometimes i write shit all the time but i never show anybody its not my calling so i leave rappin to TYGA! sometimes im to real if that makes since!

justmissparis: okay so since you want to stay behind the scenes and not really become mainstream do you ever feel like there is anything else you want to do besides be in the industry?

GEDTRELL: hell no i cant see my self doin shit else but bein around music and the people i love that, love this shit more than me!

justmissparis: how many interviews you done?

GEDTRELL: your the first!
justmissparis: being as that YOUNG MONEY is the most successful label and power group nation wide as of now, its clear that your schedule is pretty busy most of the year…..how does that affect your life? as far as seeing your family goes?

GEDTRELL:: doesn’t affect it much of course I’m human and I’ll miss my family but they understand its money to be made and bills to be paid so sacrifices are a must!

justmissparis: are you currently in a relationship? [for all the ladies out there] lol

GEDTRELL: hell yea but im not givin any names shame on you!

justmissparis: oh no, just a general question…I would never ask you to name no names!lol

GEDTRELL: naw niggas i kno thats my answer i was trying to be funny!

gedtrell: lol

justmissparis: did you graduate from high school? or did you get a GED? Lol.

GEDTRELL: hahaha of course i graduated and i graduated best dress from crenshaw high school pow 2001…fly nigga!

justmissparis: hahahaha whoop whoop!

justmissparis: did you ever think you would be living th e life that ur living now?

GEDTRELL:: hell no im blessed to be blessed

justmissparis: so you know you’ve been referred to as the younger version of T-STREETS?

GEDTRELL: naww i didnt kno that..but its coo tho i have alot of respect for STREETShe’s a real gee..real reconize real!

justmissparis: how old are you?


justmissparis: ok ok…..are you ready for the upcoming tour?

GEDTRELL: i stay ready mama

justmissparis: have u heard any of the work for the “REBIRTH” album?

GEDTRELL:: hell yea that shit finna win GRAMMY…its crazy!

justmissparis: should we be expecting some work from the whole GED fam…?

GEDTRELL: later on down the line its all about YOUNG MONEY right now!

justmissparis: how did you feel about your cameo in the hit record “bedrock” video?

GEDTRELL: i dont give a shit about no cameo we were really have’n fun out there the camera just happen to catch it its all love tho fuck it!

Justmissparis: how do you feel about WAYNE as leader and friend?

GEDTRELL: i love and appreciate WAYNE he’s the most morally sound and hardest working person i know and the most loyal he’s so intelligent you’ll learn something from him everyday its a site to see and wonderful to be around you are who you hang wit I’m bless to be apart of history (bows head)

So there you have it people, next time you see this tatted up guy at every show, on every set you wont have to wonder who his anymore!

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  2. Sharae Says:

    Wow how much of a hater are you. If your song is better then his why you not in young money like that nigga. Hmmm maybe cause nobody likes you or your song.


  3. PrecYse Says:

    people like my music its good this guy is just a sorry ass kid. my songs are good. his are bad he can’t even make his own music i can make my own music. so sharae go on hip hop daily you will see my mixtape. and who cares if i’m not on young money. i can get sign to good music or charles hamiltons crew. so i got good music. lil chuckiee’s is bad lil twist thats my nigga like his music. this song by me right here http://usershare.net/lj2n8riy19sm which is called the black out which can destroy lil chuckiee is way better than uck. gooder than chuck. so peace IT AIN’T YOUNG BABY ITS COOL MUSIK BABY!


  4. Magduh Says:

    well im on my friend’s computer and she wants to use it so i only read the first dialog, but cuckeee(sp?) seems like a very driven young man even with a few negitive influences with him alot of the time (; i mean that in the nicest most respectufl way ever. “that’s my big bro he is a very hard worker n he likes to have fun 2 n he give good advice!” as an additonal comment he is so fucked lucky to have lil wayne chilllin witt him nd helpin him produce some crazy shit i bet. i saw all of young money appear at the concert nd chuckke wont ever beat wezzy out but his shitt wass raww. 8 out of 10 starrs. lolll.


  5. FucckPrecyse Says:

    you suck precyse! whack ass song and you sound hella stupid in the beginning of it. listen to yourself fagget. hahaha and you actually think you’re better than chuckee. damn i wonder how many fans you have?? and how many of your friends have lied to you and said that you’re even good. hahahha gay ass song, like that would ever blow up haha if weezy ever heard that he would laugh. well actually everyone would hahaha


  6. PrecYse Says:

    fuck me. listen faggot i have friends. i have good music. because i’m way better than lil chuckiee he will never get big. my song right here http://usershare.net/lj2n8riy19sm the black out is better than chuck. you see chuckee can’t make his own music i can =. watch what you say nigga. i’m way better than you and chuckiee together. i respect lil twist. he a good rapper he gonna be something. in the feature. as for lil chuckiee he suck. for that nigga that dissed me. fuck him COOL MUSIK BABY.


  7. MaRt!N! Says:

    PrecYse: first of all you said lil chuckee will never get big HE ALREADY IS BIG! and you mentioned ur song the black out like three times is that the only song you have? because it sucks and if you think you’ll be bigger than lil chuckee then you need a hearing aid badlyy. good luck getting “BIG” not really because its not gonna happn… peace


  8. PrecYse Says:

    lil chuckiee ain’t big dumb ass. he is a low level. the black out don’t suck you suck. your just mad because i killed chuckiee on the song. i will be big trust me. i’m on hip hop daily. my music gets post there. does chuckiee’s music get post there no because he is a sorry ass teen rapper.. lil twist is better than him. watch me be big bitch your’e going to see. COOL MUSIK BABY.


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    201 bitch gtown srestone southlouisville 7street



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