We Are Young Money Album On Pace To Sell Between 100k-120k

December 25, 2009 by Danny M

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We Are Young Money Album On Pace To Sell Between 100k-120k

The next best debut will likely be the “We Are Young Money” collaborations album, featuring artists on Lil Wayne’s Young Money label. The rapper himself appears on the majority of the set’s tracks, in addition to such artists as Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda and Mack Maine. “We Are Young Money” is projected to move somewhere between 100,000 and 120,000 copies.

I really thought they would of sold more, but lets just wait and see for the official numbers…

Props EastsideBoi89 via Billboard

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34 Responses to “We Are Young Money Album On Pace To Sell Between 100k-120k”

  1. precious Says:

    i love the album point blank verbatim


  2. Dirtysouthboy Says:

    predicted numbers are usually a little off. it will prolly sale 160,000/170,000


  3. Y.M.E Fan Says:



  4. jay money Says:

    close 2 a million or more


  5. luney tune Says:

    aye da album sik…but i swear dey was listenin to FRIDAY becuz ms. parker, streetz is watchin, nd play in my band he sayin sumthin off friday lol itz sik doe





  7. weeziana Says:

    Probably about 120k it isnt 08 anymore, people wont spend their money that easu on albums.. they will download it and that’s fine..The recession has take a big influence on tbuying of albums. look at the Rihanna Album it sols about 180k in first week?? Normally she would sell 500k or 600k not because her songz were bad or something because the real fans will always buy it, These days albums dont sell that fast anymore they must have an espicially audience that always buy the album


  8. youngstaty Says:

    I was sure it would be better!!
    Check this out and tell me what y’all think about:


  9. Remdelarem Says:

    It was actually a really bad album lol like 5 songs were good. But im glad its doing as much as it is. Its not a flop, its just good. lol But its NOT a good album at all


  10. YUNGSWAGGA Says:

    HI thougth they wud sell more. I bought 2 copies. I love the album I thought it was a great introduction for them. But it is doin betta than the Enimen album.


  11. kaka Says:

    @ yungswagga better than the eminem album hahah eminem already sold 608.000 k he dont need it like young money so shut up


  12. kaka Says:

    @ yungswagga better than the eminem album hahah eminem already sold 608.000 k he dont need it like young money so shut up smh


  13. GhostKillah! Says:

    they promoted this album so shit lol… so im not mad wayne and drake barely even promoted it they let young money do it them selves smh… Best album all year though and

    @karka wayne still sold a mill so dats 400k over em so just shut it…


  14. YxY Says:

    i would have bought it if lil twist wasn’t so wack about the rebirth leak.. he needs to learn that its all about the music when it comes down to it.


  15. kaka Says:

    at first my name is KAKA not KARKA
    and i dont talk about wayne (i like wayne) i talk about ym
    and get ur facts straight wayne sold 900ks more than em it was 1.5 million
    so u shut the fuck up
    and we all know that nobody would buy this shit without wayne
    and em is a great rapper how can u even dare to compare people like twist wit him
    ur a retarded motherfucker


  16. carter yeahhh Says:

    nahh, it’s like up there in itunes so I think much more then that….


  17. lilweezy24 Says:

    naa bedrock is number 12 on the charts atm and everygirl made number 10 and went platinum so i think the album will sell over 200,000 atleast, just look at the maxwell album the highest charting song was at number 33 and it sold 316,000 first week the album sold that much cus it was by maxwell not cus it got promoted and this didnt get that promoted but its got wayne so its gonna sell i reckon about atleast 200,000 first week


  18. YUNGSWAGGA Says:

    Actually it did out sell Eminem album. It was released on the same day nd it mite only sell 80,000 so where da fuck u get dis information from. So nxt time mke sure u right b4 u try 2 correct me. Thanks nd shut up


  19. JaW-BoNe Says:

    wasnt that much promotion behind it…btw 4 all ya’ll hatin on twist ya’ll wish ya’l could do wut he do…

    im about the same age as he is and when i hear him i hear a new voice for my age range and plus the whole young money crew is fkn animals so watch wut u say type or write cuz u just sound like a hater……..

    Big Love 4 gudda, mack, short dawg, NICKI luvs her, Millz, Weezy Streetz, Twist, Chuckee, Tyga, Drake and the beautiful Shanell AKA SNL


  20. kaka Says:

    @ yungswagga
    wtf are you talking about the eminem album is a re release and is still selling 80.000 k thats good so shut the fuck up
    i talk about the relapse album not the re release stupid bastard dont make me mad when you dont get your facts straight go check your source before you start talking shit about em


  21. fuck ya'll who hatin' Says:

    i think they will do at least 300.000
    cuz both singles were successful
    every girl was number 10 on billboard hot 100
    and bed rock was 12
    i think it will do more than 300
    and the album is really cool


  22. Jayski Says:

    @ dis caca ass nigga & j fagg

    dude he tlkin about the relapse refill not the relapse… And It must of outsold ym its em so of course its gon sell…. Its no biggi the album is not great wen its weezy c4 nd ems r2 dats wen we’ ll see record sales!


  23. YUNGSWAGGA Says:

    @KAKA wat u mad for cuz u kno u wrong. Bitch I’m tlkin bout the re release nd so far WE ARE YOUNG MONEY is sellin betta than Releapse: Refill. Y the fuck wud I be tlkin bout the album he released earlier this year. So jus shut the fuck up dumb ass nd get ya shit together.


  24. Daniel Says:

    We all on Young Mula Dicks so y we got to fight


  25. kaka Says:

    @yungswagga @jayski
    first dont call me nigga or bitch wtf
    but i dont talk about relapse refill i talk about relapse somebody above me talked about tha carter 3 too
    and wtf it is embarassing that a re-release has a similar success as new release
    thats what i was talking about
    pathetic piece of shit
    eat a dick


  26. SuckMeOff Says:

    I like Lil Twist, I wanna break his virginity and eat his little penis just like Lil Wayne described in The Carter Documentary. Plus I’m gay which means Vaseline = REQUIRED.


  27. jxx34 Says:

    LMAO…all yall boys wildin on this bitch…But I think 120K is good for a first week…1. its collaboration album 2. 120K will at least get you in top three(which is good) 3. Its only the beginning, they only release 2 singles and the YM fan base is goin to get larger….


  28. YUNGSWAGGA Says:

    fuck u bitch ass pussy
    eat my dick
    im done, young money doin betta than the relapse: refill and thats all i gotta say
    weak ass motherfucker


  29. lennie[ms barbie] Says:

    IMMA SUM it up for all yall stupid people young money is the best they album gone sell millions of copies it is the best album in the world not jus because if lil wayn becuz all them r great so need for arguing


  30. blahh Says:

    probably will sell only up to 200k. the album is amazing but it didnt hit #!, at least i dont think so. it got to #2. i love wife beater favorite song right now and off the album.


  31. Young Money Says:

    I Mean How Could You Sell Records These Days With Everybody Bootlegging and copyrighting’… But No Matter How Much They Sell They Still The Hottest In The Game!!!


  32. Billy Krunk Says:

    I’ve have had We steady Mobbin since June and it still is top 20 on my playlist and it changes every week. Weezy kills this track. Anyone that says Wayne aint the best listen to it!!!!! Suck my bullets and dont you spit.. UGGGGHHH… . I listen to that shit before I go out for the last 6 months, I feel like I’m trransforming(mac dre) when that shit is on!!!!!!!

    and Drake… I can’t meet you in the lobby, GIrl I gotta watch my back, I’m not just anybody! had that one since September and it tore the ruff down on new years!!!!!! BAY AREA!!!!!!!!!!!!


  33. Diddy drizzy Says:

    I truely love this combination of music by YME armies.I love u guyz.
    From Nigeria.



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