We Are Young Money Album Sells 142,100 Copies First Week

December 30, 2009 by Danny M

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We Are Young Money Album Sells 142100 Copies First Week

We Are Young Money, the debut album from Lil Wayne’s protégés, landed at the no. 9 position after its first week on shelves. The group, which consists of Drake, Nicki Minaj, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda, Mack Maine, Tyga, Lil’ Chuckee and Lil Twist, managed to move 142,100 units, according to the Nielsen SoundScan.


So what do y’all think ❓ Did you expect the album to do better first week, or do you think this is a good amount ❓

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50 Responses to “We Are Young Money Album Sells 142,100 Copies First Week”

  1. ghostkillah! Says:

    thought it wud do 250k – 300k but they didn’t even advertise this shit… Wayne tried his best to advertise it they would do way better


  2. rell Says:

    They advertised the shit out of this album, its just wack!!! I copped a copy tho to support. No matter who the artist are, compilations are always wack.


  3. mikey Says:

    em sold 127k with relapse re-release


  4. DayDay Says:

    i think wayne pushed 2 much 2 soon, him for 3 str8 years b4 dat da drought was goddamn errwhere den drake now nikki but i understand his intention lil nicca finna go to jail he need money constantly comin in which is smart but he n a position where he winnin n losing dats da job of a ceo though. i luv Cash Money 2 death grew up on it..so im a loyal fan for life no matta if baby wild out n kill 12 people or wayne get caught wit 10 keys or ne thang bad da media says or even an album flopping im still gonna b a loyal fan..B^s up always baby!


  5. October's On Says:

    Good Album, i went and got myself one, now i know what people are talking about 😀


  6. marlon79 Says:

    i expected 200,000


  7. KIM Says:



  8. FullOfGreatness from twitter Says:



  9. mobsta4life Says:

    Young money the album goes hard I copped without even hearing bought a release date man fuck niggas gone hate just smile cuz that’s a job well done r r Roger that


  10. IExpectedMore Says:

    I did expect them to push more units especially with Wayne’s name behind thm and with Nicki and Drake on the album, but looking back on things now, I hink ppl are tired of Drake and are slowly tiring of Nicki. The group is getting a little over exposed. The timing the album dropped was off too. There were just too many albums that were dropped around the time. Eminem re-relesead an album and did better if you compare. Luckily they have a nice buzz now or this albm wouldve tanked. They have nothing to be disappointed about though. But I really think Wayne needs to hurry upand drop Nicki’s and Drake’s album before that buzz dues out. Nicki is on a blog site every other day now and people are losing interest even her fans for one reason or another. And Drake, well I definitely don’t hink he has the buzz he had before,. He has been way too many features.


  11. Kera Says:

    I expected it to sell alot more than what it did. It was supposed to go double platinum in dis bitch. It’s a conspiracy I tell you. Yall sold more. They just don’t want us to know. lol Album was great tho. Keep dem hitz comin.

    p.s: When the hell is “Thank Me Later” comin out. C’mon Drizzy I’m pullin my hair out ova here waitin on dis album man!!!!


  12. Maravish95 Says:

    one of the best album Lil Wayne has dropped, better than Rebirth, Bedrock & Pass That Dutch that hottest songs on the album especially becuase of the bass was sick, Nicki Minaj & Drake & Gudda Gudda made this album besides Tyga & Wayne the rest ithink they did ok like J Milzz !


  13. jb Says:

    i thought it wouldve sold more..due too the face it was sold out @ every store i went too when it first came out..i say by the in of the month aye milli…


  14. Double G's Says:

    MAAANNNNNNNN tat cd wasent all great i was expecting wayyyy beter thiers only 5 fucken songs i listen to in the whole fucken cd


  15. yana Says:

    it couldv’e done better but im glad that it sold as much copies as it did..some artist albums didn’t sell that much this month for the first week..CONGRATS.!!


  16. YUNGSWAGGA Says:

    I thought it would have done betta. But I mean 140k is a lot for a debut album most artist can’t evn mke it past 100k. So I think they did very well. And Drizzy Drake album is supposed 2 drop Feb 16th


  17. THE BEST Says:



  18. official female threat Says:

    young money are a bunch of frauds who all need eachother to sell or somebody cause each member alone is wack


  19. haters will hate Says:

    Have you notice that Drake was the only one from Young Money that didn’t promote the album.

    P.S. The majority of people believes Young Money is wack, not hating, just speaking the truth.


  20. TWEEZY Says:



  21. YungGinge Says:

    300K at least, i expect the album to go gold (US) within’ a Month, but seems like it may be a bit longer, agreed with other comments, the album was poorly promoted, with a cheap cover art of wayne placed off another image, also the amount of push backs most likly had an effect on the total sales and people get tired of waiting, althought from the success of both singles expected alot more sales. i tried to buy this album in the UK and i can not find it anywhere at all :/


  22. karinababie Says:

    i expected way more to be sold but never the less the album is dope! Wayne, Nicki, Drake, Tyga & all of YM kill it (:


  23. skool Says:

    this cd is so hard….. cant believe it only did 140k but maybe the sells will pick up after it gets it street buzz because it is a hott cd…


  24. snlgypsy Says:

    well im particularly surprised SNL was kicked out of YM.. or is she just not good enough to be remembered as part of YM for the WAYM album


  25. de'shaub1 Says:

    need ta git to at leas 600,000 n ia b satisfied


  26. humairrr Says:

    well i don’t think its bad at all, they’re close to 50’s BISD, so that says alot 😀


  27. t Says:

    i didnt like the album. theres not one song of substance on it. i love weezy but with all the ish goin on rite now we need to hear more than just explicit sexual materialistic and violent music. there are a couple of good songs but material wise t think it flopped, not numbers wise. i expected it to sell about that much. if they wldve switched up their subject matter a lil i thk they wldve sold more


  28. Trigga Says:

    SnL is not out the group and she was on the album just like Short Dawg was they were just only on 1 song each


  29. youngmoneyent Says:

    its alrite just want them to go platinum, and no other rap group probaly did it in this generation. ESPECIALLY dat wack azz g unit and d 12, that goes for them eminiem fans out there who thinks he’s better than weezy. best rapper and rap group ever


  30. bCharnae Says:

    Not Bad.. expected a TAD more, but young money has great potential. I can’t stop listening to Every Girl / Bedrock. If they keep hot songs and vids like that going then they’re good. Go YM~


  31. KaiC Says:

    For those that say young money is wack…

    Take wayne , drake, and niki out then yes they would be wack.


  32. YMCA Says:

    Dam this shit not worth the money thats why i got it for free before any dumb ass bought it and Waynes Rebirth is wack too…


  33. Gigga Says:

    True that! Both shit are wack and i bet Drakes album will suck too


  34. lennie[ms barbie] Says:

    yAll r such haters nobody in young money re wack even if you take people out they still da shit so yall who think they are wack or most of them r wack stop hattin


  35. lennie[ms barbie] Says:

    and yea it did pretty good wuz expecting it to cell mor but it was great i bought it on the first day best album ever


  36. puedam Says:

    i knew lil wanye will not let me down he will me mentor forever i love him with my soul more than even my girl friend ……..lil weezy


  37. blaze2crazy Says:

    Hold up! Em is way better then wayne, drake, jay, anybody… I been a drake fan since b4 he got inflated, when I used 2 show ppl drakes songs dey would say he wakk or neva gave a fukk but now ayebodys on his dikk! And I knew bout minaj since like 06 like kome on, shawty trash, best rappa hands down ondere is drake… not 2 hate but dat whole cd sounds like it was rushed and tossed 2getha, all nikki does is talk about how wet she gets and it dosent even make sence sometimes… won’t lie, thought they woulda sold more wit all da dikkridas, but ehh, I really kouldnt give a fukk


  38. D clark Says:

    this cd is garbage i’m tired of hearing rappers talk about the same bullshit, stop listening to these garbage rappers they’re bad influences, don’t idolize these people, you wont get anywhere in life.


  39. JaJuan Says:

    this album got some songs i like and sum songs i dnt like but it did better than i expected the way albums are flopping left and right, right now 140k is good !! if nicki wayne or drake wasnt on here it would have sold 1 copy bcuz gudda gudda is deffenitly wakk, shanell is only on here cuz her and wayne is fuckin .. i love YM too death i bought the album on itunes the other day on accident ( long story ) i wanted to buy it at the store so i could have the case.. but damn come on now they need too step they album cover up bcuz its wak it shoulld focus more on nicki and drake and wayne with everybody else in the background that would be hard… nicki and drake is dope right now and i personaly think nickis style is luv the barbie persona its cooL too me DIFFERENT.. this album can sale 1million copies TRUST ME it will get there i have faith – and drake and nicki hurry up and drop ur albums !! and yes the only person i saw promotin the album was NICKI MINAJ she promoted it ALL BY HERSELF !! u guys suck for doin that too her.. she said sumthn about it in every song and everything else and wayne go get u a new rock music writer bcuz shanell IS GARBAGE and wen she raps u can tell WAYNE rote it this comment is truth I LOVE YOUNGMONEY !! and the group should be nicki drakes and waynes they would do ALOT better ITS TOO MANY OF THEM money bein split like 10days .. smh !! ily YM and i think everyone else shud have a solo career and nicki drake and wayne shud have a solo career and have young money !! THAT WOULD BE DOPE


  40. SexxyBlack Says:

    Young Money sucks except Wayne and Drake. Nikkie wack as well.


  41. TRill Says:

    The album was str8. I think most of the songd were jus thrown together. Wayne slacked lyrically. I believe Mack Manie is the hardest in the group. Yea ppl he spit way harder the Drake. Overall it wasn’t bad. Did expect dat bih to do numbers though.


  42. JMize Says:



  43. denis G Says:

    haters man i dont understand yall talking about young money wack i bet ur ipod and itunes is full of lil wayne and young money music haha just sit back and let them do them .. the album was fucking sick have u heard roger that and shes gone.


  44. Sipp Says:

    Look I am the biggest rap fan alive I love lyrics. But at the sametime it’s more to rap than just rappin I like to hear niggaz talkin about somethin. This whole album lyrically was about nothin yea dem niggaz spittin but they ain’t talkin bout shit. I mean it’s kool to be a fan but don’t dick ride if the shit is wack it’s wack point blank period.. Stop actin like everything these niggaz do is tight cuz it’s not…..and whoever said Mack mane is better than drake your a fuckin idiot. I didn’t expect this album to go gold so I’m really not suprised


  45. sad Says:

    Drake reuses his lines all the time and he hasnt even dropped a cd yet. That right there tells you hes nothing but some jew looking to get on that young money dick. Shame on wayne for putting jimmy from degrassi on his crew lol should be called We Are Soft Money!


  46. jose Says:

    How did it not debut at #1 on billboard 200? B.o.b’s cd debuted at #1 with 88,000 sold first week????


  47. jose Says:

    It passed expectations>!!


  48. alexa Says:

    It passed expectations for being garbage. You all killed the rap game. weezy, drizzy? what’s with all these faggot ass names? wayne is a sellout, drake ain’t got no flow, boring as HELL, and raps JUST like wayne. nicki minaj is a talentless piece of shit who is the worst of all. and the rest of young money? no one even knows ya’lls names! aha unless you’re a corny ass follower of the worst record label out there.



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