’s Exclusive Interview With Lil Chuckee

January 17, 2010 by Danny M

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YoungMoneyHQ Exclusive Interview With Young Moneys Lil Chuckee

In the interview below, Young Money’s Lil Chuckee speaks to about some of his upcoming projects including the Charles Lee Ray mixtape, Young Money Compilation, School, a typical record session, Lil Twist, performing with Lil Wayne, “Girl I Got You”, influences, how he got signed with Young Money, and much more.

We’re here with Lil Chuckee! This is George Kiel on behalf of YoungMoneyHQ and, we thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us Lil Chuckee.

No problem man, thank y’all.

What’s a recording session like for you? Do you write all of your raps or do you just go in the studio and freestyle a little bit?

Nah I write, but I still try and advance my self by doing those types of things.

How is school going, and how do you study?

In the studio I just finished doing school work, shout out to my teacher Keyshia Williams. I’m doing real good, getting all A’s. School come first and I would not be doing this with my parents if I was not in school, so school is coming out nice.

YoungMoneyHQ Exclusive Interview With Young Moneys Lil Chuckee

How do you find time to balance all that school stuff and then be in a recording booth spitting 16?

I do it 24 hours, I do it everyday, I’m used to it and I’m new to it… that’s pretty much how I balance it out.

So we heard your going to be shooting a music video with Lil Twist soon, is that true?

Yeah most definitely. Like I said we got two songs on the album and we gonna be shooting a video real soon. It’s called “I Got You”.

How does it feel to be doing performances on stage with Wayne in front of 20,000 people?

A lot of people be asking this question and I just keep saying it’s a blessing. Once I go on that stage and I see that crowd and see their reaction on their face when we sing… it just pumps me up and gives me more energy for every show. Like I say I been doing this since I was eight and I was never a kid that was shy.

YoungMoneyHQ Exclusive Interview With Young Moneys Lil Chuckee

So you say you been rapping since you was eight, what motivated you to start rapping that early?

My whole family was dedicated around music. My Daddy and his family was in a group and my Mother loved rapping back in the days before she had me… but yeah I started rapping when I was eight and like I say my whole family was dedicated around music, and I love the music so much… and with my parents they help me push more, more and more with my music and right now that’s how I get music done.

So you say you have something coming out for your Mom?

Yeah, that’s coming out soon, y’all be on the lookout for that!

A lot of people compare how your so energetic on stage and stuff to Lil Wayne. What’s your thoughts on that, and has Wayne taught you a few things or have you always had that energetic flow to your shows?

Nah, I was never stage frightened or shy, and I always had energy… I do it for the fans, I give ’em what they paid for. I love to perform, I love to do new music and love to record myself doing music.

YoungMoneyHQ Exclusive Interview With Young Moneys Lil Chuckee

How did you first get spotted and signed by Young Money?

I met Wayne at a video shoot, cause Wayne was featured on the video. I met Wayne there and I spitted him a couple of bars. After that he was like “I wanna do big things with you”, and shout out to my big brother Mack Maine – he was there too. Everything he seen he loved – the style and the swagger. Then Katrina came and we lost info, but then Mack Maine and Cortez Bryant was waiting at the Dirty Awards and was like “Wayne really wanna sign you”, so that’s how I became a Young Money Millionaire.

What can we expect from the Charles Lee Ray mixtape like features and release dates etc.

The Charles Lee Ray mixtape is off the chain man. It’s coming out how I want it to. I just did this song with Bushwick Bill.

YoungMoneyHQ Exclusive Interview With Young Moneys Lil Chuckee

So who are some of your influences in the music game right now, who do you look up to?

First I look up to myself, tryna get better, always tryna get better. But besides me, Lil Wayne, I look up to Nas, Kanye, Common. People like that, people who are deep, I love music that tell stories.

Speaking of Kanye West, what are your thoughts on what he did at the awards show?

I mean I got no comment for that, but that’s just Kanye.

You told us about your upcoming mixtape, we know about the YM Compilation, is there any other new stuff that fans need to be looking out for from Lil Chuckee such as features?

Well I just dropped a mixtape, Rapper’s Market – I need everybody to go download that, follow me on twitter – I keep posting up the link for everyone to go get it. Shout out to DJ T The Barber, if y’all hear the skits in it, that was all him.

YoungMoneyHQ Exclusive Interview With Young Moneys Lil Chuckee

Can we expect a Lil Chuckee and Lil Twist mixtape in the future?

Yeah most definitely. We just waiting on the Young Money album right now.

Thanks for your time Chuckee, we appreciate you giving us this interview man. Everybody at YoungMoneyHQ and would like to wish you the best of luck in he future.

Thank you man, I really appreciate it.

We would just like to give a few shout outs: George Kiel from for doing the interview, and of course Lil Chuckee! If you missed Lil Chuckee‘s “Rapper’s Market: Just A Sample” mixtape, you can download a free copy here.

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  1. alex nahimana Says:



  2. johannes Says:

    shout out to lil chuckee from sweden… this is great


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  5. Trey Says:

    Chuckee will take over from Wayne, just watch….


  6. Suffertree Says:

    Man no one cares about wanna-be Bow Wow…


  7. Matthew Wilson Says:

    man if I spitted for Wayne he’d be like yo ass better start to explain, where you learned to spit just like that, cuz I neva heard a nigga spit like that, I really don’t know what to say, I just know that I’m gifted, neva outta place, definitely never shifted, I’m just doing me and I am really a lyrical G, soon to be doin’ big things, that’s if I get noticed by the right peeps, that have the right mentality, I’m not like noone and noone’s like me, I have what you call originality, now adays it’s rare to find, but whatta y’know it is poppin out from behind, so Mr. Wayne what do you have in mind, cuz I definitely take the business seriously, My flows are so peaceful like a medley, but this is where it comes to the conclusion, don’t act like I was never hear, somewhat like an optical illusion.


  8. Ischyia Says:



  9. Nicki_Feen Says:

    uhm..i mean he kan rap in all bht he is nt good lookN 2 me i lik lil twist betta!!


  10. Nana Newyork Says:

    I love you lil chuckee and if you eva need a girl look me up on twitter nana4youngmoney and my email is soon to be the next big thing! Halla at ya gurl Nana Newyork signin out!!!Ducess


  11. PrecYse Says:

    lil chuckiee sucks. and if he did a mixtape with lil twist. twist would destroy lil chuckee on every track. i guranntee that. to the girls that are on here he maybe fine.(no Homo) but he can’t rapp for shit.period.


  12. Lil Bit from YM Says:

    rap spit vomit i got a sikk wid it flow….im so good with the money i make it rain sleet and snow….and you would never cath me fucking them ho’s….i just send off and make money of them ho’s….yess ima #1… motha fucka ima a big mac….i’ll let nicki fuck me silly and make that ass clap….im a class act a class clown with twizzy the class president….its all just child’s play with chuckee and get it fresher than a peppermint….newest signee to that motherfuckin YM crew….came on the page to make it official for you wack ass dudes….stopp all that asking and waving hands shit…because wayne like my style and said ya’lls is softer than shit….haha…now back to my g bitch…counting money got her naked and i got her driving manually on my dick….she love the dope dick she out of breathe like an asthma attack…..hit her with the wham naw she asleep in the bed taking a nap….so much money i use it to sweep up the floors…so much money that we gotta wrap it in bungee cords…im a young money lord…high off the dutchey…weed in my system…so high that a motha fucka couldnt touch me….no pad no pen…off the head off my motha fuckin dome…i tell a bitch fetch whenever i wanna bone….and she aint gotta ask…yes im in my fuckin zone…2-3 fullcourt press scoring and im gone
    young money


  13. Matthew Wilson Says:

    That’s why it’s called money over ladies, You think any of these artists give a F about what the ladies think, as long as you don’t affect they’re pay they can careless and I am the same way.


  14. latrice patrick Says:

    lil chuckee is so amazing he is the best thing i ever saw .


  15. J Sax Says:

    Chuckie’s lil grown ass lol


    but ay peoples check me out at tell me what u think…add me…I WOULD APPRECIATE IT


  16. randy jackson Says:

    yea watz up lil chuckee man im one of ur fanz hey my name iz randy lynch jackson jr the 2th………………can u tell lil wayne watz up for me…..piece im nd class.nd i go to unversity high school.


  17. PrecYse Says:

    y’all just don’t get chuckee sucks in rapping. has no lyric shit in him. he is the wackest young rapper i ever seen.diggy is better than him and twist is too. bottom line:chuckee sucks in rapping period.


  18. STEEZ Says:

    yooo check me out a lil bit!
    ur boy does work in the both

    preciate it !


  19. jr barbie Says:

    lil chuckee is realy doin good i mean he is wit lil wayne so i already gon be good but this lil nigga is great and i want to be just like him and lil twist dropping music everyday and balancing school that is so good for them i love lil twist he is my boo boo i am 15 but i am going on 16 in august


  20. niya Says:

    Omfg I Love Lil Chuckee Im His Number #1 Fan . Young Money Is Taking Over No Joke Lls. Young Money #1 4Ever


  21. PrecYse Says:

    young money won’t being taking over.i tell you that when lil wayne leaves young money will not be taking over. as for drake he ain’t either i ain’t hearing no news on thank me later. so you know who is going to be taking over. all these rappers you see,like Lupe Fiasco and j.cole and kid cudi and bob, and kanye west em and more. so it ain’t young money forever it never has young money never been number one all these rappers have including me.COOL MUSIK BItch ALL DAy


  22. PrecYse Says:

    young money ain’t going to be number one when wayne leaves. look at this site it has not posted anything since jay millz video man. y’all suck this lupe’s year my year and other rappers year. not wayne or drake. or young money. COOL MUSIK BaBY


  23. lilchuckeeishot Says:

    aaaaah he’s so cute ♥ and so is his baby sis btw

    loveyou lil chuckee keep it up


  24. willie da kid Says:

    wuz up chukee this willie da kid I am 12 and I can rap and I really like young money and if you what to hear me rap call 601 282 5902 I wont to be with young money willie da kid


  25. quadnella Says:

    wat`s up?man wen i saw lil chukee and twist i sed damn man lil chukee is find ass hell and my sis was like lil twist and i was like i want to be and young money if u want to har me and my bro rap hit us up at 501-565-1513 just tell us who u is


  26. bre baby Says:




  27. saxy Says:

    hi lilchuckee i love you so much whin i frist saw you i was wow he is so cute i love your song baby girl i got you whin i herd you singing it i sad he is singing to me so ever one who think you is talking to you that think rongi love you so much baby


  28. CARLSON Says:



  29. bad ass bitch Says:

    hay hoes this ur fuckin gurl demertia and just wanna say that chuckee is my hommie we grew up together and we had feelings but we never showed them yet so lil gurls back off my man rashad chuckee ballard my man is fine . and lol u hoes myy man can spit girl i got u is about me dumass bitch go suck some dick cause u a dumass bitch lol lol.


  30. rashad chuckee ballard Says:

    hay yall my girl demerita is my gurl so im taken she fine and we know eachother i love my fans thank u stay in school and dream big peace young money is out


  31. lil clyde Says:

    sup chuckee is lil clyde a teenage rapper but i aint got a rap label to persue my rap can i go about it?


  32. larry stewart Says:

    u a bitch ass raper fuck tha hole young money


  33. lil carnell Says:

    im a 12 year old do i get singed to young money


  34. daza in gabs Says:

    young mulla rocks


  35. sarah riple Says:

    lil cuckeee cant rap hes a little wanna be bitch


  36. Man-Cado Says:

    His too clean u ain’t messin wif him…This is Cada… the bowl harder… if u see him say hala… yeah!… Let em hate, we r not here to make peace, salute to all YM crew, it’s your new boy 4rm SOUTH AFRICA. Chukkie man i will lyk to say to u kip that mutha-fckn spirit up n let these b*tchs die nameless coz u my brada u made to the top is your chance so make use of it, meant to say wisely….SALUTE ME By Morkayte 4rm South Africa aka Mancado


  37. ugochi Says:

    hey chuckee its g!g! here i think youre really cute and a great rapper. youre so kool and i luv u kisses


  38. MrZ. ChUcKeE Says:

    fuck yall lil chuckee iz my man we fucked 4 ,24 hours last nite so lay of bicthes


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    luv MrZ. chUcKeE


  40. MrZ.cHuCkEe Says:

    lil twist u sexci boy do u still do yo lil thing on utube waever

    luv MrZ. cHuCkEe


  41. MrZ. cHuCkEe Says:

    rashad tell regiane i said hi & yall should b 2gether


  42. nelson will Says:

    hello youngmulahs i am frm nigeria 16 years of age i can rap and dance but i need ur help to get to america to fufil my dreams i have a song called lapay losangelespay nd d song has been reacieving massive attention frm evry body in my school so guys u just gotta help me if u wanna help me my email is shout to drake maybe i would thank ulater nd wayne i love u even in prison catch ya in d combs


  43. tia38311 Says:

    Wat up lil chuckee i think yo rappin is clean and all those other haterz can shut the fuck up.YOUNG MONEY BABAY – hola at ya girl Tia email me (


  44. twifti Says:

    yeah chuckee!!


  45. lil.shonda aka rich n famouse Says:

    i wont to be in the young money group im 13..(i lyke to rap i do every thing yall do put me in the group inplus i like lil twist lyke i said i wont to be in the group rapp alll day dont sing thtz lame)


  46. lil.shonda aka rich n famouse Says:

    i wont to be in the young money group im 13..(i lyke to rap i do every thing yall do put me in the group inplus i like lil twist


  47. WILL Says:

    hey coOl,,,.!


  48. rasheena aka chi boo Says:

    wat up young money. I am 19 yrs.old and i’m from da south side of chicago but i live in aurora,il right now. And i’ve been writing songs and raps since i was 10 yrs.old. I have not got my talent noticed yet but my flow is sick and i have been trying to get a record deal for so long now but no one have not seen my talent yet. I have a video on youtube called dem haters say by cocosears and that was just a song i rap to but it is tight though. SO if u can check it out cuz right now with times being so hard a record deal would be a blessing cuz music is my life. My email is get back at me though.


  49. v-pro Says:

    yo lil chuckee dat was tight man and the thing is you got a tight swagga homy and im a fan of your rappin style keep it up.


  50. young tezzy Says:

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  52. young tezzy Says:

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