Drake – My New Shit x Where Were You (Feat Colin Munroe)

January 18, 2010 by Danny M

New Music

Drake - My New Shit x Where Were You Feat Colin Munroe

Here is two unreleased songs from Young Money’s Drake off the Heartbreak Drake 4.0 mixtape. You can listen and download both tracks below:

Download: Drake – My New Shit

Download: Drake – Where Were You (Feat Colin Munroe)

Shouts to UHTN

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16 Responses to “Drake – My New Shit x Where Were You (Feat Colin Munroe)”

  1. Myus Says:

    I love Young Money I live in Toronto shouts out to Drizzy Drake just wanna say keep doing your thing man we got alot of haters out there ALOT i joined this group on facebook where guys freestyle right but i don’t freestyle i love writing and some guy dissed Young Money here was my reply to him

    Home boy i am not a lyricist i’m just doing this for fun
    Ya’ll the real lyricist i should be scared of you guys come on
    I never said i was Rap where the fuck did you see that
    You the one wit no intelligence a lot of that you lack
    Boy i’m on some other shit i’m so sick with it
    Funny how ya’ll so tough i’m weak but don’t …quit
    I’m here to irritate ya’ll pussies CHLAMYDIA.. SYPHILIS
    I’m all up on facebook nothing to hide yes it’s true
    Cops are looking for a lyrical disgrace you’re in hiding so its you
    I had to go ahead and create my own group
    Cuz there bare homo niggas over here…Squares in a loop
    I got mad love for my nigga Drizzy Drake
    Tdot representer out to expose the Un-United States fakes
    You hating on YOUNG MONEY that’s mad love to them right there
    Cuz you dissing them aint nothing but a whisper in the air
    You guys are such Lyricists but you rhyming on facebook
    Shame on all you mother fuckers and amateur like me got ya’ll shook


  2. J.Sykes Says:

    Aye That My New Shit Track Is Clean, But Mannnnn This New Song With Monroe Is Classic To Me And It’s Too Real…. I’ma Be Listening To Where Were You For Awhile And I’ma Make Sure Anybody That Rides In My Car Hears It…



    keepin it reallllll myus. ymcmb. all day everyday. swagged out. uptown.


  4. ymcmb Says:

    shout out ta @myus doin his/her thing..
    anyway them drake songs were pretty gud but i want tha
    deeper type tracks from drizzy like say whats real, the calm,
    fear shit like that..i hope thank me later isnt songs like money to blow and 4 my twn ilove those songs but thts not wut i wanna hear from drake



  5. Get the fuck owta here! pussy m0ney! bo0 yung m0ney! ama 0G nigga, A OG! fuck yung m0ney! Says:



  6. siz Says:

    U hating bitch, hating on yung m0ola cuz u aint gut zilch, u r garbage, filth, bitch yung m0ola got unlimited wealth, OG? NIGGA PLEEZ! OH GEE U JUST A LOSER WIT N0 BALLZ! YUNG MULAH OWNZ U NIGGA


  7. Scar Says:

    LOVE AND GUNS song is wat i like to hear….its just a snippet but i like his floww…..post it up dannyy!


  8. J Sax Says:

    DRIZZY !!

    ay peoples check me out at http://www.myspace.com/yaboyjsax tell me what u think…add me…I WOULD APPRECIATE IT


  9. smerky Says:



  10. smerky Says:

    big shout out to yung money , im reppin manchesta, ENGLAND stiiil !!! check da bars soe

    i got nuff stories from da block
    cars gettin jacked
    soldiers gettin shot
    druggies gettin sold too

    druggies gettin shot
    druggies fightin back 4 der shit
    then the druggie gettin popped


    and da drama dont stop
    fink dat ur safe
    till u get picked out lyk a snot
    get put in2 ur grave
    then itsback 2 the block
    im only 16 but im strappin alot
    jus keep it simple
    keep ur headdown
    dont mess with my people
    if u smell brown
    dont stress
    take a deep pull
    2pac got shot u dont wanna be the sequal

    and da dresscodes flee too
    nike 110’s with theair bubble all see thru
    as 4 da hair , number 1
    i got a clean do
    matchiin my swagg is only suttin u cud dream to

    dont fink ur bad man
    dont getme mad man
    mite put some holes in your mums gaff
    cum with 2 glocs
    den bust 2 shots
    have ur mums gaff lookin like a blood bath

    and its all gone pear shape
    jus like your hair shape
    i dont wanna hear nomore
    coz u claim ur a joka ,

    but i told u from day that ill have the last laugh

    look to your fatal fatality
    dont try battle me
    stick to reality
    burryin niggaz is my speaciality
    ill out holes in your mouth
    like your names cavity

    like retail
    youll get left in theropy
    dont say ur thugged out if youll never be
    im more thugged out than youll ever be
    im a clean cut guy but i come thugged ooooout!!

    yeah .. its smerkz!!rememba dat name , da mixtape is comiin

    “globe trotter”

    download dat shiit
    im 16 but im takiin ova , believe dat!!

    peace !


  11. nicki_feen Says:

    Y Is Pepole Hating On Young Money I Bet soon As All Yall Heard Bed Rock Yall Was Lovin Iht StP Haten!!


  12. young mil boy Says:

    I think young money is apart me I will listen to them 4 ever I listen to their music every day n won’t stop I learn from them n I’m going to try n make my own label{I’m a get rich ent} one day like my hero lil wayne I know he doesn’t care about me but that’s cool cuz I just leaning from his music everyday here’s wat I learned so far don’t bite please

    I’ve been a monster just caged in til I found my inner fire like a caveman futurerisc flow way pass amazeing mo flows than a days inn I write all in my head I don’t need a pin


  13. jay milwaukee Says:

    I been a monster just caged in til I found my inner fire like a caveman futuristic flow way pass amazein n I got more flows than a days


  14. jamaican young money fan Says:

    big up lil wayne and drizzy and the rest of the young money crew


  15. Skull Prince Says:

    Outerspace Kid..Flyer than all stars, Call me Pistol..Space Jam Swagg & the flow is just essential..No need fa a phone home cuz all these martians just love me..Just pass me the mic and i’ll show a look of determination like kobe..Im colder than Neptune and hotter than the planet Venus its the return of the Dynasty or …rather one of the leaders..Born ta be a champion so dont fooled by my blank features-Craneo Principe


  16. JamesDX Says:

    Anyone know how to do things like this?


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