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Pictures: Drake At Room Service Lounge x Nicki Minaj At BET’s Rip The Runway

February 28, 2010 by Danny M


Drake At Room Service Lounge

Here are some pictures of both Young Money artists – Drake and Nicki Minaj. Drizzy was spotted at Room Service Lounge in Atlanta with Fabolous, and Nicki hosted BET’s Rip The Runway at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom yesterday and also performed “My Chick Bad” with Ludacris. Shouts to NMF, and you can view more pictures from both of these events after the jump below:

Nicki Minaj At BETs Rip The Runway


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J. Xavier – Ball & Stunt (Remix) (Feat Lil Twist)

February 27, 2010 by Danny M


J Xavier Ball & Stunt Remix Feat Lil Twist

Here is a hot remix from J. Xavier (JX) called “Ball & Stunt” featuring Young Money’s Youngin’, Lil Twist. You can listen and download the joint below:

Download: J. Xavier – Ball & Stunt (Remix) (Feat Lil Twist)

Shouts to Varun

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Nicki Minaj Performs At Quo Nightclub In New York [Pics + Video]

February 26, 2010 by Danny M


Nicki Minaj Performs At Quo Nightclub In New York

Young Mula’s Nicki Minaj performed at Quo Nightclub recently in New York on February 24th. You can watch a video of her performance below, and also view two more pictures after the jump:

Shouts to who else?: NickiMinajFans


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Bobby V – Stilettos & T-Shirt (Feat Nicki Minaj)

February 26, 2010 by Danny M


Bobby V Stilettos & T-Shirt Feat Nicki Minaj

Bobby V is releasing his fourth studio album this year titled Fly On The Wall, and we have the first single from the project which features Nicki Minaj. The record is called “Stilettos & T-Shirt“, and you can listen and download it below:

Download: Bobby V – Stilettos & T-Shirt (Feat Nicki Minaj)

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Pictures: Lil Chuckee Performs With The OMG Girlz

February 25, 2010 by Danny M


Pictures Of Lil Chuckee Performing With The OMG Girlz

Here are some photos of Lil Chuckee performing with the OMG Girlz at Opera night club in Atlanta for Tiny’s Alzheimer’s research fundraiser. You can view more pics of Chuckee, Baby Carter, Nique Nique, Toya, and Tiny after the jump below.

Shouts to NickiMinajFans via FreddyO

Pictures Of Lil Chuckee Performing With The OMG Girlz


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Nicki Minaj Isn’t ‘Rushing’ Her Debut Album

February 25, 2010 by Danny M


Nicki Minaj‘s latest string of guest appearances have garnered her plenty of attention — actress Michelle Trachtenberg even posted a vlog of herself singing Nick‘s verse to Robin Thicke’s “Shakin’ it 4 Daddy.” The blogs are also buzzing about her verse (and Freddy Krueger look) in the Ludacris “My Chick Bad” video, as well as her appearance in the Mariah Carey “Up Out My Face” clip.

Will these famous collaborators return the favor and jump on Minaj‘s debut LP?

“I’m sure they will. You know what’s funny — I thinking I’m gonna have more features than I even wanna put on my album,” she told MTV News recently. “I’ve gotten great feedback from artists I look up to and never thought I’d work with. They’re already in line to be on the project. But it’s like, ‘Do I want to put out a debut album with a 1,000 features on it or do I wanna finally showcase Nicki?’ I’m not worried about features at all because I’ve been blessed to come in the game and work with top-notch artists from the inception of my career.”

Those guest appearances and her verses on the Young Money album will have to tide her fans over for the time being — she’s just getting around to recording her album.

“I’m the very beginning stage of the recording process of my album,” she explained. “I have songs that where I am now, they aren’t a great representation of me to where I’m at musically. I wanna start from scratch but I do have my single and it’ll be out. It’s gonna be ‘Massive Attack.’

“With the album, just like with my mixtape, I never like to rush it,” she added. “With the album, I think it’s more important that people get accustomed to seeing a female rapper again. Before I drop an album, people need to come out and see. People don’t even know what a female rapper does. We’re so not used to seeing it. It’s nonexistent in categories. We don’t get nominated. I need to work [the people] up to accepting a female rapper again and accepting my style and all of that — then the album will come. Honestly, I’d love to put an album out this year, but I don’t believe in rushing things either. We’ll see.”

Via MTV, and we may be getting the first single from Nicki‘s album in about a week or so!

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Drake Is ‘Great For Music’ LeBron James And Magic Johnson Say

February 24, 2010 by Danny M


Drake coached a basketball team in his “Best I Ever Had” music video, and he recently had a chance to call plays with NBA legend Magic Johnson during the NBA All-Star Game festivities in Dallas.

Drake and Magic‘s team beat the squad coached by Alonzo Mourning and assistant coach Mario Lopez. Common, Chris Tucker and Pitbull were among the celebs who played with athletes such as Rick Fox, Chris Mullin and Terrell Owens.

Magic, an NBA Hall of Famer, said working with Drake earned him cool points at home.

Drake is bringing a lot to the table, man, with a young audience,” Magic said in Dallas. “He’s from Toronto. I think he’s bringing it hard and heavy, you know? My daughter said I was cool because I was coaching with him instead of him coaching with me. All right, thank you!”

Meanwhile, LeBron James is like all of us, waiting on Drizzy‘s Thank Me Later debut. Put aside the fact that they both endorse Sprite or that Drake‘s “Forever” was the highlight of James‘ “More Than a Game” film soundtrack — #23 said the Toronto MC is just gifted.

“Unbelievable recording artist,” LeBron said of Drake. “Unbelievable talent. I’m looking forward [to] his first LP. I think we all got So Far Gone and all the mixtapes he’s come out with. But he’s an unbelievable talent. He’s great for everybody, great for music.”


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