Drake & Eminem Talking About Another Collaboration

February 3, 2010 by Danny M

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It looks like the planned March release for Drake’s hotly anticipated official debut LP, Thank Me Later, may not happen. It’s already February and the 23-year old said he’s still recording his opus.

“Not yet,” Drake said Sunday night at the red carpet of the Grammy Awards, when asked if he was done recording. “I got a couple more things.”

One of those things has the potential to be a blockbuster: Drizzy and Eminem may have a follow-up to “Forever,” which the pair performed with Lil Wayne and drummer Travis Barker at the Grammys.

“Me and Em talked about something today,” Drake revealed. “We might need that to happen.”

As for the official first single from the album, the Young Money franchise player is ruminating on it.

“I’m gonna figure that out this week and it should be coming in a week or two,” he said. “It’s all coming soon. I won’t take too long.”


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8 Responses to “Drake & Eminem Talking About Another Collaboration”

  1. DooBy Says:

    Good things come to those who wait as the saying goes, Drake will no doubt perfect and ensure every detail is A1 before allowing release! As for collabo’s all albums have the artists personal touch but with other artists such as Em, T Barker, Lil’ Wayne etc… featuring on them just adds more diversity and variety to the overall listen! Drakes On Fire! The Grammy performance was off the chain and goes to show the pottential of these four artists when teamed together!


  2. GOOBER Says:

    This is a great look for Drake he has the biggest buzz ever and an eminem collab will just make the album sales go up
    good for you drake


  3. lara Says:

    great newsx! 2 of my favorites together again!


  4. Hype000 Says:

    Im official starting to let his setbacks go…
    Hes doing good,waitting..ranging up with his collabos
    This album is a “must be” perfect…


  5. Matheo Says:

    That’s awesome another collabo damn hope that will be true 🙂


  6. $AllBoutMoney$ Says:

    Prdedicting 700,000 Sales in a week for Drake 🙂


  7. BMWS Says:

    ^$allBoutMoney$ how u know 700,000 in a week?


  8. hirra23 Says:

    they do be going hard i love dat song going in i can even make my own verse its goood young money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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