Drake Announces “The Away From Home” Tour

February 8, 2010 by Danny M

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Drake Announces The Away From Home Tour

XXLMag.com has learned that Young Money rapper Drake will be embarking on a 25-city tour this April, making over 15 stops at college campuses nationwide.

Titled the “The Away From Home Tour,” Drizzy plans on making stops at Penn State, Michigan State University, West Virginia University, University of Central Florida and University of Kentucky among other schools, as well as the Bamboozle Festival and the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. The Grammy-nominated artist will be taking fellow Canadian-bred MC K-OS with him on the road as well as synth pop band Francis and The Lights.

“Away from Home” is part of 5th Annual Campus Consciousness Tour, produced by Pretty Polly Productions and non-profit environmental organization Reverb.

The tour will kick off on April 5 and run until May 8. Fans can visit Prettypolly.com for more info and a full list of tour dates.

Via XXL, and hit the jump to see the tour dates:

Apr. 6: Charleston, IL (Eastern Illinois University)
Apr. 7: Columbus, OH (private location)
Apr. 9: State College, PA (Penn State University)
Apr. 10: Boston, MA (private location)
Apr. 11: Lock Haven, PA (private location)
Apr. 14: East Lansing, MI (Michigan State University)
Apr. 15: Rochester Hills, MI (Oakland University)
Apr. 16: Morgantown, WV (West Virginia University)
Apr. 21: Orlando, FL (University Central Florida)
Apr. 22: Greenville, SC (Furman University)
Apr. 23: TBA
Apr. 24: New Orleans, LA (New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival)
Apr. 26: New Orleans, LA (University of Missouri – Kansas City)
Apr. 27: Lexington, KY (University of Kentucky)
Apr. 29: Lowell, MA (University Mass Lowell)
Apr. 30: Syracuse, NY (private location)
May 1: Boston, MA (private location)
May 4: East Rutherford, NJ (Bamboozle Festival)
May 5: Towson, MD (Holy Cross)
May 6: Cheney, PA (Towson University)
May 7: Ithaca, NY (private location)
May 8: Plymouth, NH (private location)

Will any of y’all go to any of the shows ❓

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43 Responses to “Drake Announces “The Away From Home” Tour”

  1. Natalie Says:

    Where is the Private Location in Syracuse, NY?


  2. izzyboo Says:

    dayuummmmmm ill mostt defff goooooo butt try to BRINGGGG DRAKEE TO CTTT!!!!!! central c.state.univ !!!!!!!!


  3. lmaonade Says:

    he needs to come to stanford


  4. withak Says:

    no west coast locations. laaaame.


  5. Syd-Sider Says:

    Come Sydney, Australia & bring lil Wayne, people would go MENTAL! here
    haha other side of the world =(


  6. blackthoughts Says:

    what do the private locations mean???like where in syracuse, can college students go to it?


  7. S-Man Says:

    Hopefully he dont fall N break his leg again.


  8. Jamel Hunter Says:

    That’s wassup, he coming to Greenville SC, that’s just 30 minutes away from where I live. I never imagined someone as big as him would come down here!


  9. rp0424 Says:

    Drizzyy come to Cincy


  10. Dope boy Says:

    WTF! Damn Drizzy Ya need to Come to the West Coast. As in Phx.


  11. ym soldier Says:

    HELL YEA drizzy gon be in michigan twice cant wait ….
    hopefully thank me later is out by then YM


  12. Julie Says:

    Damn! He needs to come to Phoenix, Az


  13. Julie Says:

    Damn! He needs to come to Phoenix, Az


  14. Guadalupe Ceballos Says:

    Y don’t these tours ever hit LAS VEGAS


  15. the1chriz Says:

    he needs to come to the Prudentail Center in newark NJ. wazzy did a concert there it was fun. drizzy got fans in jersey too.


  16. Bryan Says:

    No Westcoast stops???? wassup wit that


  17. karina Says:

    How is he not gonna come to LA? bad enough he missed the show in the summer cuz his leg & now this… wakkkkk


  18. GSK14 Says:

    No London, UK dates? 🙁 twitter.com/FreeLilWayne504


  19. MG23 Says:

    drizzzy you gotta show your city some love dude.

    can’t believe he aiint comin to TORONTO. thats weak drake.


  20. booboo23 Says:

    you should come to Charlottesville,Virgina everbody out here likes you


  21. jeremy Says:

    New orleans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  22. YMSF Says:

    That 23rd Date Should Be In Cali Forreal!! Come to Cali Drake u got fans here too.


  23. mtl10 Says:

    come to montreallll!!!!


  24. j-jeezy Says:

    ayy yo drizzy, show some love to the midwest pleaseee!


  25. Djd91091 Says:

    Nice, I was so pissed when he missed the AMW Tour this summer in Cleveland. Cant wait to see him at my school………I See all this money threw my OHIO STATE BUCKEYES!!!!! YM!!!!!


  26. drakedrizzyroqerz Says:

    come 2 STL
    nun but luv mane
    thats where its really qonna jump off


  27. Watsonnn Says:

    Im live in syracuse New york and i want to figure out where its goin to be… maybe at the war memorial arena hmmmm…


  28. BOSS Says:

    Ithica or Syracuse, whats a private location??


  29. T-Wayne09 Says:

    He needs to come to UT Austin in Texas… or A&M lol I’d go to either concert.


  30. mike Says:

    damn come to nashville my guy


  31. Stefan Says:

    Natalie P??? CBA Grad? No Way???


  32. ozz Says:

    kum 2 texas …u t or sum


  33. victor Says:

    kome 2 university of texas in austin longhorns wanna c u


  34. djay Says:

    ’15 stops at college campuses “NATIONWIDE” ‘ … wtf more like EASTCOAST! bayarea all day!


  35. rimshotabyss! Says:

    WHAT ABOUT TENNESSEE!!!!!! Cashville or Knox Vegas or Chat Town! Concerts be goin off here! dam quit favoring NY u jus gonna get caught like weezy wit their weasel-fuzz!


  36. Darnell45 Says:

    yall niggas need come make some money in OKC..


  37. Adam Says:

    oh fasho ill be at the columbus one! was so salty when drake missed the weezy tour when it came to blossom! cant wait!!!


  38. Djd91091 Says:

    Ya! Go Buckeyes! What kind of name is Adam….ahahhahahahahahah, My Dude



  39. foreignballer Says:

    ddamn drake just went down a notch in my book nothing in Cali thats wack man. Disappointing.


  40. Kman Says:

    Come To Ga State We Gets It Poppin


  41. kristie Says:

    nah drakes gonna be at bamboozle on saturday, may 1st..


  42. Miranda Says:

    AHHHHH! DRAKE i love you so much! Why arn’t you coming to STL, MO???



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