Drake Raves About New Kanye West Album x Cameo In Justin Bieber’s “Baby” Music Video With Lil Twist

February 19, 2010 by Danny M

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Drake Raves About New Kanye West Album

All eyes are on Drake and his debut album Thank Me Later. But Drizzy is eagerly anticipating his peer Kanye West’s new project after hearing some of it firsthand.

The Canadian rapper-singer revealed to GQ magazine that he has been in Hawaii laying down tracks for both his and Mr. West’s albums.

When asked how they divide time between the two projects, Drake joked, “More like we work on his album until he gets tired.”

Little is known about West’s fifth studio effort, but the Young Money star offered his inside take. “His album is going to be one of the best hip-hop albums in the last 10 years,” he declared.

Via Rap-Up, and hit the jump to watch Justin Bieber’s new music video called “Baby” featuring Ludacris. Lil Twist and Drake both make cameos:

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23 Responses to “Drake Raves About New Kanye West Album x Cameo In Justin Bieber’s “Baby” Music Video With Lil Twist”

  1. Cake-Man Says:

    Who is he signed to akon?


  2. JoBo69 Says:

    justin bieber is a joke…. why is twist and drizzy even in the video? thry shouldnt be wasting their time with bieber


  3. Mr bReezY Says:

    Hes signed with Usher and Luda killed this song


  4. Randy Says:

    “His album is going to be one of the best hip-hop albums in the last 10 years,” So Drake trying to say Lil Wayne’s Carter III album wasn’t a good album?


  5. blaanderze Says:

    1. his girlin this video is fine 2. drakes just trying to expand his popularity 3. i think this song’s cool 4 drake would’ve killed a remix..


  6. lennie[ms barbie] Says:

    lol yall no wud he mean but 2 to me and probally 2 drake 2 youngmoney album was the greatest hip hop album in the last 10 years and of all time


  7. luiseezy f crazy Says:

    so fuckin drake wasted his time makin fuckin cameos for justin bitchy video bt nt for da fuckin roger dat fuck himm dats bullshit


  8. fuck that Says:

    hell yea i agree with this dude above me…fuck that shit bitch ass drake shows how much he cares about ym..dude is probably just using them cause theyre the best in the game right now


  9. flyguyy13 Says:

    Okay. Lets See Lil Twist, Drake, Tk’s, Skytop 2’s, Iced Out G-Shock, Ludacris, Jerking?!?!?
    My Bro Is The Truth. . . Well He’ll Be The Truth Sooner Or Later. Watch He’s Gonna Start Rapping lol


  10. maria isabel Says:

    oh wow..


  11. kp Says:

    he’s signed to usherrr


  12. humairrr Says:

    Why are some guys actin’ so stupid, maybe he didn’t had time to be on the set of Roger That? Because people are busy sometimes, aren’t they…


  13. rexx Says:

    fxck yall who said fxck drake ! it’s obvious tht he didn’t have time to be in tha roger that video ! && he’s jus showin support to another canadian damnn ! && justin beiber is tha shxt ! && he’s not sayin lil wayne’s tha carter 3 wasn’t good . he’s jus sayin tht kanye’s is gonna be good ! if youu was payin attention , he said it was gonna be ONE OF THA BEST HIP HOP ALBUMS IN THA LAST 10 YEARS. get it together honey !


  14. aksh Says:

    @ RANDY … your fucking thick shut the fuck up


  15. f is for fashion Says:

    the only thing i agree with here is that drizzy would killllll a remix. that shit should happen.


  16. Randy Says:

    it was a simple question, relax. shit.


  17. ThriLLa Says:


    U should learn how to read, Drake said ONE OF THE best


  18. Randy Says:

    you should learn how to stfu, it was a simple question. that’s all. i just asked.


  19. Skinerz Says:

    I liked to see Lil Twist on it…
    But didn’t like to see Drake…
    Drake needs to make cameos on kanye’s, jay-z’s videos… Not on Bieber’s videos…

    Still luv ya Drizzy… =)


  20. Skinerz Says:

    I think you’re right… He’s just showin some luv for another canadian artist…
    I fuckin’ luv Drake… He’s my idol…
    & JB is a good singer too…


  21. YurAllDumFukz Says:

    Lil twist is good friends with Justin Bieber…Drake + lil twist obviously in young money so they chill. JB and drake = Candians so do common math it aint a shocker if ya know facts.

    In a video of lil twist’s bday, justin was there, chillin and beatin up Lil twist (in a gay way)

    And Drizzy said “His album is going to be one of the best hip-hop albums in the last 10 years,”
    NOT the BEST, but ONE. so the guy all the way up there is a Re-Tard.


  22. kevin Says:

    do u no y justin bieber is famous and his album sold so much cuz they were afforing a special ticket in each album that he would go to the winners house and cook breakfest and sing at there birthday thats y it sold SO MUCH


  23. alex Says:

    I get the kanye shit but when rappers hang with 12 year old white kids the whole game is fucked


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