Nicki Minaj Isn’t ‘Rushing’ Her Debut Album

February 25, 2010 by Danny M

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Nicki Minaj‘s latest string of guest appearances have garnered her plenty of attention — actress Michelle Trachtenberg even posted a vlog of herself singing Nick‘s verse to Robin Thicke’s “Shakin’ it 4 Daddy.” The blogs are also buzzing about her verse (and Freddy Krueger look) in the Ludacris “My Chick Bad” video, as well as her appearance in the Mariah Carey “Up Out My Face” clip.

Will these famous collaborators return the favor and jump on Minaj‘s debut LP?

“I’m sure they will. You know what’s funny — I thinking I’m gonna have more features than I even wanna put on my album,” she told MTV News recently. “I’ve gotten great feedback from artists I look up to and never thought I’d work with. They’re already in line to be on the project. But it’s like, ‘Do I want to put out a debut album with a 1,000 features on it or do I wanna finally showcase Nicki?’ I’m not worried about features at all because I’ve been blessed to come in the game and work with top-notch artists from the inception of my career.”

Those guest appearances and her verses on the Young Money album will have to tide her fans over for the time being — she’s just getting around to recording her album.

“I’m the very beginning stage of the recording process of my album,” she explained. “I have songs that where I am now, they aren’t a great representation of me to where I’m at musically. I wanna start from scratch but I do have my single and it’ll be out. It’s gonna be ‘Massive Attack.’

“With the album, just like with my mixtape, I never like to rush it,” she added. “With the album, I think it’s more important that people get accustomed to seeing a female rapper again. Before I drop an album, people need to come out and see. People don’t even know what a female rapper does. We’re so not used to seeing it. It’s nonexistent in categories. We don’t get nominated. I need to work [the people] up to accepting a female rapper again and accepting my style and all of that — then the album will come. Honestly, I’d love to put an album out this year, but I don’t believe in rushing things either. We’ll see.”

Via MTV, and we may be getting the first single from Nicki‘s album in about a week or so!

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7 Responses to “Nicki Minaj Isn’t ‘Rushing’ Her Debut Album”

  1. Ř!ZzY XD Says:

    Nicki minaj is raw hands down!!! XD


  2. fern Says:

    She gives me a BONER!! 😀


  3. humairrr Says:

    It’d be better if she has atleast on 40% features, cause sometimes, she is bullshit, but she is always hot on the track if she is a feature…


  4. luiseezy f crazy Says:

    fuck i always read da fuckin interview insted of watchin da fuckin vid lol bt yea she shouldnt rush it



    she need to be in the state of mind times 10 that she was when was doing the mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty and the album will be one of the best rap albums of the year. the mixtape went hard


  6. maria isabel Says:

    lmao luiseezy f crazy!


  7. Dani3ll3 Says:

    do yo thang and dont let nun stop u girl ps love your shoes


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