Nicki Minaj Shoots “Massive Attack” Music Video With Drake & Amber Rose

March 17, 2010 by Danny M

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The hair is big and blond, the car is sleek and pink, and the money is green and in abundance. Nicki Minaj shot her first official solo video Monday in Lancaster, California.

While the video set was deep in the desert, it was far from barren. Nicki brought her ladies (extras dressed in pink wigs and showing lots of cleavage), her sexy home girl and some of her musical family.

“The song is called ‘Massive Attack‘, ” she explained. “I’m excited for people to hear me … doing more than one verse. It’s really creative. Shout-out to [songwriter] Sean Garrett. I’ve always loved his style. He really kinda had a great idea of what I wanted to do. I wanted to be theatrical, but I am very serous about what I do. He was able to mesh that together and have a really fun but direct record, if that makes sense. … This video, it’s just, like, monsta. The video is a monsta.”

Drake, Birdman, Garrett and Amber Rose all made the trek for the clip, directed by Hype Williams. Earlier in the afternoon, a helicopter swooped down as Minaj and Rose put pedal to the metal in a pink Lambo.

“I brought my BFF Amber Rose out here,” Nicki said while sitting in her ride. “This is a massive attack. We shot the helicopter scene. Obviously, I had to have a hot-pink Lamborghini. We’re having fun in the car, and we see a freakin’ helicopter chase us. So we get on the walkie-talkie, like, ‘Mayday! Mayday!’ It’s really fashion and beauty shots, and we’re acting like we’re doing something important.

“I kinda always like to do things in an unexpected fashion,” she added. “I didn’t want to shoot the typical new-artist vision. Thank God I have a wonderful label that stands behind me and my vision. I met Hype in a freakin’ airport. I didn’t recognize him without his dreads. We exchanged information, and it happened to be a week before I wanted to shoot a video. I told him the idea. Of course, I had to let Baby and Slim know and hope they would understand my expensive taste. It all came together. Sean Garrett is on the hook.”

Nicki also filmed scenes where she jumps in the mud and crawls through the forest. “It’s just beautiful — the clothes, everything. The ambiance,” she said. “It’s for all the girls that like to play dress-up. They’re gonna love this one.”

“You can expect it to be almost like the soundtrack to a movie,” she explained. “It’s gonna take you somewhere that … it’s kinda gonna tell a story. I didn’t just want to make an album that had a club record, just the obvious. I wanted to paint a very graphic picture. And every record that I’m doing for the album, I can see the stage show, I can see the video. It’s just gonna be big. You can expect it to be big.”


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12 Responses to “Nicki Minaj Shoots “Massive Attack” Music Video With Drake & Amber Rose”

  1. 808s & Frosted Flakes Says:

    crazy hair nd all..she a bad chick


  2. toofresh Says:

    Regis loves Nicki Minaj!!!! Hype for the first video tho!!!! damn u got major pull in the industry!!!


  3. lulumonamour Says:

    Nicki is my favorite young money member…I LUV LLOYD 2 BUT MISS MONAJ RULES THE SCENE.


  4. HAHA Says:

    ^^^^^^ Lloyd joined with interscope Records 🙁


  5. britin co!by Says:

    omg im back and i just love you and every thing you do keep it up


  6. Matheo Says:

    Can’t wait to see this vid 🙂


  7. Alizwa Says:

    Drake and Nicki together.. AGAIN!!
    lol, wen will they jus admit that they are dating and have been for so long now..


  8. Boi 1Da Says:

    She is sexy as hell but again this is young mula we talkin’ bout wit the hottest rappers in the game so of course they got the hottest chick in the world: Nicki Minaj.


  9. Roskii Says:

    Nicki is the best hands down..and a lot of people sleepin on her but as soon as her videos and singles start coming out the gone wake up and be to rockin along wit us


  10. lennie[ms barbie] Says:

    lik i wish me and niki were lik bffs cuz i toatly hav her style and toatly can right songs that match her style we jus make a great click even tho im young and yea i defuantly suport the barbie swag


  11. ladonya Says:

    i lovee youuu nikki minaj ? fuck KEYS ! she is not badder then you BICTH , lol


  12. boboye arbey Says:

    I like the way u walk if u walking my way and i say hellooo my tatto girl you re forever…I luv u gal…ym 4ever


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