Cory Gunz Speaks On Signing With Young Money & More

March 21, 2010 by Danny M

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Young Money’s newest signing Cory Gunz speaks to about Lil Wayne, Shaq, signing to Young Mula, and more in the video above.

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16 Responses to “Cory Gunz Speaks On Signing With Young Money & More”

  1. DaDoomMacDaddyP Says:

    He needs us YM souljas!! Or he well get dropped
    and be another currency.

    Dirty drawls/
    dirty flow/
    nigga all I talk is paper didgits and calulaters/
    hustle, muscle, guns/
    pissy nigga do you have my funds?/

    now tell me he didn’t fall off!!!!!


    • Jenny J baby Says:

      I got a strong fuss I make a nigga put uff on the sport shoes is awful when I walk through in lawful is it get the death but joyful of cause you dont want to die shut it to your death I can make a doctor bring a party to your bed

      what you go do to him u aihnt got what it takes


  2. GooberTAN Says:

    Damn mac!!
    You exposed that nigga!!!!!
    I still fuck with him but damn!!
    That nigha lame!!
    Wayne musta been writing that nigga verses
    you heArd that new drake??

    Pocket full of money, Ballin!
    Pocket full of dreams, inspirational!
    Hands in the tripper, bang!!
    Hands in ya girls waist, bang bang bang!!


  3. lennie[ms barbie] Says:



  4. Domeezy Says:

    all I know about Cory Gunz is:
    He’s ugly as fuck


  5. nyboy Says:

    if ya’ll dont know about cory, ya’ll dumb as fuck. he a problem. lol


  6. Real nigga Says:

    That man ugly as hell dude.


  7. Deviant+ Says:

    Vid doesn’t work.


  8. Tchhh Says:

    It dont mattter if he ugly..this nigga a beast.
    Dont jude a book…get to know his work,dammit.


  9. GT Says:

    man u fuckkin stupid my nigga @ DaDoomMacDaddyP curren$y would eat cory gunz up no dis to cory he hard but curren$y way harder if you dnt bleve me go look him up.. he didnt fall of you stupid as fuck


  10. malcolm Says:

    if tha people dat run dis site kno Mr.Carter please ask him to give me a listenin to on cuz i really gotta b wit YM


  11. Haze917 Says:

    all u niggas is retarded cory is sick ma nigga is gonna take over young money


  12. bars Says:

    no 1 puts words 2gether like cory gunz just listen 2 focus freestyle this dude is nasty on da mic yall need 2 reconize but im fucking with my nigga meek millz right now but gunz is 1 of my favs


  13. gmaine Says:

    1st off fuck da haters
    onli a dumb ass maafaka would judge sum1 by his appearance
    cory he a beast, an if u dnt knw cory u iz an ignorant maafaka m in southern africa dawg and i know cory he a future so fuck wat u heard thought or seen


  14. F.l.o Says:

    Ei yung molla family. . I am nt a knw artist bt i got alot 2 ofa. . I go by da name of boi f.l.o. . I reali wana b down wit ym no homo hahaha. . Bt pls it wud b much appriciated if u contactd me by da way i am frm south africa n i am currently 19 wit mad mic skill,id cud make al da yal proud


  15. The Truth Says:

    Yeah well for those of you who don’t kno who Cory Gunz is get to kno him.. And for home boi who said currency was better.. You are tripping!! Curren$y is ass..


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