Lil Chuckee – Free Weezy

April 2, 2010 by Danny M

New Music

Lil Chuckee Free Weezy

Lil Chuckee goes in on Lloyd Banks’ “Beamer, Benz, Bentley” beat for a track called “Free Weezy“! This joint is from Chuckee‘s Charles Lee Ray mixtape, and you can stream/download the song below:

Download: Lil Chuckee – Free Weezy

Shouts to DJ Ill Will

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35 Responses to “Lil Chuckee – Free Weezy”

  1. alina Says:

    i love chuckeeee


  2. jaswa Says:

    wheres the mixtape


  3. Brandon Says:

    third!! cool track XD free weezy!!!


  4. tony Says:

    Thats one of our shirts! You can order by or email


  5. durrell Says:

    mane let lilwayne gooo


  6. Matheo22 Says:

    I am signing on it Free Weezy !


  7. weeeeezy Says:

    yoo for real … lil chuckee need to step his game up… or get dropped…

    i know hes only like 12 but comon… none of his shit rhymes, his flow is whack..

    lil twist be killin it

    lil chuckee… eh…. step it up or get off young money team


  8. #1 lil chuckee fan Says:

    chuckee you fuckin suck you never rhyme shet and your voice is just fucking irritating


  9. lil trazzie Says:

    yoo chuckee u done ur best …


  10. tarik Says:

    chuckee can rap


  11. C.rouse Says:

    Fuck all you haters , suck my balls all of yall , lil chuckee y carry on with your shit , I love that song called girl I got you , its sweet


  12. leenzyfbaby Says:

    everybody needs to stop hating on chuckee because at least he has some personality unlike lil twist
    i dont know about you but a big part of the reason i love weezy is because of his great personality


  13. Abass Says:

    Damn..Young Mula Chuckee hehe 😀 I love all the representatin for Weezy.. I bck him up to FREE WEEZY.
    Chuckee doin it hard on this track….nd to u haters.. Let him be..he is a vry good rapper..nd who’s going to be biig raper.. so let him be.!
    like the song btw!!


  14. oregon Says:

    fuck the haters like tune said hate is a form of love so when u hit the booth go hard with every emotion possible to irritate the haters out in the world cuz u livin lavish while they cant even afford a radish


  15. WA Says:

    this guy is like 13 and kills the tracks


  16. Taylor Says:

    Beamer, Benz or Bentley Beat Kills It!…Song Suxx! Sooory Chuckee! Nice Try…



    u haters be quite at least chuckee is in ym so be quite haters


  18. y6try64y46 Says:

    hmm id say chuckeeee iss better thhan twist but needs
    a mixxtaape.

    pss. does chuckee smokee??..


  19. lil' diz Says:

    ey yall! strait up, it dont matter who betta, chuck or twizzy! they both part of tha same label, same family, young money! nd, hate 2 brake it 2 u haterz, but they makin more moula than u, holla if u hear me! songs tha shyt! good work chuckee! wayne, our prayers r witchu!


  20. sSK3tch Says:

    all jokes aside dis kid is terrible really… nothin he says makes sense or rythms he dead a** F ups every song no im not hatin i could only hate if i liked his music but 4 real y is he in ym shouts to Double G


  21. mary Says:

    lil chuckee is fucking hott but wayne is still my fucking man luv young money


  22. nolabby. Says:

    you dont have to like the music to be a hater. success makes so many people envy you. you look up and see hate in the eyes of thos around you. so to everybody hatin on chuckee pipe down u dont mean enough for your words to matta. he doin his thing and hes still in progress. so get of the page talkin mess. that song was hot. cm ym fa life ya heard me.


  23. lexis Says:

    l!l chuck33 !5 m! 8a8y 🙂


  24. MrZ.cHuCkEe Says:

    don’t hate cuz he sexcii and yall anit so hahahahahahaha haha


  25. kristiann(: Says:

    Lil Chuckee Is Beastt.
    Dont Hate Cuz Yall Aint In Youngg Moneyy And Aint Close To Waynee Likee He Is.
    Lovee Yu Chuckee 🙂
    Keep Doingg Yuu.Fckk The Haterss.
    <3 Kaee && Kris.
    Neww Orleanss,Lousianaa:)
    Freee Weezzyyy !


  26. lil weezy#2 Says:

    we love wayne so free weezy and i love young money and i would like to go against weezy in bowling


  27. wayneJR Says:

    DAMN! Chuckee is soooo Hawt! 🙂 luv him! 🙂 FREE WEEZY! 🙂 Young money all day!! 🙂


  28. tekaboo1215 Says:

    lil chuckee iz s00 fine amd weezy iz h0t


  29. minnasotas dude Says:

    frrreeeeeeeeee wayne hip hop is dead with out the young lion free wezzy my idol i miss you dogg these niggas cant do it like you dog………what you say damb i miss my dawg


  30. minnasotas dude Says:

    ya digggggggggggggggggggg.


  31. uuuu Says:



  32. Lloyd Says:

    shyt was tight FREE WEEZY NIKKAS


  33. young tich Says:

    fuck lil chuckee that lil bitch nigga..why did he get into young money coz i dont see any talent in that noisy fuck..hes voice fucks evry song they put him not hatin bt im jst tellin the truth..chuckee take a gun and stick it up your wack ass and pull the trigger


  34. Cregan Says:

    Fuck young tich lil chuckee a legend hope he puts a gun to your head and pulls the trigger bitch



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