Drake’s Thank Me Later Album Pushed Back x Performs “Fireworks” Live For The First Time

April 6, 2010 by Danny M

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In the video above, Drake performs the very first track from his Thank Me Later album, “Fireworks” at his Away From Home tour at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania. To start the song, he uses the same line he used to end on “Fear”, and MTV have reported that Drizzy‘s debut album will now be released on June 15th (previously May 25th).

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14 Responses to “Drake’s Thank Me Later Album Pushed Back x Performs “Fireworks” Live For The First Time”

  1. Matheo22 Says:

    June 15 🙁 but still it is worthwhile waiting 🙂


  2. FuckDelays Says:

    Fucking terrible sound quality. And i’m FED UP of these artists delaying there shit, it’s fucking annoying! Stop giving us release dates if you’re just going to push them back.


  3. Free Weezy Says:

    i totally agree with @fuckdelays about the delays andthe sound quality i cudnt understand shit he was sayin all i herd was fireworks and wayne


  4. jordan Says:

    anybody know of a set list for the away from home tour. he’s coming to my school this sunday, and with all of the drake material out and no album, it’s hard to guess what songs he’s gonna do


  5. Yunginc Says:

    Drake firework (HIGH Quality Vid) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxAfGQEwM3U ( High Quality)


  6. James Says:

    Oh drake.. taking lessons from Weezy 😛


  7. Marlie Says:

    I was at this concert & it was amazingggggggg


  8. cheeseburgereddie Says:

    a pushback…what a surprise…hopefully this comes out before christmas


  9. pac Says:

    shits not gonna drop til 4th quarter lets be real


  10. K-Freshz Says:

    ……should of known his shit wasnt droppin in may!!! but fireworks sounds supa tough for his intro!! wish it was high quality tho……


  11. anaz0109 Says:

    hes trippin..


  12. kikdolo Says:

    Leave my boy alone that nigga knows what he doin


  13. Ken Says:

    i was ther this was crzy


  14. K-Freshz Says:


    …….go to dat website and it got da BESTTTT QUALITY 4 DIS!!!!! it sounds like ur actually there!!….. ill ass song…… i hope dat the real song is long!!


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