Tyga & Chris Brown – Holla At Me [Official Music Video]

April 21, 2010 by Danny M

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Check out the official music video for Tyga‘s and Chris Brown‘s “Holla At Me” record from their upcoming mixtape, Fan Of Fan. The director of this music video is Alex, and we can also be on the lookout for their “G Shit” video to drop sometime soon too. Don’t forget to leave a comment below with your thoughts on this video.

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33 Responses to “Tyga & Chris Brown – Holla At Me [Official Music Video]”

  1. McRae Says:

    CB’s Devil Rays Jacket is SICK!!


  2. Free Weezy F Says:

    All black everything


  3. tunechi man Says:

    TUNE is sick video is sick this shud be no 1 and defo summer jam


  4. dawg Says:

    jae millz mix tape coming


  5. Luiseezy F. Crazy Says:

    LMFAO at da 3:09 mark wen breezy drop his hat n dat dude looked retarded trying to pick it up


  6. Luiseezy F. Crazy Says:

    http://georgia.exclusiveaccess.net/content/2010/04/21/bmi-urban-showcase/?nggpage=7 check out dis shot freestyle by drake at showcase i think is cool fast forward to da 1:50 mark


  7. MikeP Says:

    Why the fuck would tyg put Kat staks on a verse? dat hoe been exposed. unless there is something we dont know


  8. fam Says:

    Chris tries TOO hard to make rihanna jealous….


  9. tunechi man Says:

    ur talking rubbish how does that relate to the video


  10. Lil BEE Says:

    Wat r dey like best frendz noww?? (dat was a serious question)… all ikno is that this mixtape gone bee sikkkkkk every song dey put out isss koolddddd… knt wait for it ……sikkkk video


  11. jetnf Says:

    amazing. Damn Tyga and Breezy are sick


  12. Baby Dee Says:

    I agree wit jetnf and fam i think he left dat stage when everyone started baggin on him 4 beatin rihanna soooo i would think not but its kool how he got back on track (fam i wazn’t bein mean i promise)


  13. Ill_Phil33 Says:

    I see C-Breezy out here wit Tyga Tyga doin they thing they Mix-tape should be hard. Thats a combo I didnt see commin


  14. Felicia Says:

    boring video!


  15. nastyn Says:

    this joint hot bois doing they thing


  16. Prince Says:

    have yall seen that keys diss to nicki minaj. keys is so wack. by the way this video is dope!


  17. Robert A. Says:

    fake ass Christy Brown please dont rap!


  18. Xx253BeastxX Says:

    Lol did any one see breezys shoes lol he is wearing two different kinds of jordans,lol


  19. DaBo Says:

    has anybody noticed they on some kriss kross jawn?


  20. Major Pah Says:

    That nigguh Breezy tryis to much, Lil Tyga or whatt? lmao >.<


  21. kirkoff Says:

    I love Tygas chain


  22. Harajuku ken Says:

    The title should be Chris Brown & Tyga cuz tyga did go hard but he was last & his verse wasnt that long but the title make it seem as if it was tyga song but when you hear it, its like Chris song


  23. xYoshix Says:

    It’s both of their song. Off of the mixtape they’re doing together not a feature. And considering this is a Young Money website, Tyga’s name first only seems appropriate


  24. rodster Says:

    the video is straight but chris need to stick to singing.Tyga a raw ass nigga.


  25. Toon Says:

    Sikk vid. Khris the two diff Jordans aint makin the kut bud. lol. Good try tho.


  26. Wisam Says:

    yo this video is the best video ive seen all year… and its homemade… thats sickk

    TYGA kills that!!! he does everytime so im not amazed like i was when i heard my first tyga song – Im Young Money, “i aint come to hurt nobody wit a couple of bodies will prolly hurst somebody, not hurt a body, hurst a body, david blane disapear that body!”

    breezy can dance!


  27. maria isabel Says:

    Tyga <3


  28. B Millz Says:

    Haters N the buildin: MikeP, fam, Felicia(BITCH), Robert A.(U a HOE), Xx253BeastxX(U just LAME), Major Pah(Y u even check them out), rodster(Fuck U he b spittin) Toon(He rich u Not) THIS VIDEO/SONG IS THE SHIT!!!!


  29. MaRvRoX Says:

    Damn cant stop watchin this video it go hard!!!tyga &breezy Good Combination!!!


  30. Meme Says:

    this shit is sick… i love it!!!! CB is back!!! He should go head and sign wit YM or CM…. lets get it!! YM/CM already taking over… wit Chris… YM/CB will have everybody they need!!!


  31. OuTLaW Says:

    sick video dat lil nigga chris be movin i didnt know he could spit and dat nigga tyga so sick he needs a prescription dats gon’ be a dope ass mixtape


  32. Araya Says:

    Where is the DIRTY version? Love this song but I hate the fact that it is constantly bleeped out!!!!



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