Tyga & Chris Brown – Fan Of A Fan [Mixtape Download]

May 18, 2010 by Danny M


Tyga & Chris Brown Fan Of A Fan - Mixtape Download

First things first Young Moneyians, I’m sorry that I didn’t get this tape posted up earlier… the LWHQ forums, plus full days at college are giving me less time to blog. Anyways, here is Tyga‘s and Chris Brown‘s mixtape hosted by DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar, titled “Fan Of A Fan“. I have made sure all of the songs on this tape are tagged up properly, and Lil Wayne, Kevin McCall and Bow Wow all make features! You can view the front cover above, and the back cover with the tracklist on after the jump below.

Download: Tyga & Chris Brown – Fan Of A Fan [Mixtape]
Password: www.youngmoneyhq.com

Tyga & Chris Brown Fan Of A Fan - Mixtape Download

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85 Responses to “Tyga & Chris Brown – Fan Of A Fan [Mixtape Download]”

  1. s Says:



  2. Jason704 Says:

    Waynes on here? I dont see him on the tracklist and I’m not into rnb so I didnt listen…


  3. !!LiL BuSTAH!! Says:

    is wayne on here???


  4. freezy weezy Says:

    he’s on im on it


  5. !!LiL BuSTAH!! Says:

    your on it???


  6. !!LiL BuSTAH!! Says:

    whats ur name freezy weezy?


  7. youngmulaaa Says:

    cory gunz has a new song with los called invible money put it up danny


  8. YMCMFAN Says:

    He’s on the song “I’m On It”..Freaking geniuses…


  9. fern Says:

    This mixtape sux major ass!!!!! I thought it would b good but its mainly chris brown…


  10. fan of a fan Says:

    i said the same thing tooo much chris brown nit enough tyga…….


  11. Luiseezy F. Crazy Says:

    @Danny M college? suuuurrreee dude watever.. n @!!LIL BuSTAH!! wtf u wanna know his name u gay


  12. Mr Xclusive Says:

    better cover http://i699.photobucket.com/albums/vv356/Mr_HipHop/FanofaFan-1.png

    and why are u complaining not enough tyga? chris killed everything…i enjoy him more than Tyga


  13. Bj Says:



  14. javski Says:

    why isnt g shit and holla at me on here?


  15. Luiseezy F. Crazy Says:

    @Danny u like sooccer dog? men u a real nigga dog lol……wats da national team for the uk? r dey going to da world cup?


  16. TriGGaJay Says:

    Man dat mixtape got like 2 good tracks
    Chris needa sit back nd let tyga kill shit kuz Chris fuckd dem songs up


  17. Fouado Says:

    Hot Faya


  18. Heeb Says:

    How do i download the mixtape??? You need rapidshare?


  19. Dayumn Says:

    WHAA i dont know what yall talkin bout the whole mixtape was FCKIN SICK tyga killed every track


  20. byron@telkomsa.net Says:

    the download is encrypted!!!!! password?????


  21. r Says:

    dope !

    byron@telkomsa.net the password is whritted on the botom of the link ! it’s alway the same !

    Password: ‘www.youngmoneyhq.com’


  22. Mr Xclusive Says:

    @TriGGaJay ya he killed every song…..lol u dumb kid..if u didnt like chris kill yo self


  23. Nikko Says:

    There are 2 bonus tracks “G shit” and “holla at me” probably the best tracks on the mixtape but I think Chris killed it all over the mixtape especially the 48 bar rap. There coulda beem more Tyga verses tho FREE TUNE!!!!!!!!!!! YOUNG MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ima still download tht ho


  24. aughh Says:

    Luiseezy F. Crazy on facebook it says danny is a manchester united fan booooooooooo


  25. YO Says:

    mr “xclusive” hop of chris browns sack…. chris brown shouldnt be rapping i dont think its his style..and yea there shouldve been more tyga on this shit it wouldve made the mixtape better


  26. ceelo Says:

    yo danny were da remix to unthinkable at with drizzy link if any1 wants it


  27. korrielramay Says:

    @javski isaid dha samee thinq becuhsz G SHIT
    isz probably my fav. sonq*.
    @fern bxtch yhu need to jump owf a cliff &+ hit some jaqqed rocks becuhsz dhis mixtape isz AH-MAZIN’ &+ very clever*.


  28. Abass Says:

    jus some few words bout the mixtape.
    one ove the best mixtapes this year.
    Tyga nd Chris Breezy tje best duo in a good time! The songz was dope, nd i liked them all..
    L.O.V.E I.T! No more 2 mention
    😀 😀
    And @fern wth are u talkin bout! If u thing this mixtape sux..u dun know ANYTHING bout music at all.
    LOVE IT xD


  29. TriGGaJay Says:

    @MR.Xclusive Suck on deezz balls nigga Chris brown tried to hard to rap his metaphors got weak he needs workk!!!!!


  30. Luiseezy F. Crazy Says:

    fuck manchester all bout barcelona bt manchester is nt a national team n dats what i want to know


  31. Lilweezyfan1 Says:

    sick mixtape. i love it. its like the no ceilings mixtape 🙂


  32. Bryan Says:

    Sorry, guys i have to disagree with you. Tyga is doin his thing and he’s doin’ it well. Tyga is rappin since Roger That. Tyga & Chris Brown is a good mix , but Tyga killed most of his songs on this mixtape.

    Weezy F Baby , and the F is for Free ~~


  33. BrYaN Says:

    LOL yo


  34. BIBI Says:



  35. BIBI Says:



  36. CANADIAN Says:

    what ? the song Holla At Me ? where it is ?


  37. Eric Says:

    What The … ? Where is The Song, “G-Shit” I Love That Song. I Am Very Dissapointed ! & Thank You 4 Uploading This Mixtape , It’s Appreciated.


  38. YM is 4ever Says:

    i like the two singles and deuces is HOT myne!!


  39. Vickie Says:

    Im lovin number 1 and holla at me


  40. illmattik1 Says:

    it is encrypted anyone got the password?


  41. free wayne Says:

    whats the fuckin password


  42. Dasia Says:



  43. k31Th Says:

    Chris brown is a beast……thats the only rnb singer i a ctually listen too and trey songz but chris is the best since m.j. (my opinion)


  44. mrs.songz & mrs. songz Says:

    all yall boyz shut the fuck up.. leave my baby chris brown alone, he did hella good. damn did he sound sexy or what and my songz is “no bullshit”. him and trey songz are like the best rnb singers ever.


  45. its me Says:

    i would fuck chris brown any damn day, i would fuck him like crazy to… hell yea


  46. RainLegacy Says:

    low key if wayne aint on dis mixtape tyga betta b gettin off


  47. iRainLegacy Says:

    the password is http://www.youngmoneyhq.com dipshits


  48. LEXXI Says:

    I`ve been lookin` for this . THANKS !


  49. Lil ron Says:

    Firs i would like to say that this mixtape is all that chris brown did his thang i can say but tyga was great he has great lyrics and his black thoughts lyrics was good also he need to ,ake an album and get hhis music out there he is one of my favorie rappers and all these niggas talking shit bout the mixtape need to shut the fuck up


  50. POOP Says:

    why dont they say (feat. tyga)???? im confused, is it a young money thing


  51. blackhero Says:

    this mixtape was realy jus for chris than tyga ended up on it and im happy that he did but there was to much singing i mean the singing was good but to much and im on it and to fast werent suppose to be on there chris and tyga should have shared all the songs


  52. belale man Says:

    Where do u go to put in the password and wat player do u use???


  53. wayneJR Says:

    Sick! 🙂 Tyga so fine! 🙂 Keep up the good work! 🙂


  54. FreddyJ Says:

    Yo this mixtape is hot


  55. charlie Says:

    tyga you r sooo cool you guys rock the fuck out of that song you guys whir great


  56. Tee Stackss Says:



  57. slim Says:

    where do yu put the password.?


  58. talia Says:

    hi i love tgya he is soooooooooooooooooo sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxy i love you


  59. nathania Says:

    i love you criss i wona kiss you your soo cute i love you i wod doo enie tin for you i love you


  60. nathania Says:

    men your sexy verry sexy i love you en dont you for get oke i love you muchaa


  61. destiny Says:

    lol hay imma trynna get famous o yea IZ WUZ SICK plz help me becum famous


  62. London Says:

    How are yall gonna say too much Chris Brown??
    This is HIS mixtape…….


  63. sexy Says:

    this shit is hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt number 4 5 and 10 are my favorite but all the songs are good


  64. manto Says:

    it is nice SOng


  65. Jakaree Says:

    Smh , Yall Niqqas Is TOOOO Whack Tryna Play Chris Like He Not Good Or Something . Yall Probablyy The Main Ones On His Nuts Now . Tygaa Is Very Talented & This Shitt Be Hittinn’ , Man Damn Fuck Thee Haters Fa Real . Any Comebacks ? – My Namee Jakaree , So Hmu .

    – iloveyouu Tygaa & * Chris (:


  66. Jakaree Says:

    Btw , I Bump This Shitt Twentyy Four Seven ‘ Thee Faves Are – Aint Thinkinn Bout You , Make Love , Like A Virgin Again &nd Noooo Bullshit .

    Jakareeee (:


  67. rondo9 Says:

    i think the track list is missing break time


  68. day Says:

    Chris Brown is Dark phantom,
    the son of action (movie trailer)

    the comment box below the video player is open for anyone to leave comments as long as you leave comments on your professional opinion on the video rather than spam.

    there’s also a “download episode” on the bottom left of the page. Also im a show host and more of my shows will be on the right side of the page and are available for download. Which features Soul, Hip Hop, R&B, smooth jazz, commentary and artist interviews.

    Please enjoy.

    I’m always up for improvement and to know you are listening and are commenting, brings me motivation.
    So please comment.




  69. team breezy Says:

    yo this shit really go hard yo. seriously chris and tyga mane is killin tha game. for real they make tha mutha fuckin team of 2010-11 wit chris’ dance and rugged style and tyga’s dope ass lyrics i aint even know what else to say but that this shit go ham!!!!!!!FAN OF A FAN MIXTAPE!!!!!


  70. Kesley Tolliver Says:

    Hey chris brown I am your #1 fan and I love you so much I really love I’ll call ya.I also have 10,000,000 pictures of you.I would like to join team breezy would you let me ?I love you more than i like your music.About you and Rihanna i do think you should have broke up with her .My comment about that is that she should have went to jail not you because she started the whole thing.Any ways like I said I am your #1 fan.I love you so much I would give you all of my money if I had it.This is from a 10 year old girl named Kesley Tolliver.Call me at 7271700 okay bye!


  71. cici Says:

    this has got to be the best mixtape i have eva eva eva listened to i mean u wud neve think that breezy wud cough up sumfin soo good and tyga killed every joint in the whole mixtape xx breezy has done it again xx t3am br33zy


  72. bout.that15 Says:

    i love this mixtape especially chris brownn !!!!!!!!!!!!! he’s my role model (:


  73. K-MAC Says:

    @DannyM, the download link is broken.
    Can you please fix it?



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