Drake Wears A “Free Lil Wayne” T-Shirt At 2010 VH1 Hip Hop Honors

Drake Wears A Free Lil Wayne T-Shirt At 2010 VH1 Hip Hop Honors

The Canadian rapper/singer wore his support for his Young Money boss and mentor Weezy on a “Free Wayne” t-shirt last night (June 3) during a performance at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors.

Lil Wayne’s absence at the show, due to him serving a jail sentence on attempted weapons possession, was taken especially hard this year since the event honored the music and music makers from the dirty south (Weezy hails from New Orleans).

Via NLL, and hit the jump to see an interview TLF held with Drizzy at Legacy Studios two nights ago. They speak on how Drake feels about his album illegally leaking online two weeks before the release date, what musicians he may wake up feeling like and hints at an upcoming movie.

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36 Responses to “Drake Wears A “Free Lil Wayne” T-Shirt At 2010 VH1 Hip Hop Honors”

  1. Freeweezyyyy Says:

    First! Fuck it give us the gudda mixtape !


  2. Waves Says:


    Also check ou


  3. forever Says:

    free weezy f


  4. Matheo Says:

    Yeah Free Weezy i need to buy this t-shirt



    agree with @Freeweezyyyy cant w8 4 dat Back2Guddaville mixtape even tho it drops monday sum1 leak it damn!


  6. tee Says:

    drake looks fresh


  7. PunchYoFaceIn Says:

    and to be honest i care about Back2Guddaville more then thank me later DOUBLE G BLAP BLAP!


  8. reall hiphop king Says:

    first off tha shirt thoed, iight imma a wayne fan but yall niggas talikn bout free weezy and yall dont even no the man


  9. fej Says:

    cant wait till thank me later , anyone know where i can cop the shirt?


  10. K-Freshz Says:

    ….dam dem jordans he got on is freshhh!! and i gotta cop dat free weezy shirt!


  11. Lilweezyfan1 Says:

    drake looks fresh :) and i need to buy that free weezy t-shirt to :) free weezy :)


  12. Akash Says:

    where can we buy this t- shirt from? Only certain Stussy stores have it. Ransom are not selling it. Buying it online, chances are slim…and if you live out of US/Canada it’s basically imposible to get your hands on this piece of art. DAMN


  13. S Says:

    TML pushed up for June 9th Release!


  14. TeeTee Says:

    i quess drakee dopee :) knoo dat


  15. s Says:

    damn nvm, he confirmed it’s still the 15th.


  16. S Says:

    Thank Me later (clean version) is on iTunes in certain countries…wtf?


  17. lennie Says:

    wel there is a store in the malls caled hot topics and jorneys that u can get stuff lik that from wel in the south mississippi or menphis i dnt no about the north oh yea free weezy


  18. Toon Says:

    He got my III’s on!!


  19. DJ Rollin Deep Says:

    Everyone watch VH1 on Monday at 9PM. Drake will join Bun B on stage to perform “Get Throwed” in honor of Pimp C…!

    Can’t wait to hear Drake do this song, here’s the article:


  20. tee Says:

    im buyin 5 thank me later albums


  21. anthony Says:

    nigga is mad fly here! lmao


  22. ViiLLAiiN Says:

    …Drake should re-record the album since it leaked…w/e


  23. DRIZZY FAN Says:

    CHECK OUT THE BRAND NEW DRAKE LIGHT IT UP REMIX http://www.4s.io/audio/sFzAaaI7/D-ROC_Light_It_Up_Remix.html


  24. kevin Says:

    i see drizzy with those do the right thing 3′s


  25. frega bao Says:

    They can’t stop him even if they stop him ha!ha!ha!yeah


  26. lilwayne94 Says:

    yeah free weezy a.k.a best rapper in my opinion


  27. lady ice Says:

    drake waz lookin extrra sexy


  28. Daedra Says:

    .` Drake was like Man , when this interview gonna be over with. But his two fav. songs off the album Shut It Down & Light Up , those are my favorite too .


  29. rogerthatchick Says:

    drake is being to real being loyal to a freind wearin a shirt that sayz FREE WEEZY and thats good to support a freind in his time of need i would do the same thing and they should weezy he dont deserve to be in jail drake is wat everyone should look for in a freind shout out the whole young money team tha best rap group i take tat back reverse tha track they the dopest killin all tha others HAHAHA ;-]


  30. Manda Says:

    check out the FREE WEEZY shirts at http://www.redunktees.com

    me and my boyfriend got ours from there and they are the best ones!


  31. junior Says:

    need to find that badass shirt with the two gloves


  32. erick Says:



  33. Ashley! Says:

    Ya! Ya! Ya! Dats muh boy right hurr!


  34. Ashley again. Says:

    Dis nikka be thinkin he da shit, but hes lameo!


  35. kerissa Says:

    Dat Ashley girl, she dont know who she be talking too. She be tripppin braaa!



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