Videos: Drake Speaks On Nicki Minaj x Freestyle On Tim Westwood

June 12, 2010 by Danny M

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While in the UK, Drake visited Tim Westwood and spoke about which chicks are his dream “Menage”, and you would never guess who he answered! Also, hit the jump to watch footage of him spitting this freestyle:

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12 Responses to “Videos: Drake Speaks On Nicki Minaj x Freestyle On Tim Westwood”

  1. @TONY Says:

    he killed iTTTT!


  2. @TONY Says:

    MAN drake aLBUM leakED !
    just Incase u fucks didnt KNOW


  3. A-Bjerg Says:

    loved that freestyle! damn! go Drizzy & free Weezy


  4. A-Bjerg Says:

    -And he dropped the Blackberry xD


  5. D- dot Says:

    Dis shit go ham.


  6. Nikko Says:

    Damn Drake iz fire real talk, cant wait till the 15th FREE TUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUNG MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Lilweezyfan1 Says:

    Wow, Drake killed it 🙂 free weezy 🙂


  8. ViiLLAiiN Says:

    Tim Westwood is one funny ass nigga lol


  9. Nardy.out.dat.9thWD Says:

    DamNNn.., ima let everybody else sayy how kollD datt FREESTYLE” was! cuz im passD Amaz’D,, im sucha fan ….im more like “aBOUt TIME NiGGa!!!” hahaaa

    anD if u start da VideO @ “2:52” when dat boi sayy “..i sayy,, & & C diz iz off da top! i say uhhh..” dat nigga voice souND EXCATLLY LiKE WAyNE!!!!! jus listeN, REAL SHiT hahaaa

    [[A FYi, i preOrderD da AlbuM off da CaashMoneyRecords website (wit da poster,sample disc, & da actual album!!!]]

    ,,,BiTCH iMa FaN oF GreaTNeSS!!!! YADA!


  10. Kyaalu Says:

    Young Money baby yeah we be right here and imma make sure we ball till we fall like tears and haters don’t cry YM can handle theirs they gat us out of the hood and put us in the hills FREEE WEEEZY jamani


  11. Heemee Says:

    I think drake is all on nickis shit but she ain’t sayin shit about him ..I’m mean really that’s why Rihanna played him soo bad…and really she is not as pretty as drake says she is…he needs to get off that Nick don’t want u


  12. fatman Says:

    and they say my man cant do it without the blackberry


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