Drake’s Thank Me Later Album Sells 462,989 Copies First Week

June 22, 2010 by Danny M

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Drakes Thank Me Later Album Sells 462989 Copies First Week

Hits Daily Double tallys that 462,989 people purchased Drake’s album, Thank Me Later. As a result, the LP will enter the Billboard charts at number one as the highest selling debut this year. – RapRadar

So what do y’all think ❓ Did you expect the album to do better first week, or do you think this is a good amount ❓

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39 Responses to “Drake’s Thank Me Later Album Sells 462,989 Copies First Week”

  1. Parylist Says:

    He did awesome even tho it leaked um proud of drizzy i think its fair if tha album didnt leak it wudve went higher


  2. Abass Says:

    Well thats a huge damn nuber..but to b honest i aint suprised..all the work Drake has putted into it, and how popular he is no wonder, cood even have been more!
    But is still damn many! Drake does it big and from the number you see it 😀 GOOO DRAKE!! YM :


  3. conor Says:

    Well when you hear everyone hyping this album up saying he is gonna surpass Wayne then it looks dissapointing, but still a good debut effort. Album was dissapointing tbh.


  4. BabyBoyVon Says:

    Its the highest selling debut this year so i mean thats that means eventually it will go platinum Drizzy all Day and Young Money for life


  5. Luiseezy F. Crazy Says:

    eminem album dropped today n i dnt think it will pass drakes sells for the first week so dats good


  6. Watsonnn Says:

    Getting lazy with the website? Three new drizzy songs dropped yesterday.


  7. marlon79 Says:

    exactly what i expected i told my bro 500,000 and it got 462,000 so thats close


  8. anthony14 Says:

    “Thank me later, first week I’m taking all bets, because a million copies isn’t really far fetched” – Mo Milli, birdman ft drake.

    i guess he probably lost alot of bets haha.


  9. DJ Rollin Deep Says:

    Almost gold! Congrats to Drake. In this day and age near Gold as a debut album is pretty much unheard of. Drizzy killed it.


  10. iDropKiidz V157 Says:

    Thank me later sucks its the truth not so bad but i knew it wasnt going to sell a mill cuz 1 it was leaked like 2 weeks b4 it came out nd my opinion only like 3 songz were good miss me wit wayne unforgettable nd light up wit wayne which wasnt on the album the other songz were good but i just didnt really like them nd it kinda sucks because drake wayne and gudda r like the only ones i listen 2 in YM… FREE WEEZY_ xbox LIVE gamer tag = sSK3tch V157


  11. J-hunt da Prodigy Says:

    A lot of ppl are acting like sailing nearly 500,000 is a failure, hell no it ain’t, especially not in today’s industry. Jay-Z did nearly the same amount week one with Blueprint 3, and he had way more commerically sucessful singles then Drake. The only ppl who’ve been doing numbers like that recently are artists like Maxwell, Sade, & Eminem who were gone for extended periods of time. I think Eminem will do more or less what Drake did. Only one who may best him this year, is Kanye is he drops good ass job.


  12. lilweezyfan1 Says:

    yeah drake, this is awsome. and i told u guys. and i was right he will sell this many in the first week. and the album is sick. free weezy 🙂


  13. Jeffon Says:

    Them leaks f*cked up his goal to reach a million,to be honest.


  14. #FreeWayne! Says:

    If it wasnt for the leaks i say drake wouldve got closer to a mill but this is actually great # of sales for a debut album


  15. #FreeWayne! Says:

    Lmao! Jeffon


  16. Nikko Says:

    Yea this iz what happens when a cd leaks but it was his choice not 2 push it bak plus he still did a good number good job Drizzy FREE TUNE!!!!!!!


  17. YM Says:



  18. Patrick Says:

    Eminem will sell more than Drake. He is a bigger artist internationally and his CD as a whole is better.


  19. J-Rad Says:

    good amount sold considering most my friends jus wen to pirate bay nd downloaded the torrent :p


  20. Tunne Says:

    Its Good, I Knew He Was Gonna Be Close To 500, Half Of Lil Waynes Carter 3, Even Tho, Lil Wayne Wanted 2 Milli in A Week. LOL


  21. K-Freshz Says:

    ….damm…. i bet u dat leak had a lotttttttt to do wit just 462,989 copies bein sold da first week!!!! but for a 1st album id be happy as hell!!!! i bet u he aint leakin(No Homo) his next album way b4 da release date!!!! but i kno his next album will be over a mill or very close to a mill….. AND EMINEM WILL NOT SELL MORE COPIES THAN DRAKE!!!! to be honest with u drake is more of a ‘ladies man’ than eminem, so i doubt dat eminem will sell more than drake…..just bein real witcha!!


  22. JUAN Says:

    HE WENT PLATINUM IN CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. Kholesterol...200mg? Says:

    wel fair enuf… this should also be a wakeup call for other rap cats aswel a mean to put in more effort cos the current industry is jus not that reliable anymore…u kn the leaks n shit, but above all congrats to Drake for being a strong warrior…and guys this jus the 1st week amazing!!

    YMCMB su woo!


  24. frega bao Says:

    Safi sana Drizzy hapo umewakamata ile mbayaaaaaaaaaaaa!hawawezi kuruka hiyo ni wiki ya kwanza mwezi ukikata si ndo watakoma?Young Money Cash Money means a lot 2 me,I like them YMCMB fans I salute n conglatulate u people 4 selecting the best music family in the whole world so lets go hit the stores and come out with thank Me Later b4 they end up coz the speed is supersonic one jus the first week and the things ar lyk that!dat’s a damn hat album Congratulation DRIZZY D


  25. cliffy . Says:

    i was slightley disappointed in ithe album but drizzy still made GREAT music. it still sold alot; of course he wasnt gonna out do wayne, no one will. but drizzy will dominate the rap game til wayne gets out. either way its YM, CM for life.


  26. W.Fuckin'Baby Says:

    That’s awesome


  27. Matheo Says:

    Where is a million or two which Weezy talked about ?


  28. Akillees Says:

    um im pretty sure they have a whole 30 days when the album is released to go gold or platinum so he can get it no doubt


  29. lennie Says:

    i loved the album it is good but i think eminem is goin to sell more in the first week…… drake didn’t do wat i esspected but almost a half a mill was good…… give drake anthor month he will go palnim and get more than a million


  30. lolololol Says:

    Who said Eminems album wont sell more than Drake’s? lmao. You all no eminem is the best selling artist in any category of the decade??? em will sell 700-850 K


  31. ViiLLAiiN Says:

    With the album bein leaked thats pretty damn good. But the amount that was expected was 500K so thats cool


  32. waala Says:

    No one can top wayne !! [ :
    free weezy


  33. tunechie Says:

    the leak helped the album selling more copies
    and dont forget that tha carter three got leaked too and sold A MILLION In its first week
    drake album iz GOoD But C3 is the BEST EVA
    yee deeeg
    so weezy need to stop sayin that drake is better than him


  34. sean Says:

    Yo drake i want my $$$ back, what a dissapointment. This shit was hyped up for so long and its soft as hell, u RnB singin ass go back to canada. But damm man, you can read off your phone good as fuck tho cant ya?


  35. teonna Says:

    sean yu need tu shut deh hell upp kuze drake album is deh bst soo shut dhe hell upp
    i still love yu drakee


  36. yaboy luna Says:

    @ waala…wut u mean nobody can top wayne?? Eminem’s mmlp sold 1.76 mill almost sold 2 mill first week!! Wayne wishes he can do numbers like that..n drake’s album wuz pretty wack I’m surprised it sold this much first week!! Was expectin it to go plastic!!


  37. Jay Wills Says:

    Ha Ha, Em Won!



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