Drake’s “Better Than Good Enough” Documentary

June 25, 2010 by Danny M

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MTV recently aired a one hour documentary on Drake titled “Better Than Good Enough” where they followed Drizzy around as he moved from country to country performing on tour, and recording and mastering his Thank Me Later album. You can watch part two and three after the jump! In part three you can see Drake in Manchester getting ready to open up for a Jay-Z concert, and at the beginning of the video under that tunnel with the posters on the wall is where I walk to work in the city (you can also see the train station which I get the train to work about half through the video as well)… I know none of y’all are interested in that, but I’m so chuffed I just had to mention it lol. Anyways I’m sure you will all enjoy this documentary like I did.

Part 2:


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28 Responses to “Drake’s “Better Than Good Enough” Documentary”

  1. Young Swaggaman Says:

    Drake is deeply an amazin artist already. he puts alot of work into everythin he does. he doesnt really care dat much bout his record sales lolz he care more bout his fans and given em a show..Dats good YM/CMB FREE WAYNE!!!


  2. TuneChi Says:




  3. Marrium Says:

    Drake is one of my most favorite rappers in my entire whole life. He seems like a really hardworker on his new album, and when i watched this yesterday on MTV, i could relate to him so much. I can relate that he used to be always emotional and sensitive guy, and that is just like me. Drake is amazing and he will show his hard work and his optimism in how well he could do for his career. My most favorite part was when he answered the last question at the end of the hour and he was like “I am Aubrey Graham, and I am just being myself in this career” and then it ends. I love him to death alot, and i love lil Wayne and how he set Drake on all this whole career. I love both of them to death, and wish Drake the best for his future and what he plans to accomplish as well. <3 <3


  4. A-Bjerg Says:

    nice, hopes on more doc’s with drake.


  5. Name (required) Says:

    nothing about wayne?? sellin out drizzy?


  6. shani Says:

    fuqq dem doc’s they need to give young money a tv show. because i almost cried cause te doc was almost over lol but young money is the only people i listen to and wayne, drake, and nicki is always on my mind. these rappers are so real and talent.. like nicki said “which bitch you know make a million off a mixtape?” young money is doin it big and will be doin it big for a long time and i realli appreciate the fact that they take the time to notice their fans and that the go through all the hassles of the game wen they dont have to do a damn thing for us fans but i love them so much and always will!!!!!!

    -Its barbie bitch!!


  7. lilweezyfan1 Says:

    i love it 🙂 and when is it coming on dvd? free weezy 🙂


  8. BIGSMOKE Says:

    props to drizzy the doc’s really incredible but then again i kinda feel like it focuses more on his aquaintances like jayz than his young money team tho… a mean he’s dickridin jay too much lately fck that hov’s jus tryna fortified his position off him like that like his doin him (drizzy) a favor…(opinion)

    Free Tune allday YMCMB!!!


  9. T-Wayne09 Says:

    Ha, “chuffed” 😛


  10. BG Says:

    What is the song called at the end of the documentary.. right when the credits start?


  11. KG Says:

    um lil wayne said drake will 2 mill first week wayne fails to realizes he is Number 0 drake can number 1 but wayne is on top of everbody even if you dont like him your friends like your family members like him he is every where even in prison he made a verse no one and nothing can weezy stop from doing what he does and that is being the best drake is good he a very good rapper i realate more to him but wayne can pretty much do anything


  12. Crissy Says:

    Yes please anyone, what is the song at the end of the documentary? Its an instrumental and I’ve heard it used on other movies.



  13. Crissy Says:

    Found the ending song. Its by Mogwai. The song is Auto Rock.


  14. deshaun1 Says:

    wutz da song dat drizzy iz singin ta hiz mama


  15. Frega Bao Says:

    I like it YM 4eva


  16. Waves Says:

    also check out:


  17. YG Says:



  18. beantown Says:

    what is the song that drake is rappin at the end of the documentary as the credits start rolling? with the chill ass beat


  19. Marie Says:

    omg that girl was about to die and go to heaven at the end.. so lucky


  20. stxroshan Says:

    the song at the where the credits start is called Up All Night by your very own DRAKE!


  21. mel Says:

    The ending instrumental “Auto Rock” by Mogwai


  22. joycej Says:

    I loved the documentary and I believe that Drake has more successful things to accomplish.


  23. jsmith Says:

    what is the song drake dances too that kanye produces, the beat is so hot


  24. Rebecca Says:




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