Video: YMCMB In LA [Part 4]

July 1, 2010 by Danny M

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Derick G released this video of YMCMB in Los Angeles earlier this week! I haven’t had time to watch this video myself yet, but I heard most of the footage is from Drizzy’s tour.

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18 Responses to “Video: YMCMB In LA [Part 4]”

  1. Luiseezy F. Crazy Says:

    lmfaosh at birdman playing playstation at 7:50 he got tackle hard as fuck lol


  2. lilweezyfan1 Says:

    nice video. the footage is from drizzys tour. free weezy 🙂


  3. Justin981818 Says:

    Whats The Song By Weezy In The Beginnin?


  4. weezyfbaby Says:

    whats the song name at the beginning??


  5. franky Says:

    its Veterans Day, with Rick Ross & Birdman


  6. Frega Bao Says:



  7. hollygrove Says:

    #SHOUTOUT Just Brittany.. I see ya homie!! (houston’s own and Cash Money’s New Artist)


  8. RedLine Says:

    what the name of the song when drake is singin’ with birdman ? ?????


  9. AndrewNMartinez Says:

    whats the song playing at 12:05? please let me know sounds good


  10. Santana Says:

    hey what’s Drizzy’s song at 8:14? please i’ve been hearing it and idk what it is!!


  11. Bigsmoke Says:

    Belie that…YMCMB!

    free Tune allday!!!


  12. MusicSaint#5 Says:

    Young Money/Cash Money are amazing, one of the best groups i’ve ever gave the time of day to listen to from past to present.
    Everybody has their own style of flow on the lable. To me, on the otherhand, Baby “Birdman” Williams is Wakk, Garbage, Terrible and needs to leave the rapping to the artist who actually can.
    I know this has nothing to do with the video, but it has some relivance, and it just bugs me that everytime i hear a great song from this group Birdman comes on with his lame swag and messes it up. Just retire dude, Your Rich enough!


  13. MusicSaint#5 Says:

    Oh Yaa, FREE WEEZY F. BABY please… please say the baby, if not don’t you say it at all lol.


  14. AgentRay Says:

    @musicsaint#5 we all kn and agree beyond reason doubt that Birdman isn’t anything conpared to the moguls like weezy, hova or the likes of luda to say but that shouldn’t implies that his totally not nice with it. There are some joints that he’d actually killed or prolly rated average amean bottomline he’s just another Diddy in the game which makes him really awesome…u kn it’s waste of time confusing urself with rap n birdman c’mon do the math????

    free weezy allday! YMCMB


  15. DrizzyDrake Says:

    Damn my nigga drizzy go so hard ! Hes gonna be around for a long time


  16. Smilez Says:

    Lol At 6:22



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