Jay Sean & Nicki Minaj Shoot “2012” Music Video

July 22, 2010 by Danny M

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“We are basically straight on to the next one,” Jay Sean told MTV News. “I was already halfway through the album by the time ‘Do You Remember’ was hitting radio. We listened to it, and we were like, ‘You know what? I want to hit them with something fresh right now, not something that is off this album. Let’s go now, while we are ahead of the game, while we are ahead of the curve.’ ”

This past Monday in Los Angeles, Sean invited MTV News to the video set for his new single, “2012“, an homage to “partying like there is no tomorrow.”

“Party like, like it’s the end of the world/ We gonna party like, like it’s 2012/ You know that it doesn’t matter as long as we got each other/ Turn it up. Turn it up. Turn it up/ Like it’s the end of the world,” Sean sings on the track.

“The concept of the video is basically all about throwing the biggest party, celebrating life,” Sean said. “It’s basically going around the world, from London to Tokyo to New York, seeing people celebrating good times.”

“There’s all these wonderful ideas the director Erik White has been telling me about,” Sean said. ” ‘They are gonna zoom out, and it’s gonna zoom into Tokyo! And the world is gonna spin around!’ And I’m like, ‘Really? That’s amazing!’ So for me, I’m looking forward to seeing those effects.”

While we’re waiting to see those outer-space sequences, we can also look forward to an appearance by Nicki Minaj, who spits bars on the “rhythm crossover” version of “2012“.

“I’ve been wanting to work with Nicki for the longest time,” Sean confessed of his Cash Money labelmate. “I’m so excited that she’s on this song because she absolutely murdered it. She came with a different swagger on it, and a different flow. Just real fun. And her voice just really fits the song.”

2012” heads to radio on August 3, with the video premiering five days later. Jay Sean‘s as yet untitled fourth studio album is tentatively scheduled for release on November 2.


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12 Responses to “Jay Sean & Nicki Minaj Shoot “2012” Music Video”

  1. Google Says:

    First. Why is it called 2012? Is it a sign?


  2. wayneJR Says:

    I luv this song!! The video looks amazing! Jay sean is great! 🙂 Nicki killed it! 🙂 She is sooo pretty! FREE WEEZY!!!


  3. Lilweezyfan1 Says:

    i love this song. and the video is going to be awesome. jay sean is amazing. nikki killed her whole verse. and free weezy 🙂


  4. K-Freshz Says:

    if u like nba 2k games…..MJ IS GONNA BE ON 2K11!!!! AND HE’S ON DA FRONT COVER!!! my bad to get off subject like this!!! cant wait to c da official 2012 video!! its gonna be sick! but check this really short vid out of MJ doin his famous rock the cradle dunk on the game!!!



  5. Toolondeck Says:

    double thumbs up jay sean and nicki this some epic shit no doubt! freehomieTune!


  6. mulkman Says:

    Many ancient relics and believers think the world will end on 21st of december 2012.

    “He says it aint the end of the world”


  7. emokal Says:

    free weezy f baby to stay a lil steady,nicki n jay to rock 2012 n wat yall have to say.just eat my shit when im fired up i leave lots of heat…dont u dig il give u spade i dnt wanna hear sing,karaoke,and wat u,ve got hooot


  8. lilchuckeefan Says:

    i love the song.nicky minij ur beatiful.jay sean ur sexy. free weezy


  9. JCOLEFAN Says:

    its funny jay sean never gets credit when he has a solo song to be honest jay sean and pitbull do this is really good i think his new album is going to be good LOL I NEVER KNEW HE WAS MC nikki minaj not a fan but she suited the song honestly your love sucks


  10. queenofqueens Says:

    i luv this song!!!!!!!!!! nicki minaj killed it and she looked pretty. jay sean was looking sexy as can be.FREE WEEZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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