Short Dawg Interview With Philly It Girls

November 6, 2010 by Danny M


Short Dawg Interview With Philly It Girls

Here is an interview Philly It Girls did with Short Dawg. They talk about groupies, Kim Kardashian vs. Amber Rose, upcoming projects, the 2010 BET Hip Hop awards, Young Money, Lil Wayne and more. Thanks to Mimi for the heads up.

Who is Short Dawg?

SD: A Young guy from Houston Texas who just wants to share his gift with the world.

Now that you live in ATL do you visit Houston often? Do you have the same friends?

SD: Oh yea, I get back as much as I can. You know as life changes you meet different people but those that I was close with before, we are closer now than ever.

Have you visited Philly recently, what did you think?

SD: Yeah I just left, it was cool. I love the city, I’m a big fan of the eagles?

Wow that’s surprising!

SD: I been an eagles fan since Randall Cunningham, but you probably don’t know who that is (laughing)

I actually just started watching football, so that I can get closer to finding me a husband, but I do know who he is (laughing) So, do you have any groupies?

SD: No comment (laughs) Yeah I guess but who doesn’t, the guy at Wal-Mart can have groupies. What exactly are groupies?

I would say groupies are girls waiting for you when you get off the tour bus or waiting for you at your hotel room, etc.

SD: I have fans, but I’m not sure if they groupies. If you’re a groupie announce ya self (laughs)

Are you currently available?

SD: I am always available until the curtain closes

You sound so smooth are you a ladies’ man?

SD: (laughs) Ladies like me so I guess I’m a ladies’ man

What types of girls do you like? A lot of guys are into dating white girls now, do you date outside ya race? You can say yes, I won’t judge?

SD: I date all types of woman, I don’t discriminate. Not necessarily white, but no particular type.

On the topic of white girls, who would you rather be intimate with Kim K or Amber Rose?

SD: That’s a hard one..umm. I’ll have to say Kim because I like hair. Me and my girl can’t be going to the barbershop together.

I’m from Philly so I’m not going to comment, but I feel you. So, tell me about your music and upcoming projects?

SD: I just completed my new mix tape Southern Flame Spitta. It’s a blend of rap and alternative. According to the net it’s my most anticipated album so far. I also have a project with Honorable C Note, based off the movie Fresh.

What was the concept behind that?

SD: I liked the movie, plus I say fresh a lot, people know me for saying Fresh. Fresh is a way of life. So we are going to do videos and everything based around that movie.

What are some of your favorite tracks on the Southern Flame Spitta?

SD: I would say Blues and Eraser.

Eraser that’s an interesting title what’s that song about?

SD: Eraser is about a relationship that didn’t work out and instead of missing her, I’d rather not have known her or the pain.

That’s seems very emotional, you’re not worrying about being hard?

SD: (Laughs) I ain’t Ice Cube, I don’t gotta be hard.

Did you watch the Bet Top Ten Rappers Special?

SD: I didn’t watch for a few reasons. I wasn’t really sure about how they were judging artist. When I think of the best rapper, I look at lyric that’s it. I’m not looking at how many albums sold or how many fans they have on twitter. I judge on am I moved, like “Damn, I can’t believe he said that!” But I heard my favorite rapper came in #9 and that’s crazy.

How was it attending the BET Hip Hop Awards? Was there anyone you were looking forward to meeting?

SD: That was my first time attending the BET Awards so it was cool. There was not anyone in particular that I wanted to meet because I’ve been in the game for a minute so I knew all the artist there. They have respect for me as an artist and I have equal respect for them. It was more of a congrats on your success and see you when I get there. It’s a beautiful thing.

So, I know that you and Young Money are like a family, but in any family there are arguments and disagreements. Do you guys ever argue?

SD: Truthfully we don’t be around each other enough to argue. Usually there are like 2-3 of us together at a time, so when we all get together it’s like a reunion, there are no fights. But if we were all sharing a house and I was sharing a bathroom with Nikki, then maybe. (laughing)

Have you spoke to Wayne since he’s been away?

SD: I reached out to Wayne a few times and basically let him know that we missed him and can’t wait til he gets home.

Does Young Money Have something big planned for Lil Wayne when he gets home?

SD: I don’t know what’s going on, but when I get the call I’ll be there. But he might not want to party, he might want to just ride around oh his jet skis. But if I get a call that something’s going on I’ll be there.

One last question, what did Short Dawg do this weekend?

SD: I can’t even remember. (ask someone in background) Oh yeah I was in the studio working working and that’s what I’m going to be doing the following weekend too.

LOL at Short‘s comment about Amber Rose: “Me and my girl can’t be going to the barbershop together.” 😆

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