Video: Behind The Scenes Of Birdman’s “Fire Flame”

November 11, 2010 by Danny M

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DG sent over some behind the scenes footage from Birdman‘s “Fire Flame” video shoot. This will be a single from Baby‘s Bigger Than Life album dropping in early 2011, and Lil Twist and Mack Maine make cameos in the video above. This video shows exactly why Birdman is the #1 Stunna, and as a bonus you can watch the official music video after the jump:

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31 Responses to “Video: Behind The Scenes Of Birdman’s “Fire Flame””

  1. clopez0803 Says:

    i likeee…. 1st!


  2. Spitta Rozay Says:

    Birdman U Did This Shit This song Go Hard Cash Money young Money Always Will Be The Business No other Label Can o Better Then Cash Money Young Money Ya Digg


  3. Plague Says:



  4. Carter Says:

    is that birdmans house, i mean that is amazingggg


  5. YungNizzy14 Says:

    Damn where was this filmed at and is tht Birdman’s real house, shit is fantastic. Also a throwed ass video YMCMB!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Felicia(Huge YM and Weezy Fan) Says:

    Do someone got this as mp3 download file?


  7. (Y)cmb Says:

    YA THATS HIS REAL HOUSE LISTEN TO I MADE IT (CASH MONEY HEROES) HE SAYS IT IN THERE “STUNNA ISLAND” and watch the ALways Strapped Music Video. the cars are all his parked right in front of the house. and if u watch this video u can see the cars lined up on the left side. THIS FOOLS THE DEFINITION OF A BOSS STUNNA!!! YMCMB and by the way wat ever happened to the BRONALD WILLIAMS OIL REFINERY


    • sky Says:

      If that is his house he does not take very good care of his property. The value of the house needs to continue to grow not deplete. The land is great size though.


  8. Michael (Eazy-m) Says:

    Man this clip and song is going hard. I want to download this one :)


  9. uuh Says:



  10. lilweezyfan1 Says:

    i love it :) and the song goes hard :)


  11. Ricardo Laguna Says:

    omg great video exelent raper the boss in the YMCMB Birdman the big boss


  12. SiCa Says:

    look at all that money lil wayne earned him.. sorry a weezy n drake fan..not this old man….i aint gunna lie the quility of the music video is dope ass hell thou.


  13. SiCa Says:



  14. ymcm13 Says:

    @sica U DUMB AS FUCK!! stunna BEEN havin money waaaayy b4 CASH MONEY RECORDS. its called HUSTILN’ now he probably aint have MILLIONS…but he BEEN a hustler homie. and im from N.O. i know fa’ sure.and he has a right to have the shit he has,, HE’S THE CO-FOUNDER of a label that’s been around since 97 or 98′ if im not mistaken.WAYNE AND DRAKE GOT STUPID PAPER TOO..shit DRAKE just bought JAS prince a LAMBO for his birthday, and wayne got a 1 million dollar trust they eatin it’s just BIRDMAN is more flasher than them. he’s THE # 1 STUNNA !! WHAT U EXPECT. and u call himj “old” but he got more $$ , LONGEVITY, AND SUCCESS than MAJORITY of these YOUNG niggaz u see today… ya homework next time nigga


  15. uuh Says:

    Nice Answer @YMCM13


  16. James Says:

    Less green screen!


  17. chad valley (ymcmb) Says:

    @ymcm13 you couldnt be mo right if u tryed all these new fans dont no shit !!! baby was called numba 1 stunna years bak b 4 wayne was makein mad mula infact wen wayne was dropping 500 degrees i thing baby did a song wen he was in big tymers called numba one stunna n to all u baby haters if he didnt take wayne to the top most of yal wouldnt of heard of him belive dat !! 1


  18. Jeremy Says:

    Awsome! I am a huge fan. Make more videos…


  19. Yadumb Says:

    Ya idiots ! that ain’t his house it’s in homestead it’s Bacardis house dumbasses


  20. Fiend 4 Weezy Says:

    WTF no real video. Just behind te scenes stuff. Cmon can we get the real video or maybe the homerun video cmon…… Or at least the monster video on the YMHQ website.


  21. maria isabel Says:

    omg, that house. amazingggg! & lovin the quality of the video (:


  22. dannyboy Says:

    yoooo i just found this out from watchin the video, i literally live five minutes from here. i pass by this house allll the time but i never knew whos it was, i just always knew it was some rich ass mofo. yoooo this shit is crazy! and you think it looks big in the video, try real life, shit is larger than life!


  23. errol Says:

    thats e #1 stunner man H8rs shat e FUck up………..CMB……..


  24. mel toombs Says:

    I know you guys would appreciate this. Using my ingenius, creative Googling talents, I’ve discovered who owns the house in this video. The guy who owns the mansion in the Birdman ‘Fire Flame’ video is world-renowned architect Charles Sieger of Sieger Suarez. They’ve designed some interesting high-rises in Miami, Vegas, etc. Trump Towers in Sunny Isles. etc.

    Only downside is that it looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere surrounded by farmers.


  25. QUINCY SA Says:



  26. rich robb Says:

    i really appreciate him,he z # 1 stunna,and am afraid i foll his path,damn


  27. Whitey Says:
    Not actually his hiuse. It belongs to an architect from Miami.



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