Cory Gunz – A Little Taste [Snippet]

December 7, 2010 by Danny M

New Music

Cory Gunz A Little Taste Snippet

This is the first verse from Cory Gunz‘s “A Little Taste” track off his upcoming Bring The Gunz Out mixtape, dropping soon. You can listen and download the teaser below:

Download: Cory Gunz – A Little Taste [Snippet]

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14 Responses to “Cory Gunz – A Little Taste [Snippet]”

  1. real Says:

    yeahhhh Cory Gunz go hard, and he on Waynes first C4 single smh too hard


  2. BrewCityYM Says:

    ^^^^^^ bandwagon azz u dnt know shit bout GUNZ

    u just looked em up cuz u just heard he gne be on Wayne single LOL yo fake azz


  3. YM/CM Says:

    ^^^^@ BREWCITYYM shut up pussy i seen you on another post hatein’ EAT A DICK how you know if that person know gunz or not? u probably googleing niggaz n shit.lmao …leave niggaz comment’s alone fagget. YMCMB FA’EVA


  4. lilweezyfan1 Says:

    damn this song goes hard 🙂 i love it 🙂 and cory goes hard to 🙂


  5. Michael (Eazy-M) Says:

    No words, just this ‘:O’


  6. vocker Says:

    dope song, and he will be in first waynes single 6’7, thats gonna be hella dope!


  7. YungNizzy14 Says:

    Man finally but yall need to set a date tho been waitin to hear some new Cory Gunz music, im glad he gonna be one Wayne’s new C4 single YMCMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Matheo Says:

    Not bad but for me Cory don’t deserve to be on C4 he ain’t so good .


  9. baby Says:



  10. tyflyguy Says:

    he dont suck, but he aint worthy enuff too be on c4, wayne need ppl like kanye, jay z, t.i., drake and maybe evn nicki minaj, but igez wayne jus tryna get cory name out der cuz rite now he jus anutha no name rapper,


  11. lilwayne is gay Says:

    all yall ni66az dick riding


  12. wezzylover#1 Says:

    lil wayne is a beast and will kill any beat that is given ti him


  13. SuperSpiderBatIronHulkMan Says:

    Gunz gotta come through for us man, if he on the album (C4) man he better come through with some fire C4 been on hold now it got nigas waitin hoping its gona kill all these rappers and nigas hating.


  14. *BOBBYRAY* Says:

    to the dick sucker named “”lil wayne is gay””ya mama riding my dick so what’s ya point??lol


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