Lil Twist – Just The Beginning (Freestyle)

December 11, 2010 by Danny M

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Lil Twist Just The Beginning Freestyle

Here is an unreleased freestyle from Lil Twist called “Just The Beginning“. This version has no tags on, and you can stream/download it below:

Download: Lil Twist – Just The Beginning (Freestyle)

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15 Responses to “Lil Twist – Just The Beginning (Freestyle)”

  1. TEC Says:

    lil twist getin betta


  2. SeanCombs Says:

    we would be a lot better off if they called this song the end


  3. Robin Says:

    I Like This Song


  4. Lil t.k Says:

    Lil twist sound good, that nigga got a sick flow


  5. lilweezyfan1 Says:

    sick song 🙂 lil twist killed it 🙂


  6. kronnick Says:

    @SeanCombs, move on little hatin bitch.

    Good idea for ya… Instead of wasting your time, and now my time, next time dont press play, dont type in your hate, and dont press “leave comment”. see now we all kno you’re a hater, instead of someone who just doesnt like the song. you had to make your statement and gave no reason for “hatin”, instead of just looking at your cat and tellin it “Twist sucks, shoulda called it the end, ha, not the beginning”. Then only your cat woulda thought you were a bitch, hatin.

    “Been hated by the seasons, so fuck ya’ll, hatin for no reason”


  7. thesauceishot Says:



  8. thetruth Says:

    so SeanCombs is a “hatin bitch”…

    and kronnick is dick riding a 16 year old…

    i don’t know which one is worse…i would chalk up an L for both of them…oh well

    if you like twist and think he’s got talent more power to you…and if you think he sucks thats cool too…but lets not get tough over the internet


  9. C4 Says:

    ^^^stfu!!! NOBODY ASKED YOU…and i like twist he’s BETTER THAN CHUCKEE. he’s ORIGINAL


  10. kronnick Says:

    You just did the same thing with your post? So as soon as someone mentions an opinion or makes a statement they’re automatically dick riding, or being tough? hmmm, nah.

    What i basically said was, if you dont like twist, thats your opinion, but to make a statement like, “shoulda called it the end”, with no reason behind it. No i didnt like his flow, no i didnt like the beat, no i dont like his style, just a bitch statement that he thought was clever. IF that little hatin bitch woulda gave ONE reason why he didnt like it, then i woulda said, alright, and left it at that. But INSTEAD, he made a bitch statement with no balls behind it, thats a hater, a bitch nigga, an “i want my piece of the pie” struggling artist who is now jealous.

    No one “got tough”, he made a bitch statement, i called him out, and now you wanna act like you know. Fuck outta here, no one asked you, no one asked “the truth”. If Sean Combs wants to get back on here and defend his statement then ok.

    You made your own point in your last comments, if you like twist… or if you think he sucks… where’s the fuckin reason you like or dislike him? Cuz a comment like he made was a bitch move, a hater makes those statements without ANYTHING pushing him to do so.

    Opinions are cool, everyone has them, but someone who shits out their opinion for no other reason then just to say it, is a hater, period.


  11. Breezy Says:

    @thetruth and ur a bitch …so what are we getting at?


  12. shakoyaluvztwist Says:

    boy twist u have the sexiest accent ijus luv u boi u dont kno man it jus like..


  13. shakoyaluvztwist Says:

    boy twist u have the sexiest accent ijus luv u boi u dont kno man it jus like


  14. shakoyaluvztwist Says:

    i kno i already post u on dis one but this pic really bothers me cuz it look likes twist is not feelin good or he is sad and im worried dont be sad twist i luv u bruh i kno when my twist is feeln good be he is not right her this pic is realy maken me feel sad and bad an worried its ok iluvu twist i hope u feel better


  15. young lon Says:

    yo bra twist and the hold young money is a beast and me im just tryna get me some place to record my songs because i got shit written down but i got in trouble with my cusin so i cant go to his any more sombody please hook me up. im always on facebook , lonell jordan


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