Short Dawg Speaks On Lil Kim Dissing Nicki Minaj, Hip Hop Blogs Getting Shut Down & More

December 11, 2010 by Danny M


Short Dawg Speaks On Lil Kim Dissing Nicki Minaj, Hip Hop Blogs Getting Shut Down & More

HitHipHop recently interviewed Short Dawg about the hip hop game, his daily routine, musical influences, school, his Elvis Freshley nickname, Southern Flame Spitta Vol. 4 mixtape, Lil Wayne, plans for 2011, hip hop blogs getting shut down by the US government, Lil Kim’s “Black Friday” diss track against Nicki and YM, and more. You can read the interview below:

First things first, what does the hip-hop game mean to you?

It means everything to mean me man cuz I’m part of the hip hop culture, you know. To me it’s just my whole way of life. My whole daily routine is based around hip hop.

And what is your daily routine? Describe a day in your shoes.

Uhm, I try to wake up around noon. Cause I probably been in the studio till about six, so I try to at least wake up around noon. Get up, eat. Check my emails for any features that came through or any songs, new beats. Download them, do a little tweeting. Then probably roll out to the streets. Uh, be in a couple cars see what’s going on, slide by the studio or go by a friends crib until like 10 or 11 and that’s when I like to fall off to the studio, unless it’s one of those days that I’m at the crib watching movies and that’s pretty much how it go. It’s just a ongoing cycle everyday.

How was being on tour & once being signed to So So Def prepared you in this industry?

You know it thought me a lot cause back then I was much younger so I was pretty new to the industry so it allowed me and it prepared me for what I’m seeing now and what’s to come in the future, you know?

Definitely. Now can you name some of your musical influences?

Being that my favorite rapper is Jadakiss & my favorite group is The Lox, I grew up listening to them so I’m influenced by that. And I’m also influenced by the whole Screw culture back in Texas. DJ Screw, Fat Pat, Big Hawk, Lil Keke, Big Moe, you know, UGK of course. And definetly Maroon 5, I love all they work.

Now I’ve heard that you attended the University of Texas A&M. Do you plan on going back to school? And what was your major?

I studied Philosophy but as far as going back, I don’t know. I would have to complete the task at hand right now before I consider going back. But it could happen!

Where does your nickname “Elvis Freshley” originate from?

Everybody knows I say Fresh a lot. I might see my homeboy and like “What up Fresh?” or “Fresh what’s good?”. And I was recording/working on some music with a producer friend of mine and I adopted the name “Elvis Freshley” cuz I’ve been working on alternative music as well.

You just released a new mixtape Southern Flame Spitta 4 last week. If you had to pick your favorite joint off the project, which would it be?

“Stay Fresh” joint with me and Birdman. “9 To 5″ with me and Shanell. “Miss Me” is one of my favorite freestyles along with “June 27th” – which I called “For My City” on the tape tho.

You also got a track with Lil Wayne on the mixtape as well – any plans for more now that he’s been released?

Definitely. We stay working. I’m actually about to head back to Miami right now so lookout for more Short Dawg/Lil Wayne collabs to come.

And Weezy, how’s he been doing?

He’s great. He’s great. Back at work like he never missed a beat.

Good to hear. What are your plans for 2011?

I’m anxious to try & get this album out next year. So we focusing on building on my buzz, building my brand so that 2011 not only will my neighbors & my peers know my talent, but the whole world.

Is there anyone specific that you would like to work with on your upcoming project?

Definitely wanna work with Pharrell & Swizz Beatz. Me & Swizz known each other for a good 4 years now so it we be great to finally work together.

Word, good luck with that. Now I’m not sure if you’ve heard about the US Government recently seizing a handful of major hip hop blog sites.. If so, what are your thoughts?

I don’t really know too much about that but to whatever the case may be you know I feel bad for people who use that as their musical outlet. And to the hosts of the websites, if there was any illegal activity going on, I feel bad that it happened but I know that a lot of times, you know, people that don’t have deals or new artists use those blog sites to get their music heard & noticed, so it kinda sucks that it happened.

Definitely, let’s hope they leave us alone! Now before we let you go, can you comment on Lil Kim’s recent diss track Black Friday aimed at Nicki Minaj & your Young Money fam?

I don’t get involved with that, she dunno what she saying. You know that’s how it is sometimes when you once was at a certain place in the game and you look up and you’re not there no more, know what I’m saying? Sometimes people do what they gotta do to survive or stay in the game but I never understood why she came at Nicki in the first place but at the end of the day, it is what it is, know what I’m saying?

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15 Responses to “Short Dawg Speaks On Lil Kim Dissing Nicki Minaj, Hip Hop Blogs Getting Shut Down & More”

  1. YungNizzy14 Says:

    Man Short conducts himself real well in any situation, and Lil Kim kno she fraud 4 tht diss track shit she doin, she needa to fall bak real talk, but tht SFS vol. 4 is throwed cant wait for the album and next mixtape YMCMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. DinDingo Says:

    im just really proud of Elvis Freshly, i mean hes demonstrated a great sense of maturity throughout the whole interview. Daps Elvis, keep hard work fam.


  3. tee Says:

    Short dawg should keep quiet and mind his.Continue to focus on that music


  4. lol Says:

    @tee he YONG MONEY he can speak on it if he want to, what u talknig bout? she dissed his crew and crew member! i feel where u coming from but still… anyway fuck that hoe IT’S YMCMB FA’EVA.


  5. kronnick Says:

    ^^^ I agree, she went after his family, keep it 100 fresh.

    Just cuz he said something in an interview about Kim, he lost his focus? S.F.S. vol.4, enough said.


  6. lknkln Says:

    oh so NOW YoungMoney wana act as if nicki is the victim after ALL the shots she threw at Kim indirectly? she may shouted Kim out on her come up BUT she also bussed MORE shots at Kim in mixtapes and even MOREEE ever since she threw on a wig. nicki is not innocent at all, she’s just playing innocent because she’s not built fot this beef, YoungMoney period isn’t built for it. point blank.


  7. kronnick Says:

    Woah, woah, woah, where the fuck are you getting your information?!?!?!?!

    The beef was started by Ray J AND Kim, period. On stage together, when Ray J started goin off about “imposters” in the game and Kim is the “best female emcee”. As soon as Nicki heard that, then she started taking her shots, its known news.

    Ray J has recently said that he USED to feel that way about Nicki when he said it, but now he’s “impressed”. NOW, his opinion is night to day, saying at first she was cool, but got better and better, and now is “ON POINT”.

    Fact of that matter is this… Nicki paid her due’s, paid her respect’s to Kim, period. Since Kim didn’t think she did “enough”, she went after her in some club with some songs that are 5 years old, cuz that’s all she’s got. Then she took the weeks of time she needed to write a diss track that really when you listen to it lyrically, is not very impressive. Kim got jealous, Kim got salty, and now Kim will be remembered as a sore loser. Only time will tell, but as far as today goes, Nicki seems to be on track to be a bigger female emcee than Kim was, was. It’s kinda the same thing as JayZ goin off on auto-tune, ringtone rap, etc. It’s a new generation, doin THEIR thing, and to say that they don’t respect their elders, is really just a jealousy-laced statement… The fact alone that they’re in the hip-hop game and doing what their doing, is a direct sign of respect for their elders, they grew up with a different game, now they’re making the game their own, fault them for that?

    Old-heads are gettin salty, cuz the stuff they did 10 years ago and made millions off of, they can’t do anymore. A lack of respect? Not paying homage? No. It’s the direct result of the change in hip-hop/rap/r&b worlds today.


  8. tee Says:

    @kronnick i never said he lost his focus make sure you read carefully , nicki should take the beef alone since she started it with throwing subliminal shots and kim is takn shots at everyone because they all expressed their opinion on the beef instead of minding theirs


  9. tee Says:

    And short can speak on it if he want to and get dissed so he needs to worry about coming out and shinning like drake instead of being a mixtape rapper


  10. kronnick Says:

    Once again, she did NOT start it..

    Second, Wayne said NOTHING, and she went at him.

    Third, Kim said NOTHING about Short.

    So… finally, Ray J started it outta nowhere, subliminally, on stage with Kim, Kim followed those statements with her own “on stage” rant in New York. Nicki took her first subliminal swings on Pink Friday, where she responded by herself, on her own record, on her own album. When asked of the shots on Pink Friday and the beef with Kim, Baby responded calmly, with no further provocation and no mention of Kim at all. Kim responds with her diss track of; Nicki, Wayne, Baby, Diddy, etc. etc. Alright, so Kim goes at Nicki in a rant, Nicki responds on wax. Kim goes at Nicki and others, on wax. Nicki recently said, “until i see your face on a billboard, i’ll respond.”

    I’ll say it again, Keep it 100 Freshly. ANYONE in YMCMB is in the right to say ANYTHING they want, especially with the way its playin out. And they’re stayin out of it as much as they can, realistically. All lettin Nicki handle her biz, and as far as i can tell, Kim losin by about a couple bucket-full hundred thousand albums.


  11. tee Says:

    yes she did


  12. gmoney313 Says:

    @Kronnick yes she did she been goin at kim and foxy for yrs. 90% of her fans never heard any of her old mixtape shit.


    • hamphrey Says:

      birdman the have weit like to come in your industry but i have pasport and my email is and like YMCMB and i need to be in cmb please baby help me i promot ymcmb check me in face book by use hamphrey michael see me one this braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  13. hamphrey michael Says:

    i like to be in YMCMB and am try to send lot of msg to this gruu be cause i like to be with ymcmb please pick me in miami


  14. Neil Says:

    SHORT- DAWG is crazy with the lyrics…but hit up this website if u want to make some extra cash legggooooo !!!!!


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