Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday Album Goes Gold!

December 15, 2010 by Danny M

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Nicki Minajs Pink Friday Goes Gold

Nicki Minaj‘s debut album, Pink Friday, has been certified gold! The Barbie released her album less than a month ago, and it has just recently passed the 500,000 copies sold mark.

A big congratulations goes to Nicki 🙂

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38 Responses to “Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday Album Goes Gold!”

  1. Mcdouble Says:

    Go Nicki! Now you just gotta get a milli lol XD. Also I heard rumors that you did a remix of roman’s revenge with wanye??
    If so he will show eminem how you really get revenge lol.


  2. ashley Says:

    DANNY does this mean she get a gold plaq NOW or does she still have time to go PLAT.??please answer back..thanx


  3. c4 Says:

    yeah danny… what ashley said!!


  4. JOSE Says:

    shoutout to NICK AND YM they doing BIG thangs (pauz) KONGRATZ NICKI BABY…


  5. kronnick Says:

    she got all the time in the world to sell a milli.


  6. Sanjaya gupta Says:

    Her album sucked it was so stupid, and the no arms shit was stupid shes fat ugly and stupid, this shows us that there are 500,000 dumb people living with us.


  7. Akmir jahandi Says:

    You are very right sanjaya i hated it i wasted my internet connection downloading it for free it sucked she is so fat she is a pig, by the way if u watched a milli video u will see the fat pig running to keep up with weezy, by the way r u from india


  8. Sanjaya gupta Says:

    Yes from delhi u


  9. Akmir jahandi Says:

    I’m from karatchi


  10. lilweezyfan1 Says:

    nice congrats 🙂


  11. cicero1hunnit Says:

    you hatin bitches got it fucked cause yall don’t shit if fat you ya don’t eat at all


  12. kronnick Says:

    Buncha pussies from India callin Nicki fat and a pig? You aint supposed to be fuckin with pig arent you? somethin in your religion? so move the fuck on. Shows us how “intelligent” you are, just look at all those times you chose “stupid” instead of another adjective.

    In a country where over half of the population bathe in each other’s waste and stench, we got two bitches talkin about Nicki’s a pig?!?! Pssshhhh, fuck outta here. “Gucci bag just to put the coke can’s in.”

    And Eminem went platinum, soo that means we have over a million stan’s, a million wife beater’s, or just a million fans that appreciate and support his music, same thing with Nicki.

    You all purposely come onto a FAN site, to talk shit, so you’re either secretly LOVING her, HATING to LOVE her, or LOVING to HATE her. Go share your opinion on your twitter, or go down to the Ghanges, and blast her with all your “bathing buddies.”



  13. cynthia Says:

    u look really really pretty ur da best


  14. K-lee Says:

    Totally agreedd with Kronnick.
    You are thaa shit.
    Hatters shouuld Fuccl off !
    Love Nicki Minaaj <3


  15. wegotasituation Says:

    the one thing i dont get with nicki is why she goes at kim…there would be no nicki without kim first…ym has the potential to be the new bad boy…some big stars (wayne (Biggie) and drake (Puff)) nickis kim and others just getting rich off their fame (gudda, twist, chuckee, tstreets)


  16. Weezyfan Says:

    Nicki Yoouur amaaziinng i loooveee yooouu !!!


  17. kronnick Says:

    @wegotasituation – nicki never said a thing about kim, it came outta nowhere when Ray J and Lil Kim were on stage performing together, Ray J started goin off, talkin about “imposters in the game.” Then Kim fired off her own rant in a Queens Club. Thats the first time you’ll hear anything subliminal on any of Nicki’s tracks. Then she came with “Roman’s Revenge.” Kim dropped her diss track, which was mediocre if you ask me, and Nicki responded, “when i see your face on a billboard, i’ll respond.” Kim got jealous and tried to fight out of her weight class, maybe a couple of years ago she coulda held her own, but she is way too irrelevant anymore. Kim lost, Kim looks jealous, and Kim looks like a sore loser. Nicki held her own, by herself. And Kim lost by a half a million albums, period.


  18. ceaser randle Says:

    congrats nikki


  19. Redz_World Says:

    yall some hater GO NICKI!! YMCMB 4EVA!!


  20. lilcheesy Says:

    roman’s revenge remix dropped…NO lil wayne…damnnn…where you at kronnick?


  21. kronnick Says:

    Never sourced Wayne was on it, only speculated. Rough.


  22. kronnick Says:

    PLUS, it’s still a work in progress, Bus’ verse dropped, but notice all of the [empty space] left on the end. Released song is only 3:22, give it some time @lilcheesy.


  23. Sanjaya gupta Says:

    Nicki shes so fat & ugly, look at her videos she looks like a dumb pig, & yo kronnick u mess wit india u get 5,000 ak-47s aimed at your head u sanobabitch


  24. Raju backtiar Says:

    Agree she is dumb as a rats ass look at what she does with her face, one month 500,000 ha ha ha ha ha i knew she would flop nobody wanna buy that shit,kronnick we indians strait up killas so watck ur self nigga


  25. USA Says:

    Fuck India and their ak’s, we don’t play with toys in the USA we’ll just aim one nuke at your 5000 aks.


  26. kronnick Says:

    we aint worried bout your cute little assault rifles, trust that. until ya’ll have running water to more than 15% of your nation. Answer my phone calls and FIX MY DELL pussy.


  27. Sanjaya gupta Says:

    Nigga i live here in cali so go fuck urself, i bet u live in some shitty country side thats why ur complaining about the water all the time, i get fresh hot water 24/7, u hot a dell ha ha ha ha ha.Nicki will fade away in a month or two give her some time,the lowest debut album on any major record label ever. So ha!!!!!


  28. Gongolays bil shata Says:

    Ha ha she’s so fat they had to strech out her legs to make them look thin ha ha, shout out to my nigga sanjaya keepin it real as always, & yo kronnick is just a hater forget about him


  29. kronnick Says:

    Pink Friday was the 2nd HIGHEST-SELLING first week album of all time for a female, and HIGHEST-SELLING first week from a female in the genre. The only person to do more is Lauryn Hill, cant argue with that.

    i’m the hater? yep, cuz i came on here talkin shit and hatin on nicki minaj, right?

    i understand tho, ya’ll in that part of the world jus have some sort of problem with successful women. dress them in bed sheets and give them no freedoms. Just cuz a WOMAN is worth 100 times what you are, you call her a pig. that makes sense.


  30. kronnick Says:

    no complaining about water here? i could have tap, i could have filtered, or i could have bottled. i mean, i got options. if you read a little more carefully, you’ll see that i’m talkin shit on YOUR country, on YOUR people. But whats talkin shit to a whole county that smells like shit.


  31. Sanjaya gupta Says:

    Yo kronnick can u honestly tell me shes a good artist, can u compare her singing to beyonce even ke$ha sounds better, can you compare her rapping to lil wayne or drake, waka flocka is better than her, ok she gets the biggest buzz but why didn’t she sell shit.come tell me shes shit when she sells some albums until then shes fat ugly and stuuuuuuuupid, i bet u didn’t even buy that crap. Ha ha nigga


  32. Gongolays bil shata Says:

    Kronnick said that pink friday is the 2nd HIGHEST-SELLING first week album of all time for a female thats bullshit what about beyonce,alicia keys, madonna, nelly furtado,lady gaga,etc…………………,,,,……………….plus i would like to give a shout out to my nigga sanjaya for keepin it REAL As always kronnick check ur info before posting bullshit,& like sanjaya said i bet you didn’t buy her album,if all the people who call us haters went & bought that shit she would’ve went platinum


  33. kronnick Says:

    DEBUT album from a female, douche. Lauryn Hill was the only one to sell more debut albums first week, and she did that cuz she already had the recognizable name and a decently good body of work with the fugees.



  34. BellaMafia Says:

    Kronnick, there is absolutely no need to respond to others. You made a good argument and supported it quite well. On another note, I hear Pink Friday went PLATINUM!!!!


  35. SON Says:

    Go Nicki go thats what we know from you.


  36. lol. Says:

    Shes just doin her thing. Stop being so ignorant, and shes most deff not fat, shes got big hips and big tits, look at her stomach…flat.
    Quit bein haters.
    But, with one person who loves her, theres one who doesn’t. It’s how it is, but you don’t go on a fuckin’ fan page to talk shit, can you say “I don’t have a life” ?
    Thought so.


  37. lol. Says:

    Btw. “india” ?
    Aren;t you supposed to make your women fat and nasty?
    kronick is right up on his game.
    ya’ll don’t know shit.
    this girl is successful as shit.
    are you? livin in the slums makin minimum wage.
    quit hated, and get the fuck off a fan page.


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