Jae Millz – Finish The Year Right (Freestyle)

December 21, 2010 by Danny M

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Jae Millz Finish The Year Right Freestyle

Millzy goes in over some of the hottest instrumentals this year to “Finish The Year Right” haha. You can listen and download this track below:

Download: Jae Millz – Finish The Year Right (Freestyle)

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23 Responses to “Jae Millz – Finish The Year Right (Freestyle)”

  1. Luc@zZz Says:

    Millzy did his thing in this shit! LEGGOOO

    What’s the name of the last song/beat?


  2. Lil Wes Says:

    Does anyone know the name of the instrumentals that start 2.40 and 3.04


  3. Abass Says:

    DAMN! this goes hard. Millzy can rap to every beat thats the truth!
    And his beats are dope.. One of the best fo sho!
    Leggoooo !


  4. Michael (Eazy-M) Says:

    @Abass True man.

    Curious for his next songs 🙂


  5. kris Says:

    does anyone know the song between 1.35 and 1.53 tnx


  6. Wesley Says:

    Kris, 1.35 – 1.53 is Affirmative Action


  7. bknyhustle Says:

    i swear milz mind be on em tits like shit goddamn… but hell i’d lick, eat, suck, fuck and piss allover her chest and face too.


  8. ofiqe_ss5@hotmail.com Says:

    What’s that song starting at 2:40 ??????


  9. swag Says:

    the song at 2.40 is “start it up” by lloyd banks


  10. bennyj Says:

    Who’s the chick?


  11. lilweezyfan1 Says:

    damn this song is sick.


  12. kris Says:

    Wesley, I can`t find Affirmative Action are you surer 🙂


  13. Anthony Says:

    Dat nigga Jae Millz Suck Ass! All dis nigga do is make dat wack ass music. Nigga just stop


  14. Edwin Says:

    @Lil Wes
    The name of the song starting at 2:40 is start it up by lloyd banks, the song starting 3:04 I don’t know either but if anyone knows tell me!
    crazy shit this song! this definitely a good end of the year!


  15. YungNizzy14 Says:

    Man Millzy murdered this shit Good Job my nigga YMCMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. weezyfireflame Says:

    millz is a great rapper i like all the ymcmb rappers but they kinda need to get there own styles, i mean like they are all trying to follow wayne the only one that has a different style is tyga,he is making it now, only him wayne drake and nikki. and its from dirty diddy money the track at 2:04


  17. redhaze Says:

    someon pls tel which instrumental is played at 1.02


  18. Hco.Boy Says:

    1.02 Is Tyga Im So Raw


  19. Name (required) Says:

    last song = Diplomats – Salute U


  20. YounggTre Says:

    FUCKIN Raw haha. This Niggah Millz is the TRUTH.


  21. luckkkkass Says:

    1st : dnt knw
    2nd : dnt knw
    3rd : tyga – im so raw
    4th : lloyd banks – holding on you
    5th : DDM – hello good morning
    6th : lloyd banks – start it up
    7th : diplomats – salute
    Complete ! 😉


  22. luckkkkass Says:

    *1st : waka floka flame – hard in da paint



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