Rick Ross – Made Men (Feat Drake)

January 4, 2011 by Danny M

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Rick Ross Made Men Feat Drake

Rick Ross premiered his new track with Drake titled “Made Men” on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club this morning, and now OVO has just posted the CDQ/Dirty version. You can listen and download this song below:

Download: Rick Ross – Made Men (Feat Drake)

“One of my baddest women ever, I call her Rihanna… but that’s cause her name is Rhianna” owww Drizzy!

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41 Responses to “Rick Ross – Made Men (Feat Drake)”

  1. bo44 Says:

    BAWWWS! Hard Tune.


  2. lars Says:

    This aint dirty? cencored as hell


  3. Andrewnmartinez Says:

    Iv’e been workin on this Mega Mix for a while and Iv’e finally mastered it.
    Rick Ross- Ft. Trey Songz, Drake, Crissette Michelle , Lem Payne, Wale, Tony Lanez, & Bow Wow- Aston Martin Music Mega Mix
    Anyone want it?

    I also have a version of Successful with all the verses of drake trey and wayne.

    and if you guys havent gotten my 6 foot 7 foot remix with jae millz i go that too.

    Let me know if theres also anything u want me to mix i will gladly do it 🙂


  4. bknyhustle Says:

    damn shit goes hard…

    @Andrewnmartinez yo whuddup x3 my nigga, im fuckn with that jmilz shit bigtime. thanks fam.

    and letchu kn you ain’t even gotta ask just be droppin em mixes.we here you heard!



  5. bmath Says:

    bro how we get a hold of you for them mixes??


  6. Andrewnmartinez Says:

    Alright once i get home ill post up the 3 songs here! And also if u want me to mix somethin just shout out to my email @ andrewnmartinez @ yahoo.com

    If i get enpough people wanting these mixes ill do one every week haha


  7. Bmath Says:

    Alright good looks bro. Much respect


  8. andres Says:

    where are the lyrics? lol, when i look for young money lyrics i always come here, this is the 1st time they don’t have ’em yet


  9. andrewnmartinez Says:

    alright here is this mega mix for all my fam here! hope you enjoy it as much as i do! its a lil bit over 13 minutes but its worth the listen. 😉
    Rick Ross- Aston Martin Music Mega Mix Ft. Trey Songz, Drake, Crissette Michelle, Lem Payne, Wale, Tony Lanez, & Bow Wow

    And here is also the 6 Foot 7 Foot I mixed for my fam here at young money hq. 😉
    Lil Wayne- 6 Foot 7 Foot[Remix] Ft. Jae Millz & Cory Gunz

    Im gonna go over my successful mix to make sure its all smooth. wouldn’t want to give you an imperfect song. 🙂
    just come back to this post periodically and ill hopefully have it by tonight

    i need a stage name for these mixes i be doing. haha DJ [insert name here] BUT WITH NO DJ TAGS EVER. haha
    help me out with a name guys


  10. andrewnmartinez Says:

    Here it is Successful Mastered Ft. Trey Songz & Lil Wayne

    hey young money hq you guys should post this so people can enjoy these wonderful mixes! haha


  11. bmath Says:

    good shit bro, i love that remix!! now upload them other two. lol :p
    and what program did you use to mix these?


  12. Andrewnmartinez Says:

    All three are there bro just look in the two posts above yours 🙂
    And i use mixcraft 5 only thing is it costs money but i just keep creatin a new user and always have it
    Let me know what u think about all three 🙂 but in detail haha!


  13. K-Freshzz Says:

    Drake’s style is perfect for dis beat…….this beat go supa hard!!! Keep killin em’ drake!!!! Drake just stands for do right and kill everythang!!!!


  14. Thisniggareal Says:

    I aint even gonna lie this song was trash as hell drake part yea but rick ross hell naw


  15. @liltunechi Says:

    Drake sounds like lil Wayne in this dong …I wish he always rap like that he get more shine if he did


  16. Gdavis Says:

    This shit hot, i wish wayne was on this.


  17. K-Freshzz Says:

    he really does rap a lot better when he raps like wayne…..and i cant believe some people dont like drake because he raps too much like wayne?!?!?! thats bs….. in my opinion, drakes style is ALOT different than waynes!!!! but either way, puttin both of them on a track is murderous!!!!! lol


  18. lilweezyfan1 Says:

    this shit goes hard 🙂 drake killed it 🙂


  19. Mik3 909 Says:

    Drake style is getting tired lol

    Rick Ross is just a joke




  20. bmath Says:

    man them mixes go hardddd!!! and alright imma look into that mixcraft 5 cause i like to mix my songs myself but sometimes they come out messed up. your shit soound professional


  21. bmath Says:

    ohh and that successful remix sounds smooth as hell


  22. andrewnmartinez Says:

    haha i be holdin it down for you guys 😉
    ima bout to upload a deuces mega mix 🙂 but its gonna be a lil weird on i think one part cause theres no way to perfect it without individual acapellas but still i made it work


  23. andrewnmartinez Says:

    Chris Brown- Deuces MegaMix Ft. Drake, T.I., Kanye West, Fabulous, Rick Ross, Tyga, Kevin McCall, Lil Wayne, & Andre 3000

    And a version with a spanish verse. some of you might like it 🙂
    Chris Brown- Deuces MegaMix Ft. Drake, T.I., Kanye West, Fabulous, Rick Ross, Tyga, Kevin McCall, Lil Wayne, De La Ghetto & Andre 3000

    oh! and look out for my aston martin music mega mix version 2.0! with the new big sean and t.i. verse 😉 ill post it here on this site before anywhere else 🙂


  24. andrewnmartinez Says:

    Chris Brown- Deuces MegaMix Ft. Drake, T.I., Kanye West, Fabulous, Rick Ross, Tyga, Kevin McCall, Lil Wayne, & Andre 3000


  25. Dani Says:

    andrewnmartinez .. do u have facebook or email .. need to talk in pricate .. THANKS!!!


  26. Andrewnmartinez Says:

    Yessirr! Andrewthesexybeast@yahoo.com
    Im on fb twitter and email contact me through whichever 🙂


  27. andres Says:

    yo andrewnmartinez, u killed those mixes, keep doing what u doing kid


  28. Kadafi_213 Says:

    andrewnmartinez Dj AM 2 PM you killed that mega mixes off good job


  29. andrewnmartinez Says:

    thanks guys i’m realy gonan start doing this shit for yall. if you want something for me to mix. let me know and ill be workin on it for ya. much love


  30. Randyn Says:

    andrewnmartinez – hey bro ill get that remix and succesful mix of yours mayne


  31. andrewnmartinez Says:

    its right there bro. just download em and lemme know what you think bout them haha


  32. bmath Says:


    bro can you do a bill gates mix for me?
    with all of waynes verses, short dawgs verses, and if possible fabolous verse. but just fabs verse, not the dude thats on there with him. lol

    if you can do it thanks bro, just post it in here

    thanks for doin these mixes for us bro, much love


  33. bmath Says:

    ohh and where you gonna get them verses by t.i. and big sean. i’ve looked everywhere for them and i can only find tips verse on one site but its got dj all over it


  34. diego Says:


    aye can u do a deuces with all the verses and can u please throw some chorus between some of the verses

    also a in the morning miz


  35. andrewnmartinez Says:

    ill see if i can get the bill gates rolin and ya im just waitin for them to be released to mix em and itl be postedo n this site 🙂
    and @ diego i tried to do that but the problem is the verses are to close to each other so extracting them solo is very difficult. ill look into it though. ill let you know if i can. and in the morning i tried to do that one and its fine only thing is the quality of the other freestyles are very horrible in a sense of kbps :/ so ill do it but im not sure if you like it


  36. diego Says:


    yea i get you thanks bro

    well i would like to hear the one with j.cole drizzy and loso
    please bro


  37. andrewnmartinez Says:

    alriight ill post it when i finish it on one of the new posts not on this one


  38. chucky Says:



  39. carter Says:

    wavieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee biae d.a this ish is perfect to listen to wen smackkkkkkkkkkk



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