Video: Tyga Answers Bed Room Questions, Speaks On Wiz Khalifa Beef & More

January 25, 2011 by Danny M


WorldStarHipHop’s Kianna Lynae interviews Tygaman in the video above. They discuss the Nicki Minaj vs. Lil Kim beef, Wiz Khalifa beef rumors, the type of girls Tyga is interested in, and lots of bed room questions.

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16 Responses to “Video: Tyga Answers Bed Room Questions, Speaks On Wiz Khalifa Beef & More”

  1. deshaun1 Says:

    dat interviwer Kianna is bad as hell.would of hit it if i was tyga


  2. lilweezyfan1 Says:

    that inerviwer girl is hot. i will be hitting on that chick.


  3. Watlhopho Says:

    lill weeezy s a bomb…kip guin brada


  4. JdubGME Says:

    4 all uk he prolly did…


  5. MajkPoland Says:

    Tyga fu*k her later


  6. UAB....buddy Says:

    dude that bitch wanted it soooo bad. Tyga had his fuckin choice


  7. YungNizzy14 Says:

    Damn tht chick is fine as hell, look like she wanna fuck Tyga lmao, dat nigga said a dirty CHOCHA will turn him off I KNOW THTS RIGHT shit likewise 4 me homie YMCMB!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Otenles Says:

    How the fuck is this bitch even into him ?
    Tyga looks like the most boring dude ive ever seen

    Look how unintrested he answers questions and not even looking that bitch in here eyes
    She flxing her titties the whole and that nigga not even looking

    And yall thinkig he fucked her
    hell naw

    If so than that bitch got fucking low standards


  9. KimWeezyFan Says:

    LMFAO,@ Otenles, i totally agree lol, Dat was so funny.


  10. bknyhustle Says:

    cosign you otenles, that nigga needs to step his interview game up. most of his inerviews i watched comes off as hella boring tho…

    but hell that broad can get it.


  11. JHP Says:

    Cosign Oteneles, I think that nigga Tyga is the shy type, I can’t bash him though, I’m like that too. This was a boring interview, he wasn’t really into it, looking at her, or nothing, so yeah he’s prolly shy around girls, even though the hoes love him lol.


  12. BBC Says:

    This is like one of the most awkward interviews I have ever watched! Tyga seems so uninterested, like most of you guys mentioned. He also seems extremely shy and modest about his sex life (which is cool) but then it seems as if he doesnt know what he is talking about especially when he says “there r so many”.. Oteneles u are a hater bro, low standards? Tyga would def have low standards if he had relations with her. She looks and acts like trash; what kind of decent girl wear clothes like that during an interview and asking questions like that?! He just seems boring in this interview/ not focus..


  13. YMCMB FAN Says:

    I’m not even qoinq to lie, I’m a huqe Tyqa fan but these comments are riqht. When it comes to interviews, buddy need to step his qame up. I mean I like the interview’ but the way he sound made the interview seem so borinq. I’m a quiet person and shy too, but I mean when it comes to public speakinq, I’m qoinq to speak! Come’on Tyqa we know you better than that!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. cashmere Says:

    True, he was kinda distant like he wasnt really into it. I love Tyga regardless though, i like guys thats quiet in public, guys that do too much are kinda goofey to me. He’s real, I love his swag, but you have to remember he’s a scorpio, thats just how scorpios are.


  15. wiz Says:

    that foo looked high as hell, and he kept it cool & real around that chick. that only makes the hoes work harder and want his dick even more. LEARN THE GAME.


  16. Bre Says:

    Love tyga


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