Lil Chuckee – Rapper’s Market 2: Shop Never Closed [Mixtape Download]

January 29, 2011 by Danny M


Lil Chuckee Rappers Market 2 - Mixtape Download

Here, you can download Lil Chuckee‘s latest mixtape titled “Rapper’s Market 2: Shop Never Closed” hosted by DJ Tee The Barber, DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar. Above is the front cover, and you can view the tracklist after the jump below. The tape features John Boy, Gyptian, Nicki Minaj, and Rich Kids.

Download: Lil Chuckee – Rapper’s Market 2: Shop Never Closed [Mixtape]

1. Lil Chuckee – Intro
2. Lil Chuckee – I’m ‘Bout It
3. Lil Chuckee – Monster
4. Lil Chuckee – Speakers Goin’ Hammer
5. Lil Chuckee – Unstoppable
6. Lil Chuckee – Twap Daddy
7. Lil Chuckee – Standing In The Kitchen (Feat Jacquees)
8. Lil Chuckee – Fire Flame
9. Lil Chuckee – Right Above It
10. Lil Chuckee – Get Big
11. Lil Chuckee – Black & Gold
12. Lil Chuckee – Circle
13. Lil Chuckee – Hard In The Paint
14. John Boy – Let That Boy Cook (Feat Lil Chuckee)
15. Gyptian – Hold Yuh (Feat Lil Chuckee & Nicki Minaj)
16. Rich Kids – I See You (Feat Lil Chuckee)
17. Lil Chuckee – Just The Way You Are
18. Lil Chuckee – Airplanes
19. Lil Chuckee – Give It To Me
20. Lil Chuckee – Lil Gangsta
21. Lil Chuckee – Block Is Hot (Part 2)
22. Lil Chuckee – Outro

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27 Responses to “Lil Chuckee – Rapper’s Market 2: Shop Never Closed [Mixtape Download]”

  1. Mike Says:

    1st. Hope it’s actually good unlike his others


  2. Mike Says:

    Those of you not sure whether or not to get this, he actually stepped his game up by a lot. I never really liked him much. I thought he should of been kicked from YM, but he proved why he’s there. It aint bad.


  3. D-Lop Says:

    This is BAD…Chuckee is basically a shittier version of Lil’ Wayne…he has no style of his own, and he RARELY rhymes…and i mean RARELY!
    He either doesnt rhyme….maybe rhymes on occasion…or doesn’t rhyme at all!
    Ugh….i feel sorry for him


  4. D-Lop Says:

    Also…there are some phat ass beats on this tape, that just get shitty because Chuckee sucks….he really needs to step it up, because i’ve pretty much lost faith in him…….Lil Twist is the real star


  5. deejayillwill Says:

    Lil chuckee, My Lil homie, dude you gotta learn to rap better, cause I swear, YOU FUCKING SUCK YO ., hoola from H-town as well, suk on it .


  6. nicole/chuckee's wifey Says:

    wat ever all yal hoes who keep hatin can leave my boo alone and go suck on sumthing, lil c your music is dope, keep up da good work : )


  7. KeptItReal Says:

    This mixtape was actually good. Give the kid some time you have to realize he just 15,and also he doesn’t do it for yall that don’t like it,he do it for the young kids his age and the females.


  8. Sica Says:

    i love it ! Chuckee u’re tha best !


  9. RealTalk Says:

    Mack & Wayne see something in this kid we don’t and by now we all know Wayne & Mack Know talent


  10. ricardo laguna Says:

    great mixtape chuckee you are great from venezuela you are exellent raper


  11. Grace Says:

    I havent heard it but ok:)


  12. abbagiggs Says:



  13. Akillees Says:

    His Voice Is Plain Annoyin


  14. schwein Says:

    i agree with D-lop. he just plain sucksss. i dont understand what lil wayne sees in him. i bet he regrets signing him


  15. djraheeeem Says:

    dont mind any fucking ass_hole k,you are simply the best


  16. Mike Says:

    anyone who said it was great lied straight up. it’s a below average mixtape as a whole but it’s good for a mixtape coming from chuckee. it still sucks but i don’t see him getting any better


  17. RoD 'so' 305 Says:

    Ya’LL jUsT LeAvE Da JiT aLoNe & LeTTeM MaKe HiS mOnEy , I’n nO FaN BuT I’n gOnE HaTe . iF mUsIc GooD i gIvE GooD cOmmEnTs , iF iT’s BaD i Don’T sAy sHiT aBouT iT UnLeSS I’mmA FaN . DeN i cOmmEnT & sAy I DiD’nT eXpEcT DiS . str8 uP …….


  18. Bignook Says:

    ah nigga told me , dj’s give him da beats dey was finna throw away . Cuz dey’n wanna waste no good beats on his yung dumb sorrrrrrrazz


  19. bigballer Says:

    he just needs more practice all the youngmoney people are older than him so we just have to wait and see wat happens. this mixtape was good just needs more work on it and the lyrics


  20. WeezyFan Says:


    you say he does it for kids at his age? imao, im 15 and this fucking sucks


  21. Dave Walker Says:

    lil chuckee keep up the good work mixtape was criss-


  22. Ymcmb Says:

    Ymcmb bytches call me tunechi lee



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