Justin Bieber – Stuck In The Moment (Remix) (Feat Tyga)

February 22, 2011 by Danny M

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Justin Bieber Stuck In The Moment Remix Feat Tyga

Justin Bieber gets Tyga on the official remix of his “Stuck In The Moment” track. This song appeared on Bieber‘s Never Say Never – The Remixes album, and you can stream/download it below:

Download: Justin Bieber – Stuck In The Moment (Remix) (Feat Tyga)

Good lookin’ Mr. X!

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14 Responses to “Justin Bieber – Stuck In The Moment (Remix) (Feat Tyga)”

  1. Fail Says:

    Well I had hopes for you Tyga, but Justin Bieber? why dont you just go do a song with the backstreet boys you faggot


  2. FAIL2 Says:

    OMG Tyga !!!! really??????? bieber???????? omfg….this is for you bieber: fuck off from YM … dont you ever fucking ever do a song…just die!
    For Tyga: man … dont do that again 😐


  3. Ibc Says:

    Allthough I hate Justin Bieber, this is a smart move from Tyga. He’ll get a lot new fans.


  4. Tuhina Says:

    Tyga and Justin Bieber. I would have never imagined this. I love Justin Bieber. This is a smart move for both stars. Lots of new fans.

    The song is great! ♥♥


  5. Tyga Tyga Says:

    @Ibc… I totally agree with u, Tyga will get a lot of fans, N for all of you Justin Beiber haters, wtf did he ever do to u?

    Sick Song!


  6. maria isabel Says:

    i like it lol (:


  7. lilweezyfan1 Says:

    sick song 🙂 i love justin bieber, and i love tyga. this is a big move that they made. and tyga is going to get new fans now 🙂


  8. fail Says:

    ^^ at fail2. Yes i agree its a way to get more popular but its defiantely a sell out move


  9. Carter IV Says:

    I don’t really know Justin so i can’t say dat i hate him nd you guys can’t say you hate him neither… Anyways i like dis song, Tyga nd Beiber make an average collab! Once again, keep it up Tyga!


  10. beauty Says:

    am luvin this track to the max


  11. Salt Says:

    -Ion Like Justin Bieber Bt Disx Song Gud Or Wat Eva.!


  12. Gabriel Says:

    fuck you Justin bieber


  13. weezy forever Says:

    i dont know why u people hate justin bieber…is breathin ur air?wtf is just a kid…lol…i dont love him, or listen his music…but what u guys are doin is a bullshit…damn


  14. vell Says:

    i feel like jb will join ym??


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