Video: Drake & Nicki Minaj Interview Each Other

April 18, 2011 by Danny M

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Rather than tend to our questions, Drizzy and Nicki decided to interview each other. Drake started off slow with his questioning, asking Nicki about her “peak moment” onstage.

“You want to know what, Drizzy? I really love busting out from underneath the floor doing ‘Roman’s Revenge,’ ” Nicki told MTV News — er, Drake. “When I say, ‘I’ll kick that ho, punt!’ When I say, ‘Bitch, if you ain’t sh—in’ then get off the pot,’ we really connect.”

The “Best I Ever Had” rapper did his journalistic due diligence with his follow-up question, asking Nicki when we could expect new music, while adding that he thought it would be “really exciting.”

“Well, you know, Drizzy, I have been keeping everything sort of stored inside of me,” Nicki said. “So I’m just in complete tour mode. Yeah, I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do some features, but if I can’t give myself wholeheartedly, I always pass. I definitely never want to be just doing too many features that they start getting watered-down and I’m not giving my whole, true self.”

Nicki said she would focus on recording new material after she’s finished with Britney Spears’ upcoming Femme Fatale tour. One exception the “Moment 4 Life” MC will make to her limited recording is if any of her YMCMB crew come calling.

Drake then asked Nicki if she would be on his forthcoming sophomore album, Take Care, to which she playfully said she would pencil him in.

It was then Nicki’s turn as interviewer, and her first question for Drake was what it was like to be back with his Young Money family after touring the U.K. earlier this year. “I truly enjoy these moments,” Drake answered. “Especially being in New Orleans. Actually, New Orleans was the first place that I ever really realized that my music was getting out there. I remember walking outside the W hotel, and there was a guy out there selling mixtapes and he had So Far Gone. I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t even mad. You usually think you’ll be mad when there’s a bootlegger, but I was super excited.”

Nicki then asked Drake about the beard-and-curly-hair look he’s been rocking lately, and he revealed that it was for a film role. In January, it was reported that the former “Degrassi: The Next Generation” star was joining the cast of “Arbitrage,” which is set to star Susan Sarandon and Al Pacino. However, Drake relayed that he has “decided to work on my album instead of doing that particular film.”


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15 Responses to “Video: Drake & Nicki Minaj Interview Each Other”

  1. nanisha Says:

    he aint doing the movie no more then.?


  2. Shizzle97 Says:

    @nanisha yea does anybody know if hes doing the movie anymore?

    Follow on twitter: Shizzle97
    I’ll follow back


  3. mhz vanessa moore Says:

    lol. i liked that interview drake and niki be trying to speak am jamaican i can teach u.- ” me a di gal dem suga” lol


  4. Bbeyy Says:

    MHz Vanessa Moore , Where can I find the interview?


  5. Carter IV Says:

    He said he’ll be working on the album INSTEAD of shooting da film so im assuming dat he won’t be doing da film. It would’ve been really cool if he did da film though. Having a YM member in a film would make whateva movie dat is my “favorite movie”… Its pretty cool how Lil’ Twist made an appearance on da movie Lottery Ticket but Lil’ Twist doesn’t have as big of a buzz as Drizzy does, so it would be awesome if Drake made a movie nd it would be even betta if he was da main character :D!!!


  6. Ryan Says:

    Bow Wow is apart of young money and makes movies


  7. Shizzle97 Says:

    @Ryan Bow Wow isn’t apart of Young Money, he’s part of Cash Money!

    @Shizzle97 Follow on i’ll follow back


  8. Tune(Man on the Moon) Says:

    i wanna take care at first
    why does he don’t make a movie for the limited edition of take care?


  9. Luiseezy F. Crazy Says:

    DRAKE: so miss nicki minaj did you lose the butt pads yet?
    NICKI: i cant lose whats real, this is sex appeal!!
    NICKI:sooo drake did you lose the belly fat yet??
    DRAKE: uuhhmmm i cant lose whats real, this is sex appeal :/


  10. POT Says:

    What Song was that playing in the backround, while drake was answering questions….. Take Care’s First Single?…


  11. hdez12 Says:

    Does he say we slept together at 3:28?


  12. Hannah Says:

    why don’t they just go out already?


  13. marini harris Says:

    i did not know they talk like that omg really


  14. Juice Says:

    I love that sexy women if I was to
    meet her it would be a wrap holla at me nicki


  15. Pebby Ashley Says:

    Nicki is a ryl woman and wud be vewi suitble 4 drizzy. Accrdng 2ma thotz nicki loves drake and wantz to tyk thngz slowly and nt to rush da relatnshp. Nicki bttr tyk drake b4 rihanna doez


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