Mack Maine Plans New Record Label Under YMCMB Labels

April 23, 2011 by Danny M

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Above, MTV speaks to Mack Maine over the phone about a new sub-label he is in the process of creating under the Young Money, Cash Money, Universal labels.

“You know how Roc-A-Fella had State Property; I’m actually in the process of starting a new label … a sub-label, basically,” Mack said of the still-untitled imprint that he will head under the Cash Money umbrella.

Wayne is scheduled to drop Tha Carter IV on June 21, and there are plans for Birdman’s fifth solo album, Bigger Than Life, to follow in July. And, that isn’t all: According to the YM prez, Tyga will be dropping Careless World this year, Lil Twist will be putting out his first effort, Don’t Get it Twisted, and Drake is readying his sophomore LP, Take Care. “Drake let me hear 10 songs the other night — 10 bangers he’s working,” Mack said. “Drake’s coming in September, just know that.”

Not to be left out, Mack himself also will be releasing an album this summer. With at least six projects already on the proposed schedule, the New Orleans rapper/executive said adding a third label to the YMCM structure will help facilitate the flow of releases. “I want to make sure I put a few people out through that vessel instead of putting everybody out under the same label, which is hard,” he said. “But we’re all one big family.”

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40 Responses to “Mack Maine Plans New Record Label Under YMCMB Labels”

  1. LilTunechiYM Says:

    o_O the Family want to expand…quite intresting


  2. psquire212 Says:

    Whos gonna b in the sub label?


  3. be_ Says:

    ^^ the weedcarriers

    chuckee, jae millz, gudda gudda (probably not)


  4. Wow Says:

    Oooh no!! It’s YMCMB!! That is all. Young Money /Cash Money universal Buisness !! Im not gonna say YMCMSB or something like that! F*ck MackMaine!! *LOL*


  5. bknyhustle Says:

    yea down sizing is a necessity…i mean the fact is these buncha mixtape rappers cnt drive ymcmb/universal balance sheet tbh if it ain’t drake, nicki or wayne i swear ymcm ain’t eating off of rap so i say kudos to mack on that regard – this move needed to happen and im glad that its quite timely


  6. Bongani Says:

    Yean niggars i think mack maine wil do gr8 job on YMCMB nd i trust him lyk i trust “BABY” Birdman


  7. Samuel (G) Says:

    This is a white boy from WV. I have Alot of talent, but in a place like this it is nearly impossible to do ANYTHING!! I really need to get a sponsor in the game. I need the money, so I can put my family in a better place. And give them what they deserve. I’m in the process of making a demo. But I doubt it will be the best, because of the quality of the equipment. If you need new talent I guarantee that I will make a great addition to the family. If interested call (304)921-3555. And ask for Samuel Compton. Really hope to hear from somebody.
    Thank you


  8. zales jones Says:

    AY its ya boi zales and i can rap an sing (been rappin since 11) and i wanna get a record deal cause i got talent and i want everybody to hear my talent so if u would give me a chance i promise u will have some new talent


  9. Jazmon Arnold Says:

    All i want in life is to be the next onicka miraj …. I have looked all over the enternet trying to find some way to get in touch with nicki… But all ive done is fail… I geuss this is a last resourt.. I know that if i can just speak with nicki she will believe in me and help to get to where i wanna be in the hiphop,R&b , and rap industrie.. I geuss what im looking/asking for is a mentour? Im a hard worker and i will do alot and let you down is not one… all im asking for is a chance.. Please give me one.. 🙂 SIGNED# AGirlWithDreams .. And yea ITS BARBIE BITCHHHH ! 🙂 AHAHA!


  10. sam Says:

    deonj davelle should be on the sub label. google him. they are already comparing him to twist and wayne


  11. Brittany Lamb Says:

    Dear YMCMB,
    if u eva lokin for sum new talent to sign to young money cash money records. i would lik to hav a chance to be in YMCMB. i kno i can do dis. i love to rap, sing , act and dance. but i really lik to rap and sing. i would really lik a chance to prove myself to u. lil wayne,birdman,drake,nikki minaj,lil wist, jay sean, rick ross, dj khaled and da whole young money crew inspired me. i neva gave up on myself in findin sumbody to sign me. and im not goin to stop now. i work all day and night on my music. i kno im good. please email me and please give me a chance.

    Brittany Lamb
    P.S: Thank u 4 inspirin me everyday to be all i can be


  12. Gduve Says:

    Im not expecting to get a response on this but im doing it any way maine been hearing yo music for a min now and we know you got the skills all im lokking for is just to here me out and tell me how you feel about a nigga music……chck out my videos on you tube/ type in GDUVE in the search bar ITS ONLY A FEW OF MY EARLY WRKif you want any thing new i can be contacted via email hit me up


  13. jordan presley Says:

    watsup young money ummm me and my group want to know if we can do a song for u if u want to get in contacted with me go to facebook and look for jordan presley or call


  14. nikera Says:

    Baby, lil wayne, mack maine and the whole ymcmb I salute all of u because you guys are really recking the industry right now. I love all of the songs. The swag is so official and I would love to be apart of the movement. I am a female rapper with my own personal swag as well and I think I would be a perfect canidate if you were intrested in a female. I wouldnt want to represent any crew but YMCMB. Baby I just want to say that I really respect you for being so openminded and willing to except diffrent kinds of people into your buisness and excel from that. You are definetly a mastermind if u are intrested u can reach me @ my email adress ( or my facebook name (nikera walker) and we can go from there but I would just like to assure u it will be well worth it to add me to the team of YMCMB :):):):):


  15. tee Says:

    look im bout dis rap shit im ready to rap u can call [‘352-792-7522.] dis tee


  16. Aishaa ! Says:

    Draake <3 !


  17. Y.A.R.O.D.D. Says:


    Its like im pressing for time focused on tryna get mine.Hustling for every nickel and dime got FEDS tryna book me for this crime.Oh no no homo please no photos gotta smoke my own dough dough dez niggas tryna lace ona low bro.High outterspace staring down in tha palm of my hands at my overlookers.Couple chains shades pair of Jays Levis crispy like Frito Lays for dem undercover hookers.Dat green girl is my main chick I love em Puerto Rican or Latinan.Paper stacks on paer stacks nevermind I be thinking.


  18. sean Says:

    if you looking to sighn new artists email me trust me you wont regret it young kids thats ready to do hard work because we really believe in this rap shit


  19. kadijah Says:

    HELLO I am intrested & I aint coming with a sob story because things in past are clue word in the past but i got alot of shit I can bring to the table i currently have model gigs but i rap & sing & I am a song writer have a huge book well I do have a story & my budget is tight but i would love to be sign by cash money or a very hard core label Im black american family from islands I just turned 18 feb.26 2012 Im out of school so ready please get back at me much love kadijah (352-426-6394) stage name pretty !


  20. sage larue Says:

    Hello my name is sage larue and i produce music and all of the track’s that i make i also engineer my beats i work with protools hardware and software and i use fl10 also can write song’s and lyrics’s as well i have tracks on soundcloud under sage larue i have 9 on the site and working on the tenth one as im speaking now so if you could take the time out to check it out. i know this is a long shot but hey it was well worth it thanx truly your’s Sage LaRue


  21. jameica' Says:

    well im a singer in i just really know that i have a voice that others should hear and im serious about singing and if you every need new talent here it is right here 502-447-3478


  22. jacory Says:

    unsigned hype we can help mack mane make dis money


  23. jacory Says: unsigned hype we can help make dis money hq out of lafayette louisiana


  24. lil quan Says:

    i mlike raping


  25. T-man Says:

    I like how YM puting a new lable out there if yall got the time check us out me and my group on “ SlavefootENTTV” from VA we can bring alot to the table for the new lable contact me at dis number 434-294-5136


  26. josh Says:

    chillin in the blox wid the family, smokin kush and sippin sambuca whick tastes of aniseed magically, it makes want to use the lavatory…..go to the garden and piss under the canopy, apparently, i got the dro thats fit for the majesty, im tactically a nutcase that knows about anatomy, and practically im 1 of the most surreal spitters on the rapping scene, i love fukin chinese bitches screaming out mandarin or cantonese, these beats i rap over fulfill all my rapper needs, like beating out a chic whos half thai and half japanese, darkshadows known for profanities, spittin so much im a rap machine. I got thousands off pages with this kind of material, live in thailand bkk but born in west london LADROKE GROVE contact me if ur interested +66908060321


  27. Mr. Plung man Spartanburg, SC Says:

    This Mr. Plug man for Spartanburg, SC Iam a promotor for all the big clubs in spartanburg, Sc I have my local artists the label is spin tha win ent. This is the big movement for the carolina cuz we need somebody like ymcmb to come down here in look at this talent i got for u. Iam a business man just like y’all I want seat here in write this too u in will not waist your time. Its time for carolina to get on the map we the only down south state that’s not poping off with the rap business but I have talent for u ym records please when u think about south Carolina please give me a call (864) 384-5684 in u will see Ian for real about my words in my balls 42-4 death before this honor in that’s real talk. Be free to call me


  28. GUNBOYZ Says:



  29. GUNBOYZ Says:



  30. Young blizo Says:

    Check me out on youtube young blizo (bxbloodbrothers)…


  31. jacob stewart Says:

    hey id love the opportunity to show case my talent and help bring in more money flow for you an the label.


  32. youngsims Says:

    my antonio and i wont to know if i can sign with youngmoney

    ymcmb……. niggias


  33. Cuz Nick Says:

    Cuz Nick My Name, Ah DC niggah, My songs Speaks for itself!!!!!! fuck wit me jo!!



    YMCMB the best clique doin shit tig da
    While um up here with this talent
    At times brings my brain toment
    Tired writtin tight lines cause I end up gettin off them
    Man I want the world to hear emm
    Maybe with brain hold emm
    Shit this bussiness what um best at and um tired of being insolvent
    So tight word um allways involvin
    Man Wayne make me smoke too much and write lines do freestyles
    While drizzy keep me brain dizzy buzzy thinkin deeply on this real shit
    Really hope the majors get to see this
    Csuse um ready to tripple beam this
    Cause the birdman keeps it high
    They make crave my shine
    God I gotta get the shine


  35. Miranda Collins Says:

    hey, I’m Miranda collins A.K.A Missy M , And I am in NEED to get a Record deal with Young Money, Its my Dream… I love Nicki so damn much, and I rap her songs often. YMCMB is amazing to me… PLEASE EVERYONE, share my cover videos PLEASE I NEED THIS SO BAD, I need money bad, life is getting hard, and i want to catch my dreams bc I’m tired of chasing them.Please help me get signed To YMCMB .Thank u


  36. The Wayne B Says:

    This is my songs Enjoy it friends!!
    God Be Blessed & love y’all. thanks.






  37. RuDxlxF Says:

    My name is RuDxlf and I need no introductin 6787789040


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